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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Voice In The Night

The story for today is rather scary. Voice in the dark.

According to the book, there was once a woman called Hannah who wanted to have a baby very much. She went to the House of God to pray. She promised God that if she were given a baby boy, she would give him back to God to serve the Church when he is old enough.

The priest, Eli, heard her and told her to go in peace and may her prayer be answered

Hannah was granted a baby. She named him Samuel. She loves him very much but she remember her promised to God. When the day came, she brought him to Eli.

At first Samuel was very lonely but he was hardworking. He serve Eli and the church well.

God look down and saw Samuel love him. God saw here is some one who would work for HIM and show people how to be good. Thus, God called out to him when he was sleeping.


Samuel awoke at once and thought Eli called him. Eli said he didn't call him and ask him to continue sleeping

As Samuel was dozing off, once again he heard someone called his name. Again he thought it was Eli.

Eli told him he did not call him.

Once again Samuel went back to sleep....isk...kesian him

Samuel heard his name called again for the 3rd time. This round, Eli knew. It must be God who is calling Samuel. That time no iPhone nor Blackberry mah. God cannot text Samuel.

This round Eli told Samuel if he heard the voice calling him again, to baling a kasut at it! No la...actually he was told to answer "Speaks, Lord, for your servant hears you."

Wow...Samuel was really stunned. Didn't expect God to be calling him. This round he answered as advised by Eli. God told him many things. Samuel grew up to be a great man and a great preacher but he never forgets the night that God calls out to him.

The moral of this story is to be ready when God calls.

But then if you are of other religion, Mamarazzi heard that if you hears a voice calling you in the middle of the night, you had better not answer.

There is a story that say, voices in the night are ghosts. If you answer them, they will follow you and enter your body. Scary.


  1. another bedtime story for he sleeps soundly now! yeah, dun anyhow pandang belakang when heard people called u middle of the night.

  2. Chris

    Yup...slept till terkangkang now..

  3. Aunty Cleff often hears voices in the night... Probably not from the same source, must be from the other side. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Haha... Thanks for sharing such nice story! Remember last week news, those American ghost busters were hit by the train because they thought that was a ghost train when they heard the voice in the night!

  5. Joshua.. remember to answer fast when mummy calls u too! :p

  6. Ishhhhhhhh.... cilaka ur Mamarazzi... gv people goosebumps... last nite Auntie read this... eee... creepy...Auntie always hear 'voices too'... but entah from dono where... tuuu.... Cikgu oso kno. LOL!

  7. STP

    Next time if she complaining of hearing voices again...ask her to mintak number ekor. If strike 1st prize no need to work lo

  8. Kristy

    Ya...Malaysia also have a similar show. I think it's called "Seeker" .

  9. Auntie Cleff

    Next time if hear voices..go mintak number ekor. If strike then can belanja me Dan Neh Noh

  10. Frankly, I still very much prefer watching that 'ghost adventure'! Guess, have to wait till next season! Btw, my favourite show was 'ghost whisper' and also waiting for the next coming season.

  11. Kristy

    Mamarazzi very "chicken" punya. Dare not watch horror shows. Watched 1 episode of the Seeker already scared.

    Ya love the Ghost Whisperer


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