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Friday, 6 August 2010

The Story of The Nodes

On 2nd July, Mamarazzi woke up with this nasty lump on her neck. She thought nothing of it. Maybe just heatiness due to too much durian or what.

Then on 4th of July it became worse. More lumps appeared. Mamarazzi started to feel weird. And thought of going to the doctor the next day.

Somehow an angel must have been watching us as Auntie Florence text Mamarazzi for a chit chat and the matter of the lump came up.

She immediately said she'll come over in the morning to bring Mamarazzi to the doctor. Papa was not around.

The next day we went to the clinic. The 1st clinic immediately refer Mamarazzi to specialist. This really shocked her.

Thus we went for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd clinic use a ultra sound scanner and scanned Mamarazzi's neck. Found that four Lymph Nodes were enlarged/swollen.

According to the Doctor, the Lymph Nodes are swollen because some bacteria/virus is attacking Mamarazzi's body and the Lymph Nodes acts as quarantine center. The Lymph Nodes are trying to fight the bacteria/virus.

The doctor asked Mamarazzi whether she would like to be refer to the hospital or that she would like to try antibiotic first.

Mamarazzi opt to try antibiotic first.

The first day taking the antibiotic, Mamarazzi's neck felt a burning sensation. Maybe the antibiotic was trying to fight the bacteria/virus.

But then after 3 days of antibiotic, more swollen Lymph Nodes appeared. Looks like Mission Failed.

Haiz...what to do...have to go to the Hospital. We went to Private Hospital in view that the lumps seems to be growing very rapidly.

Lucky, once again Auntie Florence and Uncle Patrick came and helped. They brought Mamarazzi to the Hospital. Uncle Patrick babysit me and I managed to con him into buying KitKat Chocolate for me.

Meanwhile, Mamarazzi and Auntie Florence went and see the Cartoon Specialist.

Why "Cartoon Specialist"? That one you have to ask Auntie Little Bird. Mamarazzi unwittingly chosen a Doctor whose name is similar to a Cartoon character...unfortunately the antics of the doctor was also very "cartoon".

The Cartoon Specialist ordered a whole series of tests.

Omigosh! These are the scan of Mamarazzi multiple swollen lymph nodes. The largest being 2.2cm x 1.16cm. No wonder so painful.

The report on the Chest X-Ray and the Ultra Sound of the neck.

Also did a test on TB, in which Mamarazzi became a Guinea Pig to a Trainee nurse. Haiyo! The expert Indonesian nurse was teaching the Malaysian Trainee nurse. Mamarazzi buta-buta kena jab twice by the Trainee.

In the end, the Cartoon Specialist prescribed a week of antibiotic and painkiller to Mamarazzi. If by the end of the week the swelling yet to go down, Mamarazzi will have to have more test done and maybe biopsy or surgery.

After taking the antibiotic for two days, there was no improvement. Also Mamarazzi started to have swollen gums and toothache.

Once again, Auntie Florence came to help. We went to the dentist and he checked. Said Mamarazzi have gums problem.

Mamarazzi told him about the Lymph Nodes and the Cartoon Specialist medication.

The dentist saw the medication and told Mamarazzi that she need to take Metro which is for bacteria that can survived without air.

After taking the antibiotic for 3 days, Mamarazzi can feel the swelling had reduced a bit.

By then it was time to go back to the Cartoon Specialist for a follow up. Mamarazzi thought there would be good news since the swelling had gone down slightly.

Mana tau when we went into the Cartoon Specialist's room he press press the lumps and straight say no improvement. Didn't even do any scan. Straight asked Mamarazzi to do biopsy and enquire about Mamarazzi's health insurance status.

He seems happy when he heard Mamarazzi have health insurance and wanted to pass documents to Mamarazzi for signing.

He said he have to cut out one of the swollen Lymph Nodes for the biopsy and it's a minor surgery. Mamarazzi asked the cost and he told Mamarazzi a figure.

Mamarazzi remembered reading Eugene's blog hospital charging different amount for cash payment and medical card payment. She was determined to test the Cartoon Specialist. She asked him whether there is any difference. He told Mamarazzi there is no difference. Everything control by the Medical Board.

