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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Mooncakes & Giveaways!

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry over to my Dear's Mummy's Blog! She is doing a Giveaway for mooncakes. Very simple Terms & Condition. Click here to see and  visit her blog

What if you "terlepas peluang" on the Giveaway and yet wanna have a taste of the great mooncakes? No worries. Just hop over to her blog and order from her. 

Homemade one wor. Auntie Cynthia is also selling them. Not only taste good but the price is very reasonable too.

Aiyak...just thinking of it makes me drooling liao


  1. TQ TQ!! Hopefully you WIN a box and 'hau king' your mama and papa ah...

  2. Hehehe....we sama-sama wish each other good luck! THen we sama-sama get to taste AUnty Cynthia's mooncakes. :-D

  3. Aikss...auntie also got participate wor..if u win, u belanja aunty one biji ar, can ar?***muka tebal aunty...LOL!!

  4. Auntie Claire...

    You gonna joinnor not? Belajna me :p

  5. Mommy Ling

    satu biji what ah...penumbuk *evil grinz* kakakakaka

  6. actually when is mooncake festival...over liow or belum? lost track of festive season

  7. Vialentino

    not over yet coz now still Ghost Festival month. Mooncake Festival should be in mid Sept

  8. Prince and Princess Mum

    Thanks :D

  9. and the mooncake days are coming soon.... how time flies!

  10. hahaha, so you were the first to take part in winning the mooncake?? i never got luck, so better save the effort and go buy my own mooncakes :(


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