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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Thank You For Voting For My Photo in BookXcess 3rd Anniversary Contest

 Aisay! Tarak win the BookXcess 3rd Anniversary "We're Three" Contest. Congratulations! to the winners.

Well, didn't win tak apa. At least Mamarazzi managed to borong a lot of books for me and I get to go Dan Neh Noh ...kekekeke

Thank you BookXcess for conducting such a fun contest and hope you will have more in the future.

Thank you very much for voting for my photo at BookXcess Facebook! Didn't expect to have so many supporters.  Very happy! THANK YOU!!!


  1. didn't win this time but you are more famous cos of it, small kucing. sure next time can win one! hehe.

  2. I voted! Didn't win kah? Never mind... Try again next time.

  3. no win ar?? i've got vote for u woh... nvr mind lah, this contest didnt win, but u already winning in buy so many cheap books..haha

  4. still little kucing got books to read...not bad!

  5. SuLyn

    LOL..famous or notorious oh?

  6. STP time next time la :D

  7. Wyson

    Thank you thank you :D

    Ya didnt win but managed to borong so many books, kira as win already la ;D

  8. Chris

    True least won two books from himself in the blog bonanza

  9. jeez! i miss this! sorry smallkucing. next time i'll be more alert. have been abandoned my blog lately :(

  10. =.= dun worry, smallkucing. Auntie feed u popeye or dan neh noh.kesian u... ppl play cheat kot? That's why u kenot win.

  11. Nevermind, try again next time. :)

  12. Sorry you didnt win Kathy - really thought yours was the best photo and voted for you. Jac and Andrew also agreed when I spoke to them..

  13. hi!!

  14. never mind, but u won our hearts.. that is a real gift.. :p

  15. wah.. books addict! good good! :P

  16. the royal masquerade book sounds so interesting... a forbidden love.... arghhhhh... it's making me crazy!!!

    i will check out at kino!


  17. Aiya..didn't win ah. Try again next time. :)

  18. Faisal

    It's alright. This round don't win there is always a next one :D

    Saw your exciting Sepak Takraw game

  19. Irenelim

    Yes. This round dont win maybe the 4th anniversary will win..kekeke

  20. Auntie Cleff

    tarak cheat one la. All these are based on number of "like" mah. kakaka

    Nevermind...I will claim the popeye + dan neh noh + toy car from you...u tarak mention toy car ah...errr..can la..can la...add toy car la...

  21. XMOCHA

    Hahaha...nevermind la..this round dont win..maybe will win on the 4th Anniversary :p

  22. uLi

    Yes...will Jia You next time :D

    Thank you for voting for my photo wor :D

  23. Angeline

    Next year pls support again ya..if they have the contest :D

  24. Auntie Claire

    *kiss*Kiss* auntie Claire

  25. Hafiz

    Thanks for dropping by :D

  26. Wokay la... toy car can la... u grow up liao dun ask Sports car from Auntie can liao. Auntie pokai. Unless you can help promote auntie's buku, den when Auntie rich, can kasi you one car to gai gai urself!

  27. Medie007

    as long as not drug addict, right :D

  28. Renaye

    The Royal Masquerade is not avaiable in Malaysia Book Stores yet. Launched in U.S.A.

    You can always buy it online. :D

  29. It is ok ..... try again next time ;)

    The photo you submitted really very creative!

  30. Reading books is the window to the world of knowledge. Keep it up :)

  31. mNhL

    Yes there is always a next round. I just received e-mail from BX. They are giving a RM10 gift vouchers for those who join the contest.

  32. Didn't win? But I thought I saw a lot of "Likes" for your photo wor...
    nevermindla... try next time :-)

  33. Boey Joey

    Ya...but other people have more than that. Was rather sure prised to received so many "Likes" also.

    Thanks a lot


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