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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Raba-Raba Fetish

Yesterday morning I had a surprised. Mr Courier Man came. This time he had a parcel addressed directly to me!

Oh! Wow! I wonder what is inside. Soft soft one. I wonder who is it from.

Aahhh!!! Oh my oh my oh my!..... LAMB LAMB!!!

My Kaw Kaw LC sent me another Lamb Lamb. Must have seen Mamarazzi's posts on my poor Lamb Lamb which had gone into the washing machine numerous time. Thank you very much, Kaw Kaw.

Can you guess which one is the new Lamb Lamb and which one is the old Lamb Lamb?

Just look at the tail. Maybe you can guess. One have been "chew"and raba-ed by me countless times and another still pristine.

Must "officiate" the " grand opening" of the new Lamb Lamb by satisfying my fetish. Must raba-raba the tail first. Hmm..this one...the tail okay la. Nice to raba. I can add some saliva on it tonight. Then it will have my "smell".


  1. so u have a new lamb, J? last time when andy was small, he raba-ed his smelly small pillow till black at all corners.. then bought him new one, threw away old one, he cried for a long while!! hope u love the new lamb!

  2. Oooo...who's so nice? Sent you two!!! Lucky boy. Claire said, kids get attached to their "chau-chau" (smelly-smelly)...even when they're in their late teens! Eyewwww!!!

  3. got 1 shop in Empire Shopping Gallery sells a lot of LITTLE LAMB!!!! I went *crazy*

  4. The Lamb is so cute ... :)

  5. Claire

    coz the "smell" mah kakakaka

  6. STP

    my aunt sent to me lor.

    Kids attached to chau chau till teens? ahem ahem...was it you? :p

  7. TZ

    ya smelly lamb :P

  8. Little Lamb

    Exactly the same type? You remember the shop name and the location or not? wanna hop over and see

  9. cute little lamb-lamb!
    hee ;)

  10. Mmmmmm, made me think of Lamb Chop....ha ha ha!

  11. Raba raba lamb tail first like "open ceremony" cutting ribbon? haha. Glad you like the contest song *Rhinestone Cowboy* and tQ for the vote appreciate it very much.

  12. Kie-Yu

    the Lamb lamb is really soft and cuddley

  13. Bananaz

    Ya lor...raba raba 1st..if not nice to raba then return to sender. LOL

  14. Wah! Got present again good!

  15. The lamb is so cute. I also want..haha.

  16. uLi

    Ya lor pressie from aunt LC

  17. Mummy Gwen

    Look at the above comments. Little Lamb said one of the shops in Empire Shopping Gallery is selling wor.

  18. Your new Lamb Lamb is cute! Kaw Kaw very sayang you hor? :)

  19. Chloe Mommy

    Same as the old one but this one "whiter" kakaka


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