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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Gimme A Walking Cane Please...

The lift to our apartment have been spoilt for three weeks already. I don’t know how long more to wait for the Management to fix the Lift.

Papa and Mamarazzi are getting more grumpy by the day. Said very tiring climbing up so many floors.

Said if the Management do not get the Lift fixed soon, they will have to use a walking cane to walk up the stairs.

Just nice, as Auntie Claire introduced Mamarazzi to this website that sells Walking Canes.

They have all sorts of Canes. Thank goodness they do not have canes to whack my bum bum.

It seems that these canes and walking sticks are not only for health reason. Many people buys them as fashion accessory.

I think Mamarazzi should get walking canes for women as it’s more feminine in design, lighter in weight and some are shorter which makes the height perfect for Mamarazzi.

Papa should get metal walking cane. Metal Walking Canes come in many design. Hmm…I wonder how Papa would look with a walking stick. More handsome and stylish? People might even think that he is a big boss.

It’s very easy to order. Just need to visit their website and place your order. They will ship it right away and you’ll receive it quickly and in perfect condition. So far they have never had anything damaged in shipping yet, but should there be a first time, they will replace your order promptly at no cost to you.


  1. ala...kesian..never mind..hopefully the lift fix quick-quick and no more walking up the stairs...

  2. hehehehe..treat it as a good exercise walking up the stairs. Last month, there was renovation on our office floor, we have to use the toilet on the upper floor or ground floor, i decide to walk up to 3rd floor, i find it is a very good exercise. :)

  3. Angel Bear

    Been calling the Management a few times already. The girl kept saying waiting for the Director to sign the approval. Said the cost RM7k wor...haiz...

  4. Annie

    Exercise is one thing but the grocer refuse to send cooking gas wor..cham liao. Gas finished. Now using the spare tank. Hope the lift will be fixed before the gas finish la.

  5. Haha. Just think of it as a blessing in disguise. ;) Exercise and getting healthier without even knowing it. lol.

  6. Walking cane don't want, Sugar cane, I want, he he he!

  7. Cham liao... :( walk up the stairs liddat very tiring and inconvenient wan. :(

  8. must be tiring climbing up.

  9. Climbing the staircase is a very good exercise esp for those who seldom go for a walk!


  10. Pete

    Sugar cane you want ah..i thought your house got tanam. Aisey..was thinking go your house to get some to make leong sui

  11. Lindy

    Exercise it's okay. Butn hope it will be fixed before the gas runs out...else makan biscuit lor

  12. Wenn

    Kind of . Especially when have to carry heavy stuffs

  13. Auntie Cleff

    Me never mind. Me syok syok climbing up and down the stairs. Only Papa and Mamarazzi making noise

  14. Dora..

    Not if have to carry 10kg of rice, detergent, liquid cleaner and other heavy stuffs lor

  15. Our apartment lifts also always rosak. Really lauyar one, this brand (6 Sigma). Luckily there are 3 lifts so we don't have to use the stairs. 24 floors leh, sure pengsan before reaching home.

  16. Chloe's Mummy

    This lift didn't rosak often. Usually the lift would be fixed within one or two days. This round 3 weeks also yet to fix. Haiz....don't know the Management no more $$ or what.

  17. Aiyo if go shopping then have to carry the stuff up? Cham lor. But on the bright side, luckily SK is no longer a baby and can walk up by himself. Else papa or mamarazzi have to carry him lagi susah.

  18. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE4 August 2010 at 17:43

    Joshua's eye all teary - I thought it's that "tua tiau" (hokkien for rotan)

  19. Chee Yee

    Ya lo..especially grocery shopping ...cham..Lucky he can walk and he love to go up and down the stairS

  20. MRC

    LOL also can use as Tua tiau :P


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