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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Diamonds Oh Diamonds

Still remember Mamarazzi post on my newborn cousin last month? We went shopping at The Curve the other day for the baby's "Full Moon" Celebration gift.

Papa said give "angpau". Mamarazzi said it's customary to give jewellery, preferably gold.

Walked to a few jewellery shop. The gold price is very high nowadays and surprisingly there are a lot of great offers on Diamonds. Mamarazzi can't help glancing at the Diamond section. She was really attracted to the diamonds.

But then though the price was cheap but she dare not buy them. She recalled reading Auntie Cleff's post regarding Blood Diamonds, on how many people where tortured and lost their life in order for us to have these diamonds.

But lucky for vain pots like Mamarazzi as there are other option such as lab grown diamonds. These are diamonds that are grown by man and it's eco-friendly. It's not fake diamond. It have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as those mined.

At one of the shops that Mamarazzi went to, she saw some colourful diamonds. The Jeweller said those are pricier that the normal diamonds as stones like that are hard to come by. Mamarazzi recalled coming across a website that sell eco-friendly diamond which stock some delightful Yellow Canary Diamonds and the price was cheaper too.

Chinese would love these yellow diamonds because Feng Shui wise, yellow is a very auspicious colour. Yellow means $$$ coming in. Maybe Mamarazzi should get one for me. Money come...

Want to know what did Mamarazzi end up getting for my baby cousin? It's something yellow.


  1. u also will blog abt this diamond thing? i will soon. man grows diamond not a bad idea ya...

  2. Mamarazi should teach kucing on how to hint to his Daddy to buy diamonds for Mamarazi........ :P

  3. I would love a yellow diamond too.

  4. is SO expensive now!!! I think I will take my wedding ring and many other rings - I've grown too fat to wear them sell at a goldsmith's shop. Should be worth quite a lot...

  5. Wahaah...watever color of diamonds also auntie will love to have it...Gip me gip me diamond..hahhahah

  6. hahahaha....I wonder what is that yellow thing. Was also checking out Poh Kong those disney EXPENSIVE man!

  7. Ya, nowadays gold price really high O.O

  8. Are all natural diamonds blood diamonds? good to have an alternative .. not that I'll be buying any soon.. hehe

    MY LATEST ENTRY: Hooray!

  9. Chris

    Teaching teaching now...hehehe...Christmas coming :p

  10. Angeline

    At least can have the bling-bling without feeling guilty and it's cheaper

  11. Mommy Ling

    Can imagine your eyes are shining already. Eh...send this link to you hubby. Maybe he will get the hint and order one for you:D

  12. STP

    Doooooon't sell.Old gold is hard to come by now. Keep for your daughter's wedding la

  13. Choi Yen

    Ya lor....RM150 and above...that was last month. This month not sure

  14. Ann

    Mamarazzi also went Poh Kong saw the Disney stuff. Hey, next time go to Wah Chan. They have more new designs and offer for gold.

  15. Hidayah

    Of course not all natural diamonds are blood diamond. But scary also la coz we wont know which is which. Read an article in Readers' Digest a few years ago about diamonds mining. The rules and procedures are really tough. Run like a military camp. Coz they are afraid that workers would steal the stones.

  16. ya..hard that gold price increase.

  17. mNhL and it will continue to go up


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