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Thursday, 30 September 2010

I Like Paper Cutting and Craft

I was pleasantly surprised to received an e-mail. Very happy too coz I was so lucky to have been selected to win such an appropriate prize.

Most of the time,  it's not how expensive the prize is but the appropriateness. No point winning a trip for a World Tour if a person is bed-ridden or winning a book if that person doesn't read.

Gosh....Mamarazzi seems to be rambling on again. Sorry, Mamarazzi tend to "potpet potpet" when she is excited.

Not so long ago, Jessica of I Like Paper Cutting And Craft, held a giveaway in her blog in conjunction of the 1st anniversary of her blog. blog so old already, Mamarazzi yet to hold a giveaway. Too kedekut.

Wanna know what was the giveaway? It's 3D bookmarks. And I am the lucky winner !

THANK YOU very much, Jessica.

Aren't these cute? Looks great on Mamarazzi's and my books. Such lovely bookmarks.

Jessica is a real talented lady. Check out her blog here and check out the posts labeled under Paper Cut Art. They are just soooooo beautiful. Tell me, don't you just LOVE them?

In Search of Good Hawker Food at Desa Aman Puri

Anyone know where good hawkers food can be had at Desa Aman Puri? We usually go to Restaurant 999 but kinda "sien" already.

The other day we went to one of the shop near Restaurant Fei Fei Crab. Gosh! The food and service was horrible. So much that Mamarazzi was too shock to even snap photos nor remember the shop name.

Mamarazzi ordered Prawn Noodle(yellow noodle + Bihun). The girl came back and said they are out of bihun. The bowl of noodle that finally made it's appearance was without much liu and the vege in it not even kangkung.

Papa's one's worse. He ordered special the house speciality. Black Beans noodle with pork ribs. Shxx! A plate of something that looks like "Singapore Fried Bihun" came. First of all they told Mamarazzi they are out of Bihun but now they give Papa Singapore Fried Bihun?

Papa returned the plate of bihun saying that it's not what he ordered. He ordered something with pork ribs.

Five minutes later, the same plate of Singapore Fried Bihun appeared AGAIN and this round with a few piece of pork ribs. What the #$%^!!!

Then we went to the Great Wall food court. Seems to have many stalls and quite a lot of people.

We ordered ABC. Taste Ok-ok. Nothing special. And the same goes for the fried rice.

Mamarazzi order Port Tripe Soup. REGRETTED! Can really taste the soup is made of one of those instant perisa. Not much of pork tripe and it cost RM5. The one at Restaurant Lai kong is much better and worth it than this.

Next comes the CKT. Papa ordered Keoy Teow without chili. It came Keoy Teow + yellow noodle with chili and lime. Alamak! Mamak stall ka?

Yuck....anyone can recommend better hawker food at Deasa Aman Puri? Saw many shop...but mana satu is good?

Well, all these are just my personal opinion. It does not necessary represent the truth as each person taste is different.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Sun Fatt Kee Bak Kut Teh & Vinegar Pork Knuckle, SeaPark

Papa's car masuk car hospital. Lucky my Uncle Chai came to the rescue. If not, sure will have to take cab home.

Uncle haven't had his dinner. Hence we decided to go to the nearby shop to makan BKT

Yum char yum char....Fu Chuk Barley. Not bad

What is BKT if without "Oil Fried Ghost"? And Mamarazzi said have to have some vegetables also.

Mamarazzi have this crazy craving for Vinegar Pork Knuckle lor. Yummy Yummy..

BKT, very tasty and big pot too. But of course big pot la since the price also "big". RM11-50 per person. According to the Kor Kor Taukeh. All claypot punya is RM11-50 per person. Worth it? Okay la since it's tasty.

Address : Jalan 21/11B,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.109920, 101.622301

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Papa's Car Went For A Check-up

Oh no! Papa's car is sick. Very sick, and therefore, Papa's car have to go to car's hospital for full body check up. Papa said, cars are like human too. They become sick once in a while, and they require body check up every now and then.

Papa said, if a car is not healthy or in a tip-top condition, it is very dangerous for it to be on the road, because it can cause accident. Gosh, so scary. Papa don't want anyone to get hurt in an accident, so Papa sent the green colour car into 'car's hospital'. Hospitals for cars are known as 'workshops'.

When a car like Acura TL and many other kind of cars is sent to workshops like Houston auto repair for 'full body check up', there are many parts of the car that needed to be checked before a car is certified safe for driving.

Before 'unhealthy' cars are released from workshops, they are usually given oil change and break job. Wow! so many 'jobs' and 'changes'. I wonder they would change my Baby Chair or not.

I hope Papa's green car will come back soon, because without Papa's green colour car, Mamarazzi and I cannot go sightseeing or hunt for delicious food to eat.

Restoran Cincai Steamboat Buffet, Setapak

Hari Malaysia, Auntie Little Bird ajak us out makan. She asked me what I wanted to eat. I said "Cincai lah". Mana tau she really bring me "Cincai" makan.

It's a steamboat Buffet restaurant similar to Yuen Steamboat. It's relatively new. Not many people know about this restaurant yet.