By his answer, Mamarazzi had lost confidence in him. Because Mamarazzi know that there is difference. Not only because of Eugene blog but because of her friends who are in insurance line told her the same thing.

There are also certain other issue which made Mamarazzi lost confidence in him but not appropriate to reveal here.

She thus told the Specialist that she need to think first. Moreover Papa was coming home the next day. Need to discuss with Papa

After discussion with Papa, we decide most probably the bacteria is from the gums. The next day which was a Saturday, Mamarazzi woke up slightly flu-ish. Maybe jangkit the flu from me.

Papa bring us the Dentist once again for an emergency appointment. The Dentist checked and saw the gums have much improved. Advised that Lymph Nodes will need some time to get back to normal. But if in a week or two if it's still very swollen then should go seek Specialist. He prescribed another round of antibiotic.

Mamarazzi took the antibiotic. But when she arrived home the flu was quite bad. Thus she took a Clarinese for flu.

No long after that she started to have terrible headache. By night time whole face was red and some rashes on the hand.

Thought maybe the antibiotic clash with Clarinese. She drank a lot of water to clear the toxin.

By Sunday, body started to have rashes. Sunday tarak Doctor. Mamarazzi had time and thus she googled her symptom. Seems like similar to rubella as Mamarazzi had most of the symptoms except from fever and red eyes.

Extracted from
The signs and symptoms of rubella are often so mild that they're difficult to notice, especially in children. If signs and symptoms do occur, they generally appear between two and three weeks after exposure to the virus. They typically last about two to three days and may include:
  • Mild fever of 102 F (38.9 C) or lower
  • Headache
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Inflamed, red eyes
  • Enlarged, tender lymph nodes at the base of the skull, the back of the neck and behind the ears
  • A fine, pink rash that begins on the face and quickly spreads to the trunk and then the arms and legs, before disappearing in the same sequence
  • Aching joints, especially in young women

Mamarazzi was vaccinated for Rubella before. It seems that though vaccinated, there is always a 5% chance of failure where the body didn't develop antibodies for it.

Thus, Monday we went to clinic. The Doctor said could be allergic reaction to the medication and advise us to go to hospital. But he did gave some medicine to reduce the rashes and itchiness.

By Tuesday the rashes had increased and we went to Sg Buloh Hospital.

Aisey...thought the hospital very "Cheh Kai" but was real surprised that it's very modern and efficient. In fact more efficient that the Private Hospital that we went to.

Mamarazzi asked the Specialist there whether it could be Rubella. But the Doctors did not directly answer Mamarazzi. They said it could be anything. But most probably it's due to the various kinds of medicine that Mamarazzi have been taking.

They did not give anymore medication to Mamarazzi as they said any bacteria/virus that needs to be kill are already dead from all the antibiotics that she have been taking. The rashes are just the end result. They give Mamarazzi calamine lotion and anti itching medicine. Mamarazzi was to go back in a week time for biopsy if the lump still there.

That week, Papa had to fly again. We stayed home and self quarantine just in case it's Rubella. Ya..that's why Mamarazzi have been having "Bookathon" for the past two weeks.

Anyway, we went back to the hospital for follow up last week. Most of the swollen Lymph Nodes are back to normal. Left only the initial one still slightly swollen.

The Specialist said since we were there, might as well do the biopsy for our peace of mind. This one is simpler than what the private Hospital had intended to do. Here, they just insert needle into the lymph nodes and took some tissue sample.

Saw the two punctured marks? Nope...not bitten by the Vampire. Those were the place where the Doctor jab jab Mamarazzi to take sample. Can see the lumps visibly smeller size, right?

Well...all seems to be well now. Till the next follow up in September...yipee!


  1. oh dear, at last everything is fine..

