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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Shabu-Shabu, Japanese Style Steamboat At Kuchai Lama


Went to Shabu Shabu Japanese Steamboat Restaurant at Kuchai Lama last Sunday for Buffet Dinner.

Price RM31-80 per person(adult). Children with the height of 85cm-135cm are charged half price. Those who are above will be charge full price.

I was charged half price. There was a Jie Jie who was just 8 years old but very tall was charged full price. Guess they are following Japanese height gua.

Does this mean the taller a person is, the more he/she can eat?

Mamarazzi still preferred those restaurant that charge according to a child age instead of height.

Having dinner with Papa's mates., have to wait till everyone arrived baru allowed in, to sit. Cannot go in and wait first. Kesian lah if got small hungry kid like me.

Very hygienic. Each one have own "steamboat " pot. But the largest table can accommodate 6 person only. Very cramp.

Means can't go in a large group else will have to sit separate tables.

Found something I can "press". Kena Mamarazzi scold.

*Sulk* no children friendly one geh. Buta-buta I kena scold. Say cannot play with fire/electric wor. But if sumbat me sit at the aisle, the waiter and waitress keep langgar my chair pulak.

Food comes on long conveyor belt. Just need to take as the food pass the table.

Rather "economical" portion. Each dish with only two "biji" of thingy.

Being the "kiasu lang", we took many dishes and all campur into a plate.

Jeng-jeng-jeng- like this baru la call steamboat.

Oh ya..don't expect to see the the "premium" items like crabs, straw mushrooms, oyster, otak-otak, mussel, pork, beef and mutton coming to you on the conveyor belt. These, you will have to order from the Waiter/waitress. Not sure whether people sapu all already or what.

And the size of the crabs were super "BIG". See! can fit two crabs in Mamarazzi's palm.

I was ready with the "cedok" waiting for the food to be cooked. Once cooked, being the "anak bapak" that I am, I feed Papa first.

Ice cream..the redeeming grace.

Mamarazzi said she won't b bringing me there anytime soon wor. Said go for Yuen Steamboat better. Yuen Steamboat only RM22+ and kids my age eat for free. Food variety also more than Shabu Shabu.Even the soup base taste nicer.

The only thing positive thing that Mamarazzi can say about Shabu Shabu is that they have individual pot.


  1. mmmmm, i don't like this.. i still prefer one big pot where everyone gathering around and "snatch" for the treasures.. feels closer like that..

  2. hrm...tried shabu2 before here in KK..but expensive lah...everything kena charge itu ini....soup also not that nice...prefer the normal steamboat better.

    I tried once in sunway...forgot the name but quite crowded one...will go back there again when I'm in KL!

  3. Okay, first of all... auntie makan before at Shabu Shabu Kuchai Lama. And this is what auntie have to say about their service:

    1. Extremely bad service with cocky waiter and waitresses.
    2. Looks classy, and so is the price... very expensive, considering the measly portion.
    3. While they are hygienic-individual pot and all, they are not children friendly. Excuse me.. how much can children below 6 eat, anyway? The whole conveyor belt??? I beg to differ!
    4. The waiter and waitresses are not well versed in English. Kindly get some people who speaks English well instead of just people who are well versed in Cantonese and Mandarin, thank you.
    5. Their table could not cater large group or people. In my humble opinion, steamboat restaurants should be able to cater large groups or people... steamboat are meant for eating while chit chatting with each other. if these Shabu Shabu are looking for extremely fine dining, den don't open a steamboat shop, and open some high class French dining restaurant instead!

    Auntie Cleff would not recommend anyone at all to go and eat in Shabu Shabu Kuchai Lama. Instead, Auntie would recommend people to eat in their friendly competitor's restaurant, 100'c instead. They have very friendly staff, fast service, and they also have individual steamboat pots. And best thing of all, their food comes in set, and they dun charge you per head. And therefore, small children does not need to pay for disgusting amount of money when they just eat a little bit of food!

  4. Hello SK, we have this here but have never walked in yet to try....the problem is there are thousands of Asian restaurants or makan stalls here, from Mongolian to Tibet.

    So far we've only reached Vietnam, ha ha....and love their spicy dishes.
    Nice pics you take good pics too.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  5. Here also got a few places Shabu2...but I've never been. Don't like the soup - always heavily laden with msg! After eating, would feel thirsty all the time...

  6. cham ah the food.yuen steamboat also nicer?

  7. Angel Bear

    I think coz we biasa with the flavorful normal steamboat soup. Ya, expensive when compared to normal steamboat

  8. Auntie Cleff

    Yikes! Macam lah tengah perbahasan pulak dah...kakakaka

  9. Wenn

    It's merdeka Day. Time to get your family to go "steamboat-ing" :D

  10. Auntie Cleff

    Mamarazzi thinks it's more suitable for those "pak tor" couples la. More "cozy" :p

  11. Uncle Lee seems to have restaurant from all over the world there.

    Msia not bad also la. If you happen to go to Midvalley, you will see all sorts of restaurant too

  12. STP

    ya ya ya...the normal steamboat or home made one are better.

  13. Beii

    Food similar to Yuen la. Dont even have Yuen's chicken wing and fried rice.

    Have to be careful if you bring Jasper there. Space very ramp :(

  14. Happy merdeka day smallkucing :-)...btw, I always find it unfair that charges are to be based on a child's height LOL...

  15. a bit expensive hor....let's go Yuen next time just around my place nia hahah thanks for lending me your books...

  16. Wah ur son wear so smart ler...nice dinner you have outside celebrating merdeka

  17. hei, we recently wen shabu one at Lot10, errr... think thats what they are called. not too bad. around 28 per person only.

  18. I also hate restaurants that charge according to kids' height. Very rugi for tall kids like ours! But I think your smallkucing can eat, so still ok la...

  19. I never tried shabu shabu before. Huh..small kids also need to pay..not good.

  20. Angeline

    Not really celebrate Merdeka Day la. Saja meeting up some friends

  21. Manglish

    wait you come back then we go Yuen. AIsay...that day didnt know you nearby Yuen, else could have change venue makan steamboat at Yuen. Sure that lady will go rebut the chic wing kakakaka

  22. Irene

    Hmm...entah la...feel that Yuen is still better since the choice of food is similar. Yuen also have crab(bigger size) and mussels etc

  23. Chloe's Mummy

    Ya some 1 yr old + already 83 cm tall lor.

  24. Mummy Gwen

    Ya lor...I think Gwen maybe have to pay full price leh :(

  25. Have you been to Mizi Shabu-shabu in Bandar Puteri Puchong? I like the food there, very fresh. Been there quite a few times. Their food come in set and quite big portion. So children can share the food with adults. But also not so child-friendly in a way, the on-off button for the electric stove is below the table.

  26. Chee Yee

    Nope. Havent been there but dont think so that we will go until the kid much older

  27. Been here once, quite interesting, food ok la, nothing to shout about. If bring kids, not "dai" to eat, because they will charge my boys, and how much my boys can eat? hahahhaha

  28. Annie

    Ya much kids can eat..this one baru 2 and a half year old kid. Haiz..


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