Hmm...Public Holiday wor also not many people ah? Don't know mean good news or not.

Apart from our table there is only one other table occupied there.

I wonder about the choice of food

Wow...from the look of it, the choices are similar to Yuen Steamboat. All sorts of "balls" and "sausages", product from the sea and farm.

All sorts of noodles, kuih-muih and fruits.

Wow! They even have BBQ Chicken wings, nuggets and Fried dumpling. I love the crunchy dumplings. Mamarazzi "sapu-ed" nearly the whole container of Chicken Wings.

They have homemade Yoyo Ice Cream. I walloped a lot of it. Lucky tarak cough. Auntie Little Bird and Mamarazzi walloped nearly the whole container of the Asamboi Ice Cream.

No wonder la they can eat so much. You see the above scallop? The 6 of us walloped a total of 104 pieces of that. Container habis liao, we asked the Taukeh to refill some more. The same goes for the prawns and sotong.

I think the Taukeh will garu kepala. Why? Coz we walloped so many scallop but only got 3 shells on and under the table. Maybe he thought we gila makan till makan-ed the shells too.

Where are the rests of the shells? In Auntie Little Bird's bag lor. She wanna bring home and make seashell art wor.

Sad to say that the crabs was not that fresh. Else sure will ask for refill.

The taukeh refilled the tubs for 3 - 4 times but each time we sapu-ed clean. Guess the next time the taukeh sees our face he will fast-fast put "Reserved" sign on all tables and say the restaurant is fully reserved.

Hehehe...I tidak kurang makan jugak.

The soup taste better than Yuen Steamboat. I ate a lot of fishballs but I don't like the star shape and bear shaped fishballs. Taste weird.

I walloped a lot of noodle too. Slurppeelicious noodles.

Auntie Little Bird took a lot of this "Chuk Than" but then dare not eat pulak. Said looks "geli". Mamarazzi had one. Hmm...not that fresh.

But Mamarazzi did had a lot of prawn. Alone she ngapped nearly 2 kg of prawns. Kept saying the prawns taste very sweet and fresh. See the shells? By the time Mamarazzi finish makan, there were TWO big plate full of prawns shell in front of her! Terror leh!

That is not the ending. Auntie Little Bird also "tapau-ed" food for us. Her Mummy made Muffins , Tupat and rendang.

I had the Muffins for breakfast the next day. Thank you very much Auntie Little Bird and Auntie Claire

Here is the address of the restaurant if you are interested to have a go at it.

Restoran Cincai Steamboat Buffet
No.22, Jalan Prima Setapak 1,
Off Jalan Genting Kelang,
53300 Setapak
Kuala Lumpur

Monday, 27 September 2010

Close Encounter With A Little Bird At Restaurant Yin Her

This is a very late post.

Once upon a time....we discovered Restaurant Yin Her at Sg Buloh. We went there twice. The 1st round service was impeccable. 2nd round service was bad.

We told Auntie Little Bird about this restaurant. And on a spurn of the moment, we made a decision to give it another chance.

Gosh! I hope this round the service will be good. If not, the Little Bird will turn into Burung Garuda and eat me up.

Top Left : Spinach soup. Delicious and the spinach was young. Well washed. No hint of sand.

Top right : Kam Heong Sotong. Auntie Little Bird love the gravy very much

Bottom left : Nyonya Style Talapia Fish. Portion a bit too big for us.

Bottom right : Steamed Crab. Very fresh and yummy

Top Left : Complimentary Green Bean Thong Sui. Yummy..

Top Right : Appetizer. Pickled Papaya. Super yummy

Bottom Lef : Claypot Taufu. Taste so-so only

Bottom right : Hokkien Mee. Does not suit our taste.

Thank goodness, Auntie Little Bird was so enticed by the lovely environment that she did not noticed that the Claypot Taufu and the Hokkien Mee taste so-so only.

Hence, she did not turned into a Burung Garuda and eat me up.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Boy Who Went Away

This story is very good. About a boy who when away.

There was a farmer with two sons. His elder son was hardworking and happy but his younger son was idle and bored.

One day the younger son asked his dad for his share of money and begged to be let go. The dad gave him the money.

He went to far off town. There the people saw he have a lot of money and everyone wanted to be his friend. Soon his money were all used up and none of his "friends" were there for him.

He had to find work and his bosses were horrible to him. Sometimes he don't even get enough to eat. This makes him think of his generous dad who treat all servants well.

He decided to go home and beg his dad to take him back as a servant of the house.
His dad did not gloat when he say the waylaid son come back him with tail between his legs. In fact the dad immediately ask the servants to bring his son a new change of clothes and welcome him back warmly.

Mamarazzi said the same goes for the Lord. He would welcome his children home with an open arms though they have been naughty.

Oh ya...Mamarazzi have a new blog. Mamakucingmeow. It's mostly for ranting about books that she love and those that she disliked.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Anonymous Gave Me Cat That Follows Me To Bed

Anonymous strikes again. Anonymous contacted Mamarazzi and asked if I would like Kucing.

