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Friday, 3 September 2010

Galloping Horsey & Gadgets

Yee! Haa! Do you like my new "horsey"? Papa bought it for me on our trip back to Kuala Trengganu.

It was a long journey from Kuala Lumpur to K.Trengganu. More than 6 hours ride by car. Too bad Papa's car does not have Portable DVD Player, like in Auntie Cynthia's car. Then I would not have been bored. Maybe I should get Papa to buy a Portable DVD Player for the car so that I can watch my favourite shows.

But then Papa would also need to get unbreakable remote control for the DVD Player because am an expert in "dismantling" all sorts of remote control. So far I have destroyed the Astro Remote Control and the television remote control. Not my fault. I am just following someone's footstep. The person destroyed the Home Theater System remote control when she came to the house for the first time.

Mamarazzi's friend have introduced a good online stores that sells good quality remote controls, but she have yet to check it out.

However, I did not fret much on the journey to and fro as we stopped at my places. Snapped a lot of photographs.

Mamarazzi is now engrossed in sorting out the photographs in her laptop while listening to music on the headphone. But her headphone is going to konk-out soon as there is no sound coming out from the left side. Guess, it's time for Mamarazzi to go online shopping for headphones soon.

There will be more post coming up once Mamarazzi have sorted out the photographs. Stay tuned.


  1. Ish ish ish.... so ganas... more ganas than Auntie Litte Bird! Remote control oso can dismantle! Dahsyat!

  2. Auntie Cleff

    You doidnt know ? I am "" hahahaha

    Now Mamarazzi have to find remote controls that cant be dismantle ones.

  3. hrm..used to have that kind of horsey when I was a kid...but kayu one....

  4. Omigawd!!! Then you topple over and ketuk your head on the floor...sure the floor pecah! You so keras kepala one! Got remote control...metal one? Stainless steel...can use to ketuk your kepala when so degil!

  5. the galloping horsey looks cute, look smallkucing is so happy sitting on there rocking~~ haha!!! hey, maybe a trip down to Low Yat and you can get all the gadgets you want all at once.. :)

  6. At first intend to get the horsey for the gals also, but i m sure one of their toes sure kena ngiap while fighting over to gallop on the horsey. Wor...macam cow boy, Woody...

  7. Giddy up horsey...
    I always love those rattan horses...had one when i was a kid.

  8. Joshua has already spoilt many remote controls!? Hahaha, can celik with Juan Or where destructiveness is concerned! So far, Juan Or has yet to destroy remote controls becos his papa is guarding the remote controls very, very seriously and tightly, but I think one day will come when by the slip of the eye when we are not watching him, the remote control becomes hancur! ^_^ By the way, how much is the rattan horsey?

  9. Angel Bear

    Mamarazzi also used to have this tye of horsey when she was young

  10. Mommy Ling

    Kiap a few times then they will become "clever" :p

  11. STP

    Fall on the floor then I build more "bungalows" lah. :p

    As for remote controls, Mamarazzi is wondering whether there is a Titanium punya or not. Coz she is sure that I will "destroy" even the ones made of Stainless steel

  12. SK

    The horsey real fun. I can use it as "ganas" as possible and not worry about breaking it.

    Low Yat ah?..a bit far and congested area. Maybe Sect 14 PJ or what.

  13. BBO

    Cannot. Borrow must bayar with one of your lovely cakes.

  14. Leona

    Rattan ones are more durable

  15. Alice

    Aiyo...this boy very "ganas". Hmmm come to think of it, maybe someone should invent remote control made of Rattan. More durable.

    The Rattan horse was RM90.


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