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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Vote And Get A Ham Chim Peah If Win

Alo I am again. Need your help. Mamarazzi received a FB message a friend. Her son, Owen have joined a contest and Mamarazzi's friend is offering a Ham Chim Peah if her son win. Here is a reproduction of the message.

Hi all, need a lil favour. Owen joined a beauty pageant..KEkekek.. Joking. It's Enfagrow contest. We need some votes (to win to be millionaires). Here's what you need to do. It's troublesome I know.. please bear with it!

a. log on to

b. click VOTE, go to category B, spot OWENLIMWEEJINN

c. the bugger (yep, my son) recognised world flags when he was 3 (but not anymore though)

d. click RECOMMEND, his video will appear at your FB profile

e. watch the video, smile a little and click 'LIKE'

f. you will get one HAMCHIMPEANG if we win :)

Thank yous you all! And we really don't mind if you choose other kids to win, cos they are all amazing!

Remember to vote for Owen ya!

Shabu-Shabu, Japanese Style Steamboat At Kuchai Lama


Went to Shabu Shabu Japanese Steamboat Restaurant at Kuchai Lama last Sunday for Buffet Dinner.

Price RM31-80 per person(adult). Children with the height of 85cm-135cm are charged half price. Those who are above will be charge full price.

I was charged half price. There was a Jie Jie who was just 8 years old but very tall was charged full price. Guess they are following Japanese height gua.

Does this mean the taller a person is, the more he/she can eat?

Mamarazzi still preferred those restaurant that charge according to a child age instead of height.

Having dinner with Papa's mates., have to wait till everyone arrived baru allowed in, to sit. Cannot go in and wait first. Kesian lah if got small hungry kid like me.

Very hygienic. Each one have own "steamboat " pot. But the largest table can accommodate 6 person only. Very cramp.

Means can't go in a large group else will have to sit separate tables.

Found something I can "press". Kena Mamarazzi scold.

*Sulk* no children friendly one geh. Buta-buta I kena scold. Say cannot play with fire/electric wor. But if sumbat me sit at the aisle, the waiter and waitress keep langgar my chair pulak.

Food comes on long conveyor belt. Just need to take as the food pass the table.

Rather "economical" portion. Each dish with only two "biji" of thingy.

Being the "kiasu lang", we took many dishes and all campur into a plate.

Jeng-jeng-jeng- like this baru la call steamboat.

Oh ya..don't expect to see the the "premium" items like crabs, straw mushrooms, oyster, otak-otak, mussel, pork, beef and mutton coming to you on the conveyor belt. These, you will have to order from the Waiter/waitress. Not sure whether people sapu all already or what.

And the size of the crabs were super "BIG". See! can fit two crabs in Mamarazzi's palm.

I was ready with the "cedok" waiting for the food to be cooked. Once cooked, being the "anak bapak" that I am, I feed Papa first.

Ice cream..the redeeming grace.

Mamarazzi said she won't b bringing me there anytime soon wor. Said go for Yuen Steamboat better. Yuen Steamboat only RM22+ and kids my age eat for free. Food variety also more than Shabu Shabu.Even the soup base taste nicer.

The only thing positive thing that Mamarazzi can say about Shabu Shabu is that they have individual pot.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Welcome to The World, Baby

"Ciak! I may be late a few days but here I am!"

This is not my baby brother. It's my newborn cousin. See! cute and cheeky like me, ya .

Congratulation to Kaw Kaw Lay Liew and family!

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The Elusive Sambal Petai

The other day Mamarazzi bought some Petai. But then...Oh to make Sambal Petai ah?

Normally, Mamarazzi would just buy the Sambal Sotong from the Nasi Lemak stall in the morning and add the Petai.

But since it's Puasa time, the usual Nasi Lemak Stall not open.

You ask Mamarazzi to stir-fry or steam, no problem lah. But when comes to "goreng" and making "sambal" ...ishhhh....How ah?

Then she came out with this "bright idea". Add the Petai into the "Spicy Dace Fish".

