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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-A Litle Boat In A Storm

*type*type*type* Hmmmm....finished. One blog post is ready.

The story is about Jesus in a boat told by Enid Blyton.

One evening a long time ago, Jesus felt tired after a whole day teaching and telling stories to the people. He decided and he told his disciples that they will be taking a boat ride to the other side of the lake.

They did that and while in the boat, Jesus fell asleep.

A storm came. Jesus was still sleeping and Peter, one of his disciple said not to disturb Jesus as Jesus seems to be very tired.

The storm got worse and the boat and it's occupants were in jeopardy. Peter finally woke Jesus up.

Jesus got up and saw what was happening. And He said to the storm "Peace, and be still".

All at once, the storm were gone and the lake was calm. Then he turn to his disciples and asked why are they afraid. Could they not trusted him?

The disciples were in awe.

Now, the question is....could I trust Mamarazzi?

Several weeks ago, Cheesy Tuna Toast made its appearance in STP's blog post. Then several Mommies Bloggers have also post on this recipe.

Seems easy to do. Mamarazzi also copied a bit from here and a bit from there.

However, being the klutz she is...the result turns out to be a bit different. How come so "black" geh? Can I trust Mamarazzi and eat this ah? Or maybe I should let Papa to eat first....


  1. bread? hahahahaha~ look at small kucing's face...kesian....jadi mangsa dera again. =p

  2. eh i wanna try this :) but yeah... why so black? haha

  3. Haizzz... finally... someone who is my gang when it comes to operating the oven. LOL. Negro pizza bread. LMAO....wait til STP sees these... sure golek golek on floor!

  4. Faisal

    Ter-burnt the bread lor :P

  5. hahaha. poor the small kitty have burned bread .. lol

  6. hahaha. poor the small kitty have burned bread .. lol

  7. Muahahahahaha!!!! Burnt the bread! Hangus! So many mommies tried - all so nice...only kucing - FAIL!!! ROTFLMAO!!! By the way, why I can see a tear on your face? Cry kah? Your mama wouldn't let you play with the computer... Jahat! Ask your papa buy a new one - your own...and don't let mama use yours. Hahahahahaha!!!

    P.S. Good thing I was not in the boat. Sure tenggelam one! LOL!!!

  8. Ah its good to have a big Papa to taste test when things get a bit blackened.

  9.'s abit black la :P

  10. Cleff

    Next time sumbat you with the carcoal bread baru tau

  11. Goldflower

    Hahahah...want some *evil grinz*

  12. STP

    You post so nice the roti...but then Mamarazzi made one so kena guinea pig time ask Mamarazzi to send to you to be the white mice

  13. Mamarazzi busy with her reading until forgot about the bread in the oven?

  14. how come black geh?? i havent tried it yet..

  15. The bread is black......over baked?

    Jz wondering how is the taste?

  16. Ish... smallkucing... u dun send to Cikgu hangus hangus thing, later Cikgu kena gout, den u berdosa, tahu? Just send to Auntie Cleff la... she wud oso baham... see... her negro chicken... so black, she oso still can makan and never get sick! Den you see her tahu burung salad oso... oso she can baham.

  17. small kucing having bamboo charcoal toast? haha... btw, good to read Bible stories to him!

  18. Mummy Gwen la...thought wanna make it more brown but ter-become black

  19. MeryLOL...ya too long in the oven :p

  20. Claure

    Too long in the oven lor :p

  21. Chris bamboo there :p

  22. black bread pizza? hahhahaha

  23. Hmm.. the story of the boat seems a little different from the bible DVD that I have. Going to send you soon by end of the week.

  24. Annie

    Hmm...a good name for it :p

  25. Aijor...apa jadi with the toast...add charcoal ka? Mamarazzi must be busy blogging till forget jaga time u must supervise her

  26. Aijor...apa jadi with the toast...add charcoal ka? Mamarazzi must be busy blogging till forget jaga time u must supervise her

  27. Mommy Ling

    Charcoal roti lor :P

    Mixed too much with the evil fairy

  28. Even without having read any of Enid Blyton's religious books, a former roommate of mine wanted to get a hold of any of Enid Blyton's religious books after having been impressed by a couple of Enid Blyton's books, including, The Famous Five, Malory Towers and St. clare, etc books, and not forgetting my own book written and published on and about Enid Blyton, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage ( I told her about the Land of Far Beyond. Surely these books could have an impact on any community and especially in parts of the USA (known as bible-belt regions)and who knows, could be stepping stones in promoting Enid Blyton's books in America.
    Stephen Isabirye

  29. Eni

    Yes, Enid Blyton have quite a few books that is about religion. Now those books are out of print and hard to get


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