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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Man Who Was Robbed & Real Life Samaritans

According to Enid Blyton's story, there was once a man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho on a lonely mountain road.

There were robbers in the mountain. They robbed him and beaten him up badly. He was left wounded by the roadside. Nobody around to help

Soon he heard the foot steps of a Priest. He thought he was saved as Priest is a man of God. But then the Priest cross over to the other side of the road and pretend didn't see nor heard his cries for help.

No long after that came a Levite man who had helped in the church. The man thought he would certainly help him. But then once again his hope was dashed.

Then came a man on a donkey from Samaria. The man thought the Samaritan would certainly won't help him as Samaritan is notorious for being bad.

To his surprise, the Samaritan came over and helped him. Brought him to an inn and paid for his room and board. He make sure the poor man was taken good care off.

Jesus told this story so that people might know what is to be a good friend.

Recently we have come across some very Good Samaritans too.

Mamarazzi have been unwell a few weeks ago and Papa was overseas for work. Unable to fly home immediately.

Good Samaritan comes out from everywhere to help and took care of Mamarazzi and me. They are :

Mommy Ling, who dropped by nearly daily "tapau-ing" food for Mamarazzi and me. Pan mee, Red Bean Dessert, economy noodles, buying grocery and even brighten my day with a pack of Vitagen. Refusing to accept any $$. Even offer to babysit me should the needs arise.

Auntie Cynthia and

Princess Breanna, who bake cake, made BKT and brought Leong Sui for Mamarazzi. Auntie Cynthia even become "driver" and drove Auntie Little Bird to visit Mamarazzi and me.

Auntie Little Bird, whose "evil heart" made kikisi for me to eat and bought me Dan Neh Noh Happy Meal to cheer me up. She also offer to take me in.

Auntie Claire, whose constant sensible advices and prayer calmed Mamarazzi down.

Auntie Chee Yee and Kor Kor Manglish whose messages gave cheer to Mamarazzi.

Uncle Alex, who is Mamarazzi old friend and trusty insurance agent who came to visit and advices on matter regarding to insurance claims. If you wanna get insurance, there is no better agent than him.

Auntie Siew who took leave to accompany Mamarazzi to the Hospital and even offer financial help should the need arise.

Last but not least Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence who sacrifice time, money and effort in chauffeuring Mamarazzi to and fro to clinics and hospital. Ya..dumb dumb Mamarazzi had a phobia on driving.

They waited with us in clinics and hospital for hours.

Auntie Florence even stay over to take care of me fearing that Mamarazzi might faint after taking a whole loads of medicine. And Uncle Patrick had to take a cab for his medical check up cause Auntie Florence was taking Mamarazzi to see the Doctor.

How to repay these Good Samaritans? Can't. Mamarazzi just hope that she could be a good friend to them like the Samaritan in the story during their time of need as they have done in our time of need.

Thank you!


  1. Ur Mamarazzi good ppl ma... so alot ppl wan to help lohh... she very generous oso.... always feed this auntie with her poison beehoon and pulut. Good leh, other place kenot get wan leh. Summore always pinjam auntie buku oso... so if she sick or wud, must jaga her kao kao so that she wun hentam durian and get sick again. LOLOL!

    ps: Tell ur Mamarazzi must not eat durian too much ah... later the durian busuk or wud... kena infection and the nodus lymph bengkak again!

  2. Auntie Cleff

    so that she wont hentam durian kao kao or so that she can feed you some more? muahahaha...she feed you, you feed me dan neh noh okay kekekeke

  3. Dun wan Dan neh Noh liao la... Auntie bring you makan Popeye, wan? We beli that nice Cajun fries and eat together gether with their fried chicken. Ask your dear dear come along. She likes Popeye wan, yunno? Can ngap and ngap and ngap nonstop punya!

    ps:Now almost mooncake season... lol.. time to go bodek ur MIL? LOL.

  4. Auntie Cleff

    Popeye's no car car toys nor playland punya.

    Cis! make use of me to hint hint to my dear dear's mummy ah? I charge commission one le...10% mooncake tax.

  5. nice to hv good friends around.

  6. many sweet and lovely friends you have!money can't buy!:P surely u've been a very good friend too!:D

  7. Good ppl will gather good friends...birds of the same feather flock together~

    Is the above idiom used correctly?

  8. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE8 August 2010 at 12:53

    Yeah it's always good to have few good samaritans around

  9. ah yo, sorry to hear you were that unwell. thank God you have really kind and lovely friends and relatives who took time off to care for you. and that only shows what a wonderful person you are too!!

  10. You are very lucky to be blessed with so many good friends. You and me sama2 lah, Kathy... phobia in driving :(

  11. Beii

    You also good friend coz baru kenal and you went to all the trouble to send the two books. Thank you very much :D

  12. Wenn

    indeed it is very good :D. New friends and old friends

  13. Kelvin

    sometimes evil people like Mamarazzi also managed to gather good friends and lead her back to believe that there are still many good people around.

  14. Tuti

    Thank God for sending those angels. :D

  15. Cleff said Mamarazzi always feed us and now we become fei fei bak bak edy..wink***

    Dont know what to return back, so when Mamarazzi in need, always standby on call to lend a hand. Next time, if Mamarazzi needs anything, ask her to text me ,ok?

  16. Hantus la... hantus... no angel. Kakkakakakakak!

  17. hey.. terkejut i when i saw my gambar here just now.. gosh.. so fat fat one..
    gosh again.. sorry, i didnt do much to help u kath in times of trouble.. i m many clicks away from KL.. but thank God for some "C" and "L" blogger frens who are so kind .. next time when I go KL, we must go out for a big makan.. give toasts to all of us!! hahahaa...

  18. Chloe Mummy

    You in the same gang like Mamarazzi ah? hahahaha...kesian lor both

  19. Mommy Ling

    Fei fei bak bak? Everyone in tha gang also dip into oil also wont grow fat la.

    Thank you very much for all your help lo

  20. Claire

    Got fat meh? Tarak nampak fat pun...kekeke

    Thank you for your advice loh. U identify it as Lymph nodes 1st mah....after i google not so scared la


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