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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Please Vote For Me In Facebook

BookXcess 3rd Birthday is coming soon and they are having a contest. Mamarazzi had submitted this photo to BookXcess for the contest.

I had a lovely time "Conteng" the mirror...but after that I had to help Mamarazzi to clean up the mirror.

Could you please vote for me...please...? If I win then Mamarazzi sure will go to BookXcess and I will get to go to Dan Neh Noh. I want Dan Neh Noh car car.

The Steps :

1) Log into your Facebook Account

2) Look for Bookxcess Profile (Click Here). Click "LIKE" Bookxcess page.

3) Look for "Photos". Select "'We're Three' Photo Contest".

4) Final step is look for my photo.Click at this LINK and click "LIKE".

Pleaaaasseeee... vote for me ya..

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you


  1. click jor.of coz must vote for you..see how you sacrifice your lipstick and spend time cleaning up the mirror!haha

  2. done! =) if win next time angelbear fly to KL need to bring her to dan ne noh lor~~ hahahahahaha~ =p

  3. Voted and good luck!!

  4. voted & gud luck ya! he's so cute!

  5. Beii

    Thank you thank you

    shh..actually i bought that lipstick long time already but didnt like the color :p

  6. Deanona

    Many thanks for the vote :D

  7. How come I cannot find the LIKE button geh??

  8. Auntie Cleff the first to click lehh... bwhahahaha... eh, next time, make kissy mark on the mirror la... let your dear see~!

  9. Auntie Cleff

    Thank you thankiu..okie next round I wont bully you :P

  10. Mummy Gwen

    Sorry ah..too excited. Forgot to put step by step :p

    Have amended the post. Thank you very much

  11. Kelvin

    Thank you for your vote :D

  12. Ok, now i know where to go and vote

  13. creative and sacrifies the lipstick! will log in to FB and vote soon......good luck!

  14. Liked! I couldn't find the "Like" button at first. Had to refer to your step by step instruction then only can.

    Smallkucing very cute lah! I will vote even if you didn't ask us to :)

  15. Chloe's Mommy

    my mistake also coz never post a step by step on how to vote.

    Very sorry to make you pening :p

    Thanks for voting :D

  16. haha. i used to use my mum's lipstick to draw on the mirror. =)


  17. wow ou conteng with a lipstick! I like the colour! :)

  18. BBO

    You like the color of the lipstick ah..hope not to apply on your lips :p.

  19. ok ok will vote for you DEFNITELY!

  20. Ann

    Thank you thank you thank you :D


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