Jeng~jeng~jeng~... and one of Mamarazzi's first victim is....not me. It was Mommy Ling. So far so good. Mommy Ling have survived.

Taste? Not spicy enough. No "umph". Petai and Spicy Dace Fish doesn't blend that well.

Then what to do? Haiz..trial and error lo...Finally Mamarazzi managed to make some dried sambal belacan.

Hmmm....this round look nice.

The smell is there too. But taste...WAH LAU EH!!! Cili turun harga ah?? why so spicy one...?? Looks like it's back to the drawing board lu.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-A Litle Boat In A Storm

*type*type*type* Hmmmm....finished. One blog post is ready.

The story is about Jesus in a boat told by Enid Blyton.

One evening a long time ago, Jesus felt tired after a whole day teaching and telling stories to the people. He decided and he told his disciples that they will be taking a boat ride to the other side of the lake.

They did that and while in the boat, Jesus fell asleep.

A storm came. Jesus was still sleeping and Peter, one of his disciple said not to disturb Jesus as Jesus seems to be very tired.

The storm got worse and the boat and it's occupants were in jeopardy. Peter finally woke Jesus up.

Jesus got up and saw what was happening. And He said to the storm "Peace, and be still".

All at once, the storm were gone and the lake was calm. Then he turn to his disciples and asked why are they afraid. Could they not trusted him?

The disciples were in awe.

Now, the question is....could I trust Mamarazzi?

Several weeks ago, Cheesy Tuna Toast made its appearance in STP's blog post. Then several Mommies Bloggers have also post on this recipe.

Seems easy to do. Mamarazzi also copied a bit from here and a bit from there.

However, being the klutz she is...the result turns out to be a bit different. How come so "black" geh? Can I trust Mamarazzi and eat this ah? Or maybe I should let Papa to eat first....

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Shattered Hearts By Cleffairy

Still remember Mamarazzi's post on a Little Bird sending me Shattered Hearts not so long ago? If not, click here to read.

Mamarazzi finished reading this for quite some time already but have not got around to review it.

The story is about two people of different background who have been hurt before.

He was rich and handsome .Haiz...aren't all hero always handsome?. He turned in to a playboy because he was hurt very deeply by one woman.

She came from an ordinary background. She built a wall around herself due to something that happen during her childhood.

Both of them met in an unexpected circumstance. She came to the Shields Mansion as a therapist to help his father to recover from stroke. Fireworks sparks(Oi For Far) between them but there were so many walls and obstacles hindering them.

A very "kan Cheong" story. I don't wanna friend Auntie Cleffairy liao. Why she write the story so pitiful one? Kesian both of them. Each time they were going to get together, something would crop up.

Mamarazzi burned a few nights of midnight oil to finish the story fast-fast. Coz the book cannot put down for long punya. Mamarazzi gonna "cekik" Auntie Cleff already. Because of her, Mamarazzi have Panda Eyes again.

Interested in getting your hands on this book? Errrr....have to go and ask from Auntie Cleff where to buy this book as it's not available for distribution in Malaysia yet.

Faithful By Kim Cash Tate

Mamarazzi received this free book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson to review as part of their book review bloggers program. She was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are her own.

This book is a mix of romance and Chick Lit.

About the life of 3 friends, Cydney, Dana and Phyllis.

Cydney was going to be forty soon and she is still single. She had longed to be married all her life. But God seems to have other plans for her. Instead now she is stuck on being the Maid of Honour for her demanding little sister.

Dana, married with kids and seemingly loving husband. But then life brings her a crushing blow. Her picture perfect life is no longer seems to be perfect.

Phyllis, also with a great husband. The down side is that he does not share the same faith. Tension mounting after 6 years of unanswered prayers.

What caught Mamarazzi's attention in this book is Dana's story. She seems to have a perfect life, perfect family, then suddenly, WHAM!... her husband had an affair and her world is falling apart. It made her think, that these days, people do not honour wedding vows anymore, and all we heard is just divorce and infidelities spreading around.

