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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Mamarazzi's Mad Bookathon

Mamarazzi was supposed to be resting. But then sleep seems to be an elusive thing when the mind was thinking a lot of nonsense. Hence, daily Bookathon. An escape path. Average consumed a book a day. Here are some of the books in the Bookathon.

Twenties Girls - Sophie Kinsella - bought from BookXcess at RM19-90.

About Lara, a girl whose boyfriend just broke off with her and she was obsessed in getting him back. Her best pal who is her business partner left Lara stranded to handle the business on her own while she went "joli". And to top it off, she was being "haunted" by her Great Aunt Sadie ghost. The aunt which she didn't recall meeting till the day of the funeral.

The Ghost, Sadie, wants Lara to help her find her missing necklace.

In the course of the "treasure hunting", Lara discovered how to live life.

Really a very easy read and fun too.

Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer bought from BookXcess at RM24-90(Hardcover)

You like mountain climbing? Then this is the book for you. It's a fiction about a man that have big dreams. Dreams that would guarantee him a place in the history if he achieved them. Who is he? George Mallory. He have been fascinated on climbing since he knows how to walk.

His ultimate goal is Mount Everest. Story set at a time where Mount Everest has yet to be conquered.

But by the time he was ready to climb Mount Everest, he has a wife and a daughter. 1st attempt failed. Nevertheless it was the highest which man managed to reach at the time. He was hailed as a hero.

His wife was reluctant to let him go for 2nd attempt and he was reluctant to go to as