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Friday, 6 August 2010

My Photos From eoe Online

Yesterday afternoon someone knocked at the door. Must be Mr Courier Man sending me my photos from eoe Online. It was the 3rd day. The e-mail confirmation from eoe Online said the photos will arrive within 3 working days.

Oooo..really oh..arrived within 3 days wor. Mamarazzi ordered 50pieces of 4R photos and 2 pieces of 8R photos.

They company very "seng muk". Put a piece of card board to support the 8R photos so that it would get crumpled.

Wow! I look so handsome in big print.

They even put the 4R photos into two small albums for me. Just like those Kedai Gambar.

Quality wise not bad. Those outdoor photos are clear but indoors photos not as good.

This is NOT eoe Online fault. It's Mamarazzi's camera fault. The setting not right. Or rather the "user" not right. Must ask her to learn photography from Jie Jie uLi and Uncle Vialentino.

Hmmm...I can't seems to stop admiring my photos. Mamarazzi called me Narcissus. Said am vain.

Don't care lah. Mamarazzi is just jealous that I am more photogenic than her mah.

This is a good place to put my photo with Papa. Later Papa come home from work sure he will be very happy.

Next mission is to go "bodek" Mamarazzi to get more of my photos printed. Must take advantage of the current promotion that eoe Online is having. Mana lagi nak dapat such good offer? 4R print at only RM0.30 and free delivery (subject to terms and condition)for orders above RM35.00. Durian runtuh leh.


  1. So cheap, betul betul durian runtuh ah.

  2. You and papa in photo, no mama leh? Ur mama not jeles kah? I put and my anak, the mother jeles lor.... Hehehehehehe!!!!

  3. U finally got the photos printed. Very convenience ya.

  4. STP

    Typical anak bapak la...Mamarazzi tarak cantik..develope her photo also waste energy and time :p

  5. Shenny's Mommy

    yup very cheap. If go to the shop also dont know wasted how much in petrol already

  6. mNhL

    ya...i will have to compile more photos to get them printed from eoe Online. Coz now see the quality of the photo is not bad.

  7. i also wan to print more la.. not enough leh.. very free delivery somemore!

  8. Claire

    ya have to korek more photo out to print. But sakit hati is that photo from Jan-sept09 hilang when the PC kaput.

    Haiz...better get the photos printed in PC, store in DVD, CD and thumb drive all very risky. Kaput the all hilang :(

  9. Same here, ever since we found this eoe online, no need to go cari photo shops out there. I "pong chan" them a few rounds already. During promotions, got free gifts summore. Not bad...

  10. Next time change the photographer, some things just needs talent XD

  11. you wrote, "Next mission is to go "bodek".. i read too quickly as 'next mission is to go 'botak'!! pengsan. haha.

  12. true, better get them printed.

  13. Chloe Mummy

    Mamarazzi said will "pong Chan" them again once have complied good photos for printing.

  14. Kelvin

    Mamarazzi doesnt have the talent lor...Papa have talent but always busy :(

  15. Hidayah

    ya you shoud do it. Check out this eoe Online. Get your kids photo printed :P

  16. Wenn

    regret never did it earlier...lost 9months of photos

  17. tuti

    WHAT!!! Botak Mamarazzi? You want me to be strangle by her ah :P

  18. LOL... you Narcissus ah? Aisehhh.... Narcissus is one of Auntie Clef's buku character... a devil... aiseymannn...

  19. Auntie Cleff

    Cheh..u tok tok tok...bila wanna lend Mamarazzi that book!


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