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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-When Bread Rained From Heaven

Uiks!? Is that my dear? She comes to Dan Neh Noh also ah? Alamak! silap orang. Opps...!

Hey, don't blame me leh. From the back, the girl looks a bit like my dear leh.

What's Mamarazzi having? Hotcakes? hmmm...just like the hot manna that rained from heaven.

Don't know the story? Well, in Enid Blyton's Bedtime Story and Prayer there is a story of bread that rained from Heaven

Long time ago, Moses leads his people to God's promised land. It was a long a tiring journey. Not much food around. The people were very hungry. They grumble to Moses. Asking him why he lead them there to die of hunger.

God heard and said to Moses "Behold! I will rain bread from heaven for you".

The next morning the dew fall as usual but when the sun comes out, there was something left behind. All over the grown there was small round bread. It's manna rained from heaven. It was said that it tasted like wafer made with honey. Yum yum..

Another day, the people were very thirsty and they complaint to Moses. Moses prayed and God heard him

God told him to go in front till he comes to a great rock. Strike the rock with his staff and water will come out. Moses did just that and a miracle happen. Water came gushing out from the stone.

The people were delighted and come with their cups and dishes to drink the water. They were praising God greatness.

A moving story? Mamarazzi don't think so coz in the end, the people went against the Lord. Haiz...when have problems then find the Lord. When tarak problem, father's own name also forgotten.


  1. Used to order this pancake for my niece but she doesn't like it...issh!

  2. but after that, they forgot about God again and started to worship their own man made idols..
    it is still going on until today.. the israelites and palestines fighting for power.

  3. Dan Neh Noh got pancakes kah? Nice or not? Eeee...why they use polysterene...and the design's so very kopitiam?

  4. You're just so right right about the human! Even the rich is still asking for more huh! Never ending stories. Thanks for the wonderful story & have a nice weekend.
    Cheers, kristy

  5. weiii bila free to meet up har? haah

  6. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE15 August 2010 at 11:05

    We can only thank god that He's not so ungracious or anywhere like any of us hor...It will spell DOOM for us if god's gonna be calculative over small matter (sigh)

  7. Claire

    Biasa la.."go over the bridge no need the wood anymore" lo

  8. uLi

    Maybe the batter was a bit too sweet

  9. STP

    The taste wont be as good as the ones that you made la.

  10. Manglish

    Bila u come back KL? Balik Kampung how long la

  11. Kristy

    what to do...that is life.

    May you have a great weekend too :D

  12. Lol, casanova in the making XD

  13. Hi, I'm still new to your blog... can u tell me what is Dan Neh Noh?? : )

  14. Rene

    Dan Neh Noh = McD. He kept calling it Dan Neh Noh :p

  15. Wah...the photos really good lah..haha..small kucing checking out the little funny lah. :P


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