Mamarazzi was like "Yikes! where to keep".

Then the "kucing" arrived.

The "Kucing" wants to follow me to bed pulak. Maybe wanna drink milk milk with me. Thank you very muchie, Anonymous!

Where did you get it from? Mamarazzi wanna get some more. Got other animals ka?

Then another gift came. "Sape", not a "who"but rather a what. "Sape" or "Sapeh" is one of the string instruments from Sarawak. It's from the lute family and which has a short neck.It is made from soft wood, usually the meranti's.

Thank you very much, Cikgu for the key chains

Friday, 24 September 2010

The Nativity Collection By Robert Morgan

Mamarazzi have requested a review copy of this book from Thomas Nelson, the publisher, as part of their bloggers review programme. Mamarazzi is not required to give a positive review and all opinions are her own.
Frankly, Mamarazzi have yet to receive the copy of this book. Then how to review, you may ask. Well, she know one blogger friend who had also requested this book and had finished reading it. This friend had given this book a glowing review. Mamarazzi was very impatient to lay her hands on this. Hence she borrowed her friend's copy.
This book consists of short stories that was written by Robert J Morgan and shared with his church at Christmas Eve every year. What so special about this is that he only write one short story a year even though he have over two millions books in print. All the lovely stories that he shared with his church is now in this book.
There are 6 stories all in. Each were very moving and heart warming. Brings hope that there is goodness in this world after all.

Some of the stories had brought tears to Mamarazzi's eyes, especially the story of Ollie. *sob*sob*.
Christmas will be here in 3 months. This book will be a very good Christmas gift for those who love reading. And for those who can't read yet like me, maybe can get their Mommy or Daddy to read to them.
Mamarazzi give it 4 stars out of 5.

Restaurant Yin Her Sg Buloh and Everyday Food Court, Pusat Bandar Puchong

Papa wants Oh Chien. Tak puas with the King Oyster the other day. Mamarazzi wants crabs. I want see Lengluis.

That's how we end up at Restaurant Yin Her again. The waitress baju are like MAS Airlines air stewardess' and the Captian dress in Cheong Sam

Alamak! The don't have "Oh Chien" ah?

Once again Salted Vege and Taufu soup. Papa said the soup tasted a bit too sour.

Baby Choy Tham. One of Mamarazzi's favourite vegetable.

Then after quite a long wait, comes the Nyonya Steamed Talapia Fish. Papa and Mamarazzi love the gravy. Very tasty.

I am FED-UP liao. waited for 1 hour already. Food all finished and the crab still yet to arrive. Have to wait for the crab to be caught ka?

Service also pretty bad this round. Ask them to check on the status of the crabs, the reply we received was crap.

Ask them to replenish Tea and Ice, we got the "ignored mode". Why suddenly the service so lousy this round. Last round was pretty good. Everyone baru kena goreng by the boss ka?

Well, Papa got so fed-up of waiting. He told us to get up and just walk out of the restaurant. He went and settle the bill. Ish...they didn't even say sorry for the delay or anything.

That's how we end up at Everyday FoodCourt, Puchong.

Papa wants to have the delicious "oh chien" again while Mamarazzi wanna have crabs.

They have crabs here. Wah...the crab looked so fierce. Siap open the claws wanna "kiap" people. And soon, it end up in Mamarazzi's tummy. Yum yum. Fresh.

Papa buas loh. Walloped "Oh Chien" and Satay. The satay tasted not bad.

Haiz...finally everyone puas liao except me. I wanna go Dan Neh Noh Playground but Mamarazzi said Cannot. Nigh time already. Time to "oi oi".

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Restaurant Pakka, Kota Damansara.

We went cari makan again the other day. Finally settle for this Pakka Restaurant at Kota Damansara.

Wa...they have a lot of dishes here. Can eat rice or porridge. The house speciality are fish head curry, Vinegar pork knuckle and Salt Baked Chicken.

Ooo...ordered so many dishes. Can finish?

Can finish la since the portion of the dishes are quite small. Taste good though a tad expensive. The "Kacang" dish was RM3. The rests are RM2 each.

This pork intestine cost RM6. Taste not bad. No smell but the gravy a bit too thick, says Mamarazzi.

Salt Baked Chicken Drumstick RM8-90. Hmmm...the taste is not strong enough.

Vinegar Pork Knuckle RM12. Mamarazzi loved this. But Papa said no sour enough.

At the end of the meal they give us free Thong sui. This is "Mak chuk". Taste good

Two days later, we came back again coz Mamarazzi wanted to have Vinegar Pork Knuckle. The one at Paramount was closed.

Mamarazzi ordered salted fish. My first time having this Salted fish. Naughty me. Grabbed the whole "fish" and munch. Yum Yum.
A bit expensive oh. These few "ekor" cost RM3. Salted Egg cost RM2. The rest of the dishes are RM2 too.

This round they gave us Red Bean Thong Sui at the end of the meal.

Papa said worth going there for the Vinegar Pork Knuckle

Address of this place is 27, Jalan PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.151527, 101.594814 N
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