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Monday, 30 August 2010

The Elusive Sambal Petai

The other day Mamarazzi bought some Petai. But then...Oh to make Sambal Petai ah?

Normally, Mamarazzi would just buy the Sambal Sotong from the Nasi Lemak stall in the morning and add the Petai.

But since it's Puasa time, the usual Nasi Lemak Stall not open.

You ask Mamarazzi to stir-fry or steam, no problem lah. But when comes to "goreng" and making "sambal" ...ishhhh....How ah?

Then she came out with this "bright idea". Add the Petai into the "Spicy Dace Fish".

Jeng~jeng~jeng~... and one of Mamarazzi's first victim is....not me. It was Mommy Ling. So far so good. Mommy Ling have survived.

Taste? Not spicy enough. No "umph". Petai and Spicy Dace Fish doesn't blend that well.

Then what to do? Haiz..trial and error lo...Finally Mamarazzi managed to make some dried sambal belacan.

Hmmm....this round look nice.

The smell is there too. But taste...WAH LAU EH!!! Cili turun harga ah?? why so spicy one...?? Looks like it's back to the drawing board lu.


  1. no way that i will touch this dishes... Petai... No no for TZ

  2. erm....not really a fan of petai...maybe haven't found someone who really knows how to cook it kot. =p

  3. Hi SK, don't fool around with this if going to a formal gathering, or fly in plane, or go friend's house, ha ha.
    Used to fly MAS old days from East Coast and the air hostesses have to spray air freshener in the toilets, ha ha.

    Once had a party here, and someone went to bathroom, later came out and laughed, "okay, who ate petai today"? Ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  4. LOL!!! hehehe. sambal is my favourite but i dunno how to cook also.luckily mmy boyfriend is a chef can cook for me . heheheeh

  5. sambal petai is still the best.. the other saturday i took.. yet to post it up.. hmmmm... yummy!

  6. yearrr, i don't like that!! smell so weird leh, no wonder it's call "smelly nuts"~~ :D

  7. i like petai soft. i think most times it's eaten hard. don't know cook longer can or not.

  8. Angel Bear

    Sambat petai with sotong or prawn real nice punya :D

  9. Uncle Lee

    Wakakaka...and same goes for Durians :p

  10. Goldflower86 so lucky :)

  11. Claire

    Ish...sure mamarazzi will be drooling when you post it up

  12. Tuti

    ya you can cook it longer and it will become soft

  13. SK

    eee....smell so nice leh.....

  14. Wenn

    Doesn't taste that good :(

  15. Why not with canned sambal udang or ikan bilis or sotong? Anyway, I don't really like the smell of the canned stuff...

  16. WAH!!! Another creative dish!! LOL!

    Anyway i don't like petai, we cook quite often at home, but i always skip not eating that.

  17. Muahahahahahahaha @ [SK]'s smelly nuts!!! That brings a whole different picture to mind! ROTFLMAO!!!

  18. STP

    Coz dont have the sotong nor prawns lo :(

  19. Cikgu....

    how can you laugh like that....what were you thinking of ah..kekekeke...sound so evil one

  20. Annie

    Have to make do as Mamarazzi dont know how to make good sambal

  21. Smallkucing, ur mamarazzi's sambal looks too dry. Didn't add asam jawa juice?

  22. And... smallkucing ah... u better stay away from Cikgu... tsk tsk tsk... he taught auntie dirty word worr... 'smelly nuts' LOLOLOL! Tsk tsk tsk. Cikgu nottie!

  23. uLi

    But cant eat much oh...else heaty :(

  24. Auntie Cleff

    Mamarazzi put asam jawa water ah....


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