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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-A Den Of Thieves

About 2 weeks ago we went "gai-gai" in KL town. We pass by a prayer place. Nope, Mamarazzi is not going to name the prayer place is for which religion.

Many people went there for prayer. Mamarazzi really surprised to see that there are many food stalls and clothing stalls within its compound. Normally people would probably set up stalls outside of the prayer place compound and not inside the compound. How can people pray properly with all the distraction and the smell of food?

This reminded Mamarazzi on one of the story in Enid Blyton's Bedtime and Prayer story book.

It was said that there was one time where Jesus was very angry.

It happen when he went to a beautiful church in Jerusalem to pray at the House of God.

What he say there made him very angry. The outer court of the Temple of God have been turned into "pasar". It's dirty and noisy. Children running everywhere, money changers and vendors cheating their customers.

Jesus know that he have to stop people from treating the church this way. He shouted and turnover their tables and chase the vendors away

The Vendors complained asking him what right he have to chase them away.

Jesus was alone but he was not afraid. He answered them sternly "In the Bible it's written that The House of God's shall be a House of Prayer. But you have made it a den of thieves!"

Nobody dares to answer nor strike Jesus but they say that they will lodge their complains to the Chief Priest.

Ordinary people were happy that Jesus fearlessness and his courage to speak the truth. Hence, for awhile the Church is quiet and calm once more.


  1. Smallkucing, come... auntie tell you something. Bible verse.

    Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (Matthew 6:13)

    When you grow up, there will be a lot of temptations... so you must have wisdom not to be tempted by evil around you. =D

    Your mamarazzi is one evil being... kakakaka... always tempt auntie with food...bwhahahaha...auntie very weak punya... always fall into her temptation. LOL... you dun be weak, wokay?

  2. Yes..very correct.. they turned the praying place into a market place.. indirectly that is what happening now...

  3. We are also the temple of God thus have to take care of our body well and close the door to all bad things which can corrupt our minds and destroy the body.

  4. Claire

    Yup...was really surprised to see that place have a lot of vendors selling biscuits and bajus

  5. Auntie Cleff

    Nevermind makan more also never mind coz you so skinny. You drop into the oily wok also wont be fat one. Will become Yau Char Kwai only :P

  6. Chris

    Yikes...means no more makan junk food :P


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