  2. well..glad that u ok..and not to follow buta-buta that specialist said...couple months ago my big bro had a terrible pain in his stomach and very high flu. Thought that his old sickness attacks again (he got pancreatic problem), the wife sent him to the private hospital, thought that they can do better (the last time my brother had a very bad experience during warded in general hospital).

    mana tau when he was registered, they were required to pay 2k as deposit, the nurse said that is just a procedure..if tadak habis guna they will just return the balance..the next thing they knew, my brother after only stay 1 night in the hospital, the result came out is that he only got fever and gastric - so kena suru discharge lor...

    when go to the counter and inquiry about the deposit...the total bill is 2k!!! all the nonsense and just bring home some fever, gastric and antibiotics medicines and some doctor just check2 him like that, sleep one night the bill can be so high...wah lau...kalah2 the 5 star hotel oooo!! =/

  3. My hati berdebar-debar reading your post. Phew..I'm so glad to hear you are ok now. Take care ya.

  4. Hi Small Kuching, Hope your this problem is better today.
    Anyway, I'm glad to read you see doctors and too. Good. They should be able to help.
    Anyway, nothing to worry too much about, as it'll soon go away, you'll be fine.
    I've seen these before on a friend. Couple of weeks feeling uncomfortable, then some jabs here and there, kow tim.

    Anyway, you stay easy, and keep in touch with the cartoon doctor....glad you have your lively humour.
    Best regards, lee.

  5. wrong cartoon doctor jor!lucky now seems to be recovering!all the best dear!Take care ah!

  6. we all should pay concern to any 'weird' things in our body... thanks for sharing this one... will 'scan' my body for anything unusual..

    and sorry for reading this.. hope mammarazi will get better soon...

  7. Sorry to hear that and glad it's over. It a tough time for u it seems.

  8. thank God you are alright now! no more durians, ok?

  9. OMG! Glad that all the bacteria/viruses are killed with all the antibiotic prescribed. our govt. hosp is very good. Over here, if we are sick, we will visit the govt hosp. But sometimes, if unlucky will still meet those irresponsible medical asst.

    Luckily you did not buta-buta got conned by the 'cartoon specialist'. Take care.

  10. Wenn just waiting for the biopsy report. Should be okay la

  11. Angel Bear

    Really geram to get these kind of kartun Doctors lo. Like trying to potong leher only.

    How come Government hospital can do the biopsy by just inserting the needle and take some sample but that Kartun say have to operated and take out one of the swollen lymph nodes?

    Wow...your bro's stay really expensive wor...RM2K. Must be kena from all those unnecessary tests la.

  12. Uncle Lee

    hahahaha...dont know lucky or unlucky to get such kartun type of doctor. *sigh*

  13. Mummy Gwen

    Haiz...Mamarazzi also berdebar the week when the lymph nodes kept multiplying leh.

    According to the doctors, normally only 1 or 2 lymph nodes would be swollen. Not whole bunch like these.

    Ya now waiting for the biopsy report. Should be okay gua

  14. Beii

    Papa came back and saw the kartun doctor's card and said the kartun doctor specailist on "bum bum" *pengsan*

    Wanna cekik the registration girl liao. The referral letter from the clinic said to see SOPD. And the girl also saw the swollen neck. Dont know why she give doctor that specialise in "bum bum" as one of the choice for Mamarazzi. *sigh*

  15. Ned

    yes, especially since the lumps kept multiplying very fast. Very aggressive and painful.

    Stil not sure the reason for the lumps. What bacteria attacked the body

  16. Chris

    Tough time but thanks to many good samaritans that made it bearable. Else would have gone crazy the 1st two weeks when the nodes kept multiplying

  17. Claire

    Ya just waiting for the result

  18. Ninja Biker

    Thank you very much for the concern

  19. Mamarazzi, glad your swollen lymph nodes have gone down a lot and hope you are totally OK by now. For your info, long time ago, my mum also have one whole bunch of swollen lymph nodes....can feel lots of biji-biji at her neck, like scattered grapes! She merely went to general practitioner, was prescribed antibiotic and within one week or so, the lymph nodes got back to normal. But she was lucky too that she didn't experience any other sickly symptoms like rashes, flu unlike what you got. She was just like normal, only thing is the 'anggur' at the neck.

    Talking about private hospital, that's the reason why I still prefer to go to government or semi-government hospital (never mind about rude nurses becos that's not very important!). Government-based ones are more honest becos gov doctors know they won't earn extra if they perform extra unnecessary procedures. So they will give you just enough treatment/medicine to get you to recover, won't do anything that is unnecessary. That's why when I gave birth to Juan Or, I opt for gov hospital becos I was afraid in case if I go to private hospital they do caesarian unnecessarily on me. In the end, I was in HUKM, still ended up with caesarian becos my dilation has no much progress even 12 hrs after waterbag pecah.