When she first read the synopsis of this book... Mamarazzi couldn't wait to read about Dana... and how she is going to deal with her crumbling marriage. Wondering if she'll have faith to hang on and work on her marriage and forgive her husband... or just give up and walk away like the rest of the world when such things happens?

Mamarazzi like this novel as it echos with realism. Some part of what was written here had happen to her friends and family before. Scary ya? It could happen to anyone.

Overall, it's a good read. This book could be a form of inspiration and comfort for those who are going thru what these women experienced.Mamarazzi is looking forward to her next book.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Mamarazzi's Kiasu BKT

Not long ago, Auntie Cynthia gave Mamarazzi a tub of BKT. A lot of "liu". Got the long long mushroom la..then the black black thingy la. Don't know what it's called. Tau makan only .

Then this tub is given by Mommy Ling pulak. Yummy looking leh? Jangan jeles. I bantai all together with Mamarazzi already.

Then, Mamarazzi kiasu also la. Went and korek-korek in the fridge and found this packet of BKT rempah given by Auntie Woo.

Some pieces of meat. Not enough meat, Mamarazzi decided to add meatball *pengsan*

This Salad Leave goes well with BKT, right? Easy. Just pour hot water over it. Add some fried garlics and some soya sauce. Kau tim.

Here is the BKT. Alamak! why so dark geh...some more got hard boiled eggs and meatballs.. Haiz ..Rojak BKT?? If Paulo Coelho see this sure he pengsan.

Eeeee...I become Guinea Pig again. No eyes see.....*Closed eyes* hope for the best.

Uiks! Still alive. In fact the BKT taste quite good. Must go and bodek Auntie Woo to buy some more of the Rempah.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Banana Leaf Hokkien Mee, Soup & Rice at Jalan 21/17

Every time come to this shop, Mamarazzi sure will order Hokkien Mee.

No other thing ka? Am getting bored with it leh. What is that stall selling? Looks like got rice and soup. Wanna try.

Double boiled Old cucumber soup. Very tasty. Though can't see much ingredient in this but can taste the genuine sweetness of the Red Dates and the dried squid. comes the "Ku Low Yuk Rice". Is it called Sweet and Sour Pork in English?

Very generous heaping of pork. The pork taste very good too. No "sou" smell. Price was RM5. Reasonable.

Next time going to try other dishes. Let Mamarazzi eat Hokkien Mee.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Condom...Opps Sleeves ...'s time to get out this ancient Sewing Machine.

My legs is long enough to reach the pedal already.

More than a decade never use this machine. Needs some tuning. I learn this from"Handy Manny" show.

Let's get going and fix it right~
Twist and turn, make it tight~
Trabajamos juntos~

The other day Papa kept saying his laptop don't have "condom". But each time go shopping never buy pulak. Always end up going to the toilet. *sigh*

That's why I am ...or rather Mamarazzi is making him a Sleeve for his lappie lor.

As for the choice...only this maroon batik seems to be "presentable". There rest of the cloth are more girlish. Anyway, Papa have a Batik Baju similar color. Should be okay gua. His Lappie also maroon color.

Kids! Don't do this at home with out adult supervision. Am modeling here only.

The "benang" thru here...

The turn the wheel...pedal, pedal, pedal....

And.....kau tim!

One L-Licence Laptop Sleeve completed. Not as nice as Auntie Beii's or Auntie Sasha's artwork but hentam la.

Ish...this sewing thingy ah can be very addictive punya. By evening, one more Laptop Sleeve appeared.

Just slot the lappie in and close.

Sewing is girlish? But then mana tau maybe one day I might be the next Giorgio Armani or Christian Dior. If tak jadi pun, maybe can still find an honest living fixing old Sewing Machine. Who knows....?

Once again, kids and Auntie Cleff, please don't do this at home without adult supervision. I am just modeling here only. I did not sew the "condom".

I know Auntie Cleff punya. Sure bising one. Wokay wokay..there is some extra kain . I sew you some thing special for your coming birthday ya?

Siap liao

A "condom" for you..oppss...i mean a shopping bag for you. One for you and one for Auntie Florence

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