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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shall Mamarazzi Start Rite Shoe Shopping Online?

Mamarazzi call me "Big Foot". Not because am as big and hairy like the giant but rather my feet are growing very fast. Every two months or so, I have to change new pair of shoes.

Mamarazzi kept complaining that I go thru my shoes as fast as she can buy them.

The other day we went to McDonald again. Funny. In the morning, the shoes fitted me just fine. But after having our meal and playing at the Playland, Mamarazzi tried to wear shoes for me. Arghhh...the shoes can't fit! They are very tight already. My feet hard to go in. How can it be?

*sigh* Papa too busy to bring me out shopping. Mamarazzi don't drive.

How? No shoes means no more "gai-gai"(outing) for me and no more going "dating" with my Dear.

Then Mamarazzi went blog hopping again. Found the solution! It's Start rite, an online shoes store for children.

They have girls shoes, boys shoes and children shoes shoes. Very stylish type too!

Mamarazzi saw this boot in their catalog. The design is called Adam. It is a classic leather lace-up ankle boot for little boys from Start-rite English Classics collection. They have it in a variety of colours, including black!

Don't you think the boot look a bit like Papa's boot? Papa's ones is black. You think Mamarazzi should get the Adam Boots for me? Then I can go "gai-gai" wearing same style of boot with Papa.

There will be two "Awang Boot" instead of one. Oh ya...My "Kaw Poh" calls Papa "Awang Boot" when he was just a toddler wearing boot. She always say want to get me a pair of boot so that I can be my father's son. *hint*hint*ahem*ahem* Kaw Poh ...ahem ahem
I can go "dating" with my Dear in the stylish boot.

Maybe Mamarazzi should get a pair of matching boots for my Dear. What do you think of this dainty Bluebell boot? Suit my Dear or not?

Mamarazzi found this terrific video in their Youtube. Teach her how to measure my Dear's feet for the perfect fit. A perfect fit is very important. Shoes that is tight or too loose is a hazard.

What do you think? Should Mamarazzi get the boots for me and my Dear?


  1. hahaa... what a nice recommendation write up.. now J can have a good pair of shoes ...

  2. Auntie Claire

    You think shall I bodek Mamrazzi to buy the boot?

  3. Small Kucing surely looks very nice in the boot that Mamarazzi has chosen, but will it be too hot to wear in Malaysia?
    Shenny inherits a boot from her cousin from Hong Kong who bought it in Holland. Shenny then find it too hot to wear in Malaysia. She could wear it when she was in Holland and NZ only.

  4. Eh, bodek, jangan tak bodek... ask Mamarazzi buy ur dear shoes oso!

  5. your son is very cute =] its my first time here, your blog is great!

  6. Shenny's Mommy

    Papa likes to wear boot. Everywhere he goes also wears them. This boy everything also wanna copy Papa

  7. WyYv

    Thanks for visiting. Your blog is awesome too. Lovely photos

  8. Auntie Cleff

    Hmm...come to think of's easier job bodek you than bodek Mamarazzi.

    Aunty Cleff soooo prettyyy...auntie cleff sooo kind.....*bodek-ing mode*

  9. Can tie up the feet - like women in China in the old days - foot binding! LOL!!!

  10. I like the shoes Mamarazzi recommended for ur dear lor...very sweet, just suits her pretty much. then u both can go dating

  11. *horrified* What you wan? You can toy car ah? Nanti la... Auntie just saw one cheap and nice punya. Next time kasi u. =D

  12. STP

    *horified* such barbaric practise

  13. Auntie Cleff

    Cheap one tak apa...sapu aje..but tahan lasak one or not?

  14. Nice and cute post to read! Joshua, all you have to do to bodek your Mamarazzi and Paparazzi in buying for you (and your Dear) is by doing something that melts their heart like ice-cream! ^_^

  15. Mana you all cari ni lubang haha. Nice shoes. ;)

  16. Mummy Gwen

    *pointing to Auntie Claire*

  17. Auntie Alice

    I bodek you la...can ah?

  18. Claire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also want :P

    Love the pair of boots your Mamarazzi plan to buy for your dear :P

  19. Agnes

    hahaha..Claire is the "Tham Hau Cheong" of Msia :p


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