  20. mNhL

    Prevoiusly I thought government hospital very crowded, the doctors rude and etc coz heard of all the horror stories.

    But now glad didnt get cekik darah from the Private Hospital Kartun doctor. I suspected if I have done the biopsy at the Private hospital the fella will say result inconclusive and ask for more tests. Then will ask me to operate and take out everything*sigh*

  21. its always good to take 2nd or 3rd opinion. Who knows...seems like the cartoon spec want to cut throat n earn some easy money out..

    hope u r better now.

  22. Wah, lots of diagnosis here. Next round try the specialist at UMSC. Some people are allergic to antibiotics and can cause these rashes or sometimes diarrhea. If lymph nodes swollen and fever at the same time then the situatiion might be critical. But swollen lymph nodes can also be a sign of infection. Gargle with salt once a while, should help with the gums infection or take Yong Sum sow (ginseng roots in hot water and a little salt). Yong sum sow good for gum infection.
    Hope the biopsy result turns out ok. Take care

  23. Oh my scary huh! I told my colleague also and she was looking at me with big eyes waiting for me to finish the story!

    Now a days must really share illnesses coz you don't know what is going to hit you next!

    Glad you are doing better now. Hope the biopsy results are good news.

    By the way....Aliyaa's address is 8 Jalan Lorong Dungun, Dsara Heights. Tel : 2092 5378

  24. Oh dear, this is really a scary experience. Luckily it ends well for now. Hope that is good news when you go for your September follow up. God bless you.

  25. Nice one!, Visit my latest, goin' to touch ur heart, hopefully ;D

  26. Alice

    Panic that day lor coz suddenly pop out so many and it kept on multiplyying. Went to the clinic the doctor also shocked.

    Ya loh now government hospital more advance already

  27. Little Lamb

    Seems to try to cut thrat la. Now much better already. Thanks :D

  28. Pete

    The funny thing was when the lumps pop up there were no fever, no sorethroat, no vomitting, no weight loss, no dizziness , no nothing wor..The doctors also puzzled lo coz lymph node if bacteria or virus attack will have fever or sore throat.

    Hmm...long time have drink yong sum sou. I know it's good for fever also. But that day didnt think of it at all.

    Thanks, much better now

  29. Hope all ok... Take care now.

    The rashes look like German measles...or what Chinese call "kay phiak" (false measles - not rubella).

    The nodes...probably body too heaty. See!!! Go! Go and eat lots of durians again!!! Humph...!!!!

    Private hospitals - don;t trust unless the doctor's a personal frined... Test this, test that...all $$$$$$ pouring in and then all the time, negative results!

  30. Shenny's Mom

    ya lo..scary till cant sleep at night and the pain also. Hence the book marathon for the few weeks :p

  31. Ann

    Now much better. At least most of the lymph nodes have reduce. Left wth the main one. That one slow to reduce. Thanks for the address. Will ask hubi go and makan there . Mana tau maybe will bump into u :D

  32. Prince and Princess Mum

    Yes..Thank God

  33. Suhaisweet

    Thanks for dropping by my blog

    hope you like what you have read.

    Will be popping by yours soon.

  34. Wow..long post!

    Sound scary and glad to hear that you are getting better, and hope nothing serious.

    Take care!

  35. wah.. wat an ordeal! Moga moga sudah sihat ye...:)

  36. This is a grim reminder of what I went through 2 years ago...going in and out of hospitals, talking to cartoon doctors, getting pricked here and there... torturing!

    Glad you are getting better now. Take care!

  37. Just saw ur post...

    My heart feels so much as I was reading it. And I cannot even imagine what u mnust have gone thru during these few weeks emotionally and physically.

    I can sense from your post that you are a very strong person and don't give up so easily. Thankfully, small kucing is fine too. Glad to hear that you are recovering and the lumps are regressing.

  38. STP

    Now okay already except the initial node still a bit swollen. Reducing.

    Entah what rashes is that. Measles will have fever punya mah. I didnt have any fever at all.

    Durian + asam egg punya pasal la..haiz...

    That time panic lo. Lumps multiplying very fast and painful. Few night couldnt sleep...thought go private will be faster and better service. Haiz...kena slaughter.

  39. Annie Q

    This is the longest post in the entire blog..i think kakaka..

    Much better now. Left the main lymph node still a bit swollen. Gradually reducing.


  40. Gooly

    tengah nak sihat la ni...harap harap boleh 100% sihat to wallop food in bazaar ramadan :P

  41. Chloe Mommy

    ya loh...most frustrating is that the doctors seems to be blur sotong. Said it's Specialist but when ask him question he will answer "it could be anything". Like that i also know la. No need to see them la. Simply order 1001 tests.

    1st week go see him he said take antibiotics and if still not ok then he will refer to his colleague. Said if the the nodes pop up overnight like my case, it is most probably bacteria attack. Not cancer as cancer will grow slowly.

    2nd weeks went to see him. He straight say do biopsy. Never even scan see the nodes got reduce or not, straight say tarak reduce. If he is honest he would have said the nodes will take time to reduce. when i said i have t think 1st,he pulak said could be nose cancer. Prev week he said probably not.

    mana satu yang betul? geram

  42. Leona

    Me strong? lucky to have a bunch of good friends who supported me during this period. Giving me advices, emotional supports and even bring me food nearly everyday coz they scared I kebuluran.

    Coz like you when you found out about Ally's swollen Lymph Nodes, I also tarak mood to do anything else..cook also dont know what to cook. Really like "blur"

    Hope Ally nodes getting smaller now.

  43. hey, glad that u r ok! Health issues can be really worrying huh? I am a silent reader of yr blog, I am very lazy to leave comments so u've never heard of me =)

  44. Joshua's Mummy

    Hi! your Joshua born in Sept. Mine in Feb :D. Both also Mickey Mouse Year

    I have seen you around in other blogs but didn't know you pop by here also.

    Yup, health issue very worrying.Especially when it happen out of the blue and the doctors have no idea what they are dealing with.

    Thank god the swelling have gone down and left with the main Lymph node still swollen a bit. It's regressing. Biopsy done but am sure the result will be alright.

    Thanks for your support :D

  45. Hope the results of the Biopsy is nothing bad. Mamarazzi must be very tiring taking care SK alone at home when papa not around. So SK must be guai guai.

  46. Chee Yee

    Result not out yet but should be no problem la since can see the lump getting smaller. The doctor say do biopsy for the peace of mind only

  47. Hello smallkucing, where are you come from? Indonesia?
    I've been sick since more for a month ago.. there're little lumps under my skin on the left side neck and chin.
    3 of them was taken for lab sample. and they got hyperplasia..

    I have been taking antibiotic and "anti-infalmed"... it got smoothen ..or may be spread evenly I don't know.
    Is it sign of good (heal)?
    Ah, I don't know why am I asking you this : (

    1. hi Akane.sorry to hear that you are not well. it took more than a month for the inflammation of the lymph nodes to go away. yea I took antibiotics too amd a load of dunno what med. not sure what it was but the doctor said not cancerous. hope you get well soon

    2. was the nodes hurt sometimes? like a throbed pain...? I stop my antibiotic and eat herbal medicine... actually I'm afraid that this nodes wouldn't go away T_T my family tells me to. But I'm sure that God still loves me and let me back to healthy!

      thankyou for supporting, small kuching :)

    3. yes, there was some pain but it gradually lessen. the doctors have warned that the nodes may nit shrink back to normal size. mine r ok.

      the node enlarge due to something attacking d body. for me I suspected its rubella. but doctor cant cfm.

      try drink a lot of cooling things like young coconut.

    4. I see then... so now you're in absolute fine condition, right?
      I wish that this disease will not come back!

      In my district this node disease comes up with larger numbers day by day.
      I started to think that the quality of food which is bad. Or maybe hormones? but maybe some because of TBC.. I wish I don't get any worse than this.

      Thankyou very much Small Kuching :D


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