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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, 1Utama

After browsing at the Korean Food Fair, we continue hunting for the delicious BKT. Mamarazzi have forgotten to bring along the address given by Little Prince's Mum

Lucky me. I found the signboard.

Just need to follow the arrows. Wahhhh..such a big advertisement. Finally arrived at destination.

I hope the service is good. Am famish already.

While waiting for the food, I played with my toy car. "Ah BOY! angkat tangan!"

Chinese tea comes in pretty "Chicken brand" tea cups. Very cute and pretty. Just like the good old days.

Yau Mak. Taste good and young. Crunchy. Portion big enough.

Papa ordered a bowl of "Sam Chan".

This one is "Go Hui". Don't know what it means. Coz Mamarazzi just tembak and ordered punya. Not sure which part of of meat or bone it was. Soft and nice.

Pork intestine. Mamarazzi wanted some p.stomach but it was sold out. But the intestine tasted very good. No nasty smell.

Hmmm ...this photo is purposely taken for the "Little Bird" *Evil Grinz*

After finishing the rice, Mamarazzi noticed something printed on all the cups, bowls and plates "Supports Leadsafe For A Healthier Living".

Total bill comes up to RM56-32 but with Jusco card there is a 10% discount. Wow! We didn't know that till the waiter told us. Thanks to him we save another RM5.

Dessert? I want Ice cream.

Gelato Fruity..Mango and lime ..

Eeeee...Lime super-duper sour. Mango not bad. Taste a bit like kuining mango.

Mmmm...puas already. Time to go home. Perut kenyang hati senang


  1. The BKT looks good. Porky overload haha.

  2. Drool! Drool! Intestines.... Give me, give me! I want!!!! Btw, look fatter leh? The cheeks so round, wanna cubit liao! LOL!!!

  3. Hahahahha.... the picture that you take for Auntie Little Bird one of the hotdogs in Auntie's blog! LOL.

  4. hey Joshua..auntie claire here no kenyang la.. see already now must go for pak kwat chu toe bkt..

  5. wa..i don't really like bkt and i'm from Klang,but your photos makes me crave for some!T.T

  6. i love bak kut teh esp the ribs.

  7. Yo yo,, now i hardly take bah kut teh already lah,, used to love it a lot,,, reasons,,,

    1.. now very expensive lah,,,
    2. trying to cut down on meat
    3... still very expensive lah

    hey take care now and god bless ya

  8. are really good in hunting for good food.

    The soup so little, enough meh? Or can add somemore?

  9. wah...after reading ur good review of their bak kut teh ,,,,next time i can go and eat when go to one utama...din know one utama got such a big bak kut teh restaurant

  10. Wat a drooling post :D

    U have to watch ur weight leh~

  11. So was the string tied BKT good?

  12. long time never have BKT already, but then if i eat, i just like to soak the rice into the soup and then eat one two piece of lean meat or ribs only.. the intestine i never eat one, feel so eerie~~ :p

  13. Eeee....I dare not eat the intestines! Lean pork never mind lah , I can eat.

  14. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE10 August 2010 at 16:44

    My favorite as well esp the dry version at klang :)

  15. Tummy is rumbling now...

    (btw those photos of Joshua and Breanna is so cute...)...ur son so casanova already lei!!!

  16. Mummy Gwen

    Ya this one good. Can choose which part u wanna eat and order.

  17. Claire

    Go...:D post the food in the blog tonight ya :D

  18. STP

    Uiks..u also crazy abt intestine one ah? KL Restaurant sell intestine very expensive.

    Ya 16kg already. Bulat liao

  19. Wenn

    This shop you can order individual bowl of pork ribs

  20. kucing enticed me to BKT... Sigh. S'pore BKT not as good.

  21. Beii

    hhahaha my photo lousy one la. If you see those expert punya like uLi and Vialentino punya, you will need a baldi for the drool :P

  22. mNhL

    soup can add. The other day we did ask the Waiter to add the soup for us.

  23. Eugene .

    BKT nowaday single person alrady rm8. But no choice as pork price had increased a lot

  24. Vialentino

    We didnt know too. We found it from Little Prince blog.

    Little Prince and Princess Mum had listed out all the branches name and address. Do hop to her blog from the link provided.

  25. Ann

    Yes, for Mamarazzi it tasted very good. But this one is up to individual taste la.

  26. Kelvin

    Will watch weight for the kid but Mamarazzi will need to add more weight :P

  27. SK

    Here too like to pour the soup into the rice and eat. Intestine will depend on shops. Some shop doesnt clean it properly and it would be very smelly.

  28. MRC

    The dry version no need to go all the way to Klang. Kepong and Cheras also have it.

  29. Alice

    hahaha...Mamarazzi love the intestine and the perut. Too bad the perut finished.

  30. Leona

    I guess he miss the companionship of kids similar age to him. Some more Breanna is so cute.

    Lunch time just now, he took he telephone and pretend to call her. When i wanna video him, he changed topic pulak. Pretend to be calling the Papa and the Grand Mother kakaka

  31. mama really sayang joshua dessert ice cream somemore after BKT :>

  32. Chris

    Johor also have veru good BKT, right? I remember it was featured in one of the makn makan show.

  33. uLi

    shhh...actually ah...Mamarazzi is the one that wanted Ice-cream then say I want.

  34. heard so much about this place, have yet to try out. :( Some review i read said the portion quite small?

    Ok, next round when i am in one utama, must go and try. :)

  35. Annie

    The BKT comes in bowl ..rice bowls size. Each type of meat comes in different bowl. Maybe that's why consider portion small.

    Portion was just nice for the 3 of use la. :D. Can tambah soup

  36. how is the bkt? suddenly, i also feel like eating bkt now


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