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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Anonymous Gave Me Cat That Follows Me To Bed

Anonymous strikes again. Anonymous contacted Mamarazzi and asked if I would like Kucing.

Mamarazzi was like "Yikes! where to keep".

Then the "kucing" arrived.

The "Kucing" wants to follow me to bed pulak. Maybe wanna drink milk milk with me. Thank you very muchie, Anonymous!

Where did you get it from? Mamarazzi wanna get some more. Got other animals ka?

Then another gift came. "Sape", not a "who"but rather a what. "Sape" or "Sapeh" is one of the string instruments from Sarawak. It's from the lute family and which has a short neck.It is made from soft wood, usually the meranti's.

Thank you very much, Cikgu for the key chains


  1. kucing got gift again? what a lucky fella! :)

  2. Oooo...nice cat! I saw somebody link you to her online business on Facebook - selling all the cute stuff. malu, u post the little key chains. Must try to send you some terung Dayak... Will try next week, buy and pack and send - next day, you'll get...

  3. Wow, so good, got so many gifts!

  4. Cute! I saw a few online stores selling this too. Not cheap wor, rm30 I think. Wanted to get one for C but all her bedsheets come with matching pillow case... if change to this, like not matching anymore lor... but it's really cute! :)

  5. Wow, you have receive yours. I am ordering four, but still waiting!! Can't wait to get mine.

    It got some other design, like dog, dino, fish, bunny & etc. We pre-order in July, said stock only arrive in end of Sept. :(

    Receive so many gifts ar? nice of STP to sent you some Sarawak tradition souvenier.

  6. Cindy

    Ya loh...this anonymous very generous but shy punya.

  7. STP

    Ya Mamarazzi just saw too. Maybe that person saw this post. kakakaka

    Eh no need send la. If you got come KL baru bring la...aiyo...

  8. Chloe's Mommy

    can be as additional pillow or what lor.

  9. Annie

    Not sure when Anonymous ordered. But Mamarazzi now had her eyes one the carrying case with pillow. Those are so cute.

  10. Auntie Hidayah

    hahaha....Mamarazzi hint hint at anonymous k :p

  11. He is so cute when he sleeps on the kitty. Ooowhh...

  12. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE25 September 2010 at 16:06

    I can only say if a person received some gifts of any kind or size, it's a testament of one's popularity or bcoz others perceived the goodness or kindness in mammarazi

  13. MRC

    Anonymous and STP are real kind soul

  14. So cute. Smallkucing really loves it.

    What a coincidence. We just added these cute animal pillowcases collection to our online store! ^_^

  15. Mery

    very good git. I won't let Mamarazzi nor Papa to use the pillow. It's mine...all MINE

  16. Mummy Gwen

    Just saw your tag in FB.

    Really lovely. Ask Gwen model for the Rabbit one would be great.

  17. Hi SK, ha ha, he sure looks cute on that 'kuching'.
    Hey, about time you give him a sister or a brother, still got time as Tiger year, ha ha.
    Have a nice weekend, Lee.

  18. hehehe, that bigkucing is very cute!! see smallkucing is so happy sleeping on it until "nen nen" also don't want already~~ :D

  19. Kindness comes around... u r good to others and it is a 2 way traffic.. :)

  20. Nice "meowllow" from Anonymous wah lagi got gift some more..

  21. What a generous person out there...!

  22. Uncle Lee

    LOL...a nice weekend to you too :D

  23. Claire

    asalkan tarak traffic jam enough la kakakaka

  24. SK Mamarazzi is eyeing another one.

  25. Leona

    STP and Anonymous really generous lor

  26. Bananaz

    This anonymous really nice person :D

  27. Smallkucing on kucing pillow! What a match made in heaven! LOL!

  28. Very nice pillow cases. and so thoughtful of that cikgu to sent you keychains.

  29. mNhL

    Both are very generous persons

  30. Is the pillow case soft? So cute. So tempted to buy. :D But expensive. :(

  31. Chee Yee

    Mamarazzi was shocked at the price too. This Anonymous ah..really ah...what to say?


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