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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

City of Digitals Lights

Yay! finally at City of Digitals Lights. So many people have arrived at this City of Digitals Lights but I went last Thursday. Even Angel Bear from Kota Kinabalu also dah sampai.

Entrance fee RM5 per car. Valid for 24 hours. Can be use to buy food in the "city". Sadly, not much choice of food.

Later got to know from Mommy Ling that in July 2010, the entrance was just RM1 per car. And day time can enter the place free of charge. Kena conned?

Well, nevermind-lah. After all they will need $$ to pay electricity bill and maintenance of the place what.

Some more kena "bullied". Asked to park at basement though the whole parking lot was empty. So empty that you can play badminton in the middle of the road. Haiz.....

wokay ...back to the cerita.

Wa....Christmas comes early this year. So many colourful Christmas trees.

Yikes! Jurassic Park ka? Giant Butterfly.

The flower so pretty. I wonder whether it smell nice or not.

I spied something!


Papa...just a bit more...I can reach liao...aiks..this mango so weird geh....cannot eat punya ka? Chehhhhh...



I see a lot of "bangau". Go there. Got Elephants and dinosaurs. very romantic leh. Good for dating. "electric shower" also. Like in the movie pulak. Adik-beradik to the "Meteor Garden" show.

I even try my hand in "flying". Up! Up! Underwear!(Papa teach punya)


  1. Beautiful...but I wouldn't bother going there - just to see only. If got nice food, I'll be the first in line... Hehehehehe!!!

  2. I wanna to go one of this day. Only rm1 is okay. My friend told me rm10 for entrance. So now rm1 or rm10?

  3. wonder RM5 liao la..see the ticket also need money to print..hahah..Last time i went, no such a nice ticket..kakkakak.Probaly that time still new yet.

  4. I-CITY...I also wanna go there! But must wait till my hubby is free first!!! Hey, now i'm waiting for my book, then read it and review it! Thx ya

  5. STP

    Got food la but duno nice or not

  6. Angeline

    i-city nothing much to see. Just lights

  7. TZ

    RM10? yikes...not so bad gua. Baru last week was rm5 wor. But if u go in daytime around 5pm no need to pay. You just need to hang around till the sky is dark. There a few restaurant there but not sure got internet access or not. Majority of the shops not open yet

  8. I find the place a little disorganised. So many empty shops!

  9. Very nice place..too bad I never have chance to go there when I was in KL last Dec.

  10. Oh such a beautiful place to be... got to admit it is lovely.

    Thanks for sharing... wonder if I can get that chance.

  11. Where's this place? Icity in Klang ah?

  12. Let there be light..nice! Wow smallkucing sure enjoy got piggy ride throughout & flying up up underwear..lolz (if 'superman' hear this might jump out of his grave in shock)

  13. muahahaa..finally..but have to agree not much choice of food to eat kan? Thats why i didn't blog about food there...nothing special to talk about...hihihihi.... =p

    i'm looking forward to look-see again next year, see if the other side of the place got progress or not =p

  14. Kathy,
    may i know where is the location of this place?

  15. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE8 September 2010 at 16:42

    Wow nice pics & sure good family time together :p

  16. Wah, really beautiful at night! I pernah bring Juan Or go there before but during daytime, so less oomph loh, but free of charge lah! Haiz....Juan Or's Papa is only willing to drive in broad day light, doesn't like to drive at night, so seeing the CIty of Lights at night is just a dream for Juan Or and myself.

  17. Nice...thanks for sharing. How long is this for again?

  18. Really see lights, nothing but colourful lights!

  19. We went there earlier this year and the parking was free tim. Nice place but this kind of place, go once enough already, esp since they charge rm5 for parking now haha!

  20. Pete

    Ya a lot of empty shops. Thats why weird...ample parking space and yet they ask us to park downstairs

  21. Mery

    Nothing much to see except of the lights. Better go during festive seasons. More meriah.

  22. LV

    Singapore to Msia is near la. But go there is solely for photo only. Nothing much there yet

  23. Bananaz

    Hmm...Superman jumping from his grave ah..that would be interesting

  24. Angel Bear

    Yikes...go one time enough lor. If wanna go then visit other pace la

  25. Wai Kitt

    It's in Shah Alam . Like Yong said Federal highway follow shah alam signboard "Chit chit de goal!" will see it on your left handside

  26. ALice

    Must be going for TAWAS leh

  27. Chloie Mummy

    Ya lor...once is enough :l

  28. Rose

    ya lor..guess next time have to bring BBQ there...but sure kena halau :P

  29. Syoknya..always thinks to go to I-City but hubby said too far from home. ah?

  30. eih, mamarazzi where is this place woh?? i think this is where F4 shot their Canon ads right?? looks quite nice woh, but RM5 entrance fees, is it worth going ah??

  31. I see pics enough already. No need to go lah..hehe.

  32. Wah, you also went there ar. Me is sibeh outdate dy....

  33. it chargable now? I don't remember when i was there last time, is it chargable. Nothing interesting, go one time enough. hahahahhahah

  34. Kelvin

    The lights were beautiful. Apart from that nothing much to see.

  35. Shenny's Mommy

    hahaha...if you passby the area on the wy to Klang then can drop by la coz no point purposely go there if you stay far away. Apart of lights, most of the shops there still close and untenanted.

  36. SK

    It's in Shah Alam. You can see it from the highway. Not worth it if you purposely go there for that unless you are going to cari makan around Klang area or what. Most of the shops there are close and untenanted.

  37. uLi

    hahah...we stay nearby mah. No problem. You dont purposely go there la. if got passby then go lor

  38. Annie

    Ya..Mamarazzi remembered seeing your post on that. That's why stayed so far already arrived..but we so near also belum go. Paiseh lo. You are right about go one time thingy.


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