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Thursday, 19 August 2010

My Lucky Day

 Note : This is not a Paid Post Nor Sponsor Page. Mamarazzi saja wanna show her appreciation.

Yesterday was indeed my lucky day. Received another Mystery Gift. True. Mamarazzi had no idea who was it from even though after she read the Docket. Who/what is Extiva Communications Sdn Bhd?

I opened up the parcel and found this beautiful backpack. Just nice for Papa. Nowadays I sayang Papa more. Everything also Papa comes first.

Then Mamarazzi read the covering letter.'s from iStore. iStore is an online store that sell cool gadgets and latest mobile phone. Not so long ago they have a "Shout out" thingy in Facebook. And the prize were either a bag pack and another gift. Mamarazzi have totally forgotten what was it.

Mamarazzi participated in iStore Facebook page shouting. Wah..shouting also can get such nice bag ah? I have to shout more lor.

After "shouting" about it. She had totally forgotten about that matter. Thought won't be so lucky to win la. Mana tau she won.

 I really love this Bag. Maybe I will "sapu" it , instead of giving to Papa.

Then the second surprise was this. Mommy Ling came personally to deliver this to Mamarazzi.It's from Mommy Ling Bookmarks Giveaways

Uiks! according to the list, Mamarazzi didn't win anything wor. How come got geh?

Auntie Cynthia won but she asked Mommy Ling to give it to Mamarazzi. Thank you very much, Auntie Cynthia

Another person who had intended to do the same was Auntie Claire. Thank you very much Auntie Claire for the generosity. One bookmark is enough. Cannot hoard two.

Third surprise was .......the LIFT is back in business after kaput-ed for a month.

Mamarazzi did something really EVIL, after kena "ding-dong" by the Management Office and the Developer Office regarding the Kaput-ed Lift matter

The Developer's website did not provide any e-mail contact for Mamarazzi to lodge a complaint.

Mamarazzi got so fed-up. She went and search for the Developer in Facebook.

Wow! They have a page in Facebook and also listed the launching of all their new projects.

Mamarazzi "bombarded" their Facebook with comments requesting the Lift to be fixed. She selected all those "high end" type of project to "comment". Ooooo....she was soooooo EVIL.

Looks like all good things comes in 3...thanks a lot to Facebook!


  1. It's truly your lucky day. Nice backpack and cute bookmark.

  2. Mummy Gwen

    Ya happy...lift okay jor..the surprised bag pack and the bookmark :D

  3. lucky indeed! Congrats! had no idea these things are real :-) and yes, they do come in three...

  4. That's because Mamarazzi herself is very kind, thoughtful and generous... sure got people repay her kindness wan :)

    Wah they really took so long to repair the lift? Our one here rosak for 3 days also everyone (in the forum) ngi-ngi-ngo-ngo already...

  5. wah, so lucky ar, just by shouting also can win a bag time i also wanna joins...hehehe

  6. haha, they deserved that. you clever gal. know how to guerilla attack haha.

  7. Wah nice bag....can share with uncle pete or not?

  8. Nice bag! Wah! So fast already received bookmark! Better than Poslaju! Wonder how long it will take to get here... Hmmmmm....

  9. wow...what is free is good!! u deserve it cos u shouted so loud till they beh tahan liow.. so thus the GIFT! hahahaa...
    hey, how u know about the bookmark? geng la u..

  10. Wor....good..all good news. Oh yea, another aunty who intended to pass u the book mark is Aunty LiL Bird too..LOL

  11. wah so lucky...wish to be lucky like u....nice winning bag...hehehe

  12. Verone

    Most of it are fake and have virus. That why Mamarazzi was surprised when found that this one is real :D

  13. Wyson

    was real surprised la coz didnt expect the Mystery Gift as most of these "games" and "quiz" in FB seems to be fake. But this one is real lo

  14. Chloe's Mommy

    It was a really silly matter of the Lift la.

    The Tai Kor in the Developer resigned. Nobody can approve the expenses to fix the Lift.

    Called Management Office, the fella say waiting for HQ. Called HQ, they asked to refer to Management Office.

    Got so angry lo. Thus bombard their FB.

    Looks like FB can be use to do Good and Evil too..muhahahaha

  15. Tuti

    Coz darn angry of being kick around like a ball la.

    Nobody wanna be responsible.

    Then there was 1 lady in the HQ that was so LCLY when Mamarazzi asked her nicely.

    Mamarazzi got pissed off so in the FB "comments", Mamarazzi mentioned her name also.

  16. Agnes

    Finally some good luck :D

  17. Uncle Pete

    Mana hilang long time? No post in your blog geh.

    Next round Mamarazzi shout again. Got bag then I'll ask Mamarazzi to give you la :D

  18. STP

    The bookmark hand delivered one wor...kekekeke

    Maybe you will receive the lovely bookmark by next week leh

  19. Claire

    "yok yau yan putt ji, chui fei gei mok wai"...but this one meant to be good one la...not to scold one kakakaka

    Thank you very much for the kind gesture. :)

  20. Mommy Ling

    Uiks! Auntie Cleff also ah...wokay

    Thank you very much Auntie Cleff!

  21. Vialentino

    You are lucky too. Got to go gai gai and enjoy all the lovely food :D

  22. wah I also want gifts! presents please!

  23. Oh, indeed, Mamarazzi is very, very lucky! And Mamarazzi is very proactive too until the developer also cannot tahan...hehehe! Yup, I agree, that's the way to get things done especially with developers who are all out for big profits only (the developer of my house also like that lah...haiz....use inferior quality parts, some more price of house not very cheap also).

  24. Alice

    Guess most developers are like that. Once hand over then they wash hand already

  25. Wow... nice backpack and the bookmark is totally cute! These things and the lift getting fixed really made your day ya? ;-)

  26. BBO

    LOL... shout shout shout :D

  27. Boey Joey

    Very happy to have 3 nice surprises in the same day :D

  28. *blush* Cuz ah... dowan Mommyling to waste money for stamp ma, now stamps expensive leh... send one letter oredi Rm0.60 leh... so tot just kasi ur Mamarazzi lah, she borong so many buku oso, habis cerita. Cis bocor rahsia. *blush* Apalah Hantu Bungkus... liddat oso wanna tell.

    Neway... Auntie wanna say, the bookmark suits Mamarazzi... see.. the gal carry one basket... just like ur Mamarazzi la... always bawak food to give Auntie. LMAO... Mommyling so pandai pilih... LOL.

  29. Auntie Cleff

    Hinting again ah? wokaywokay borong some more food and LS for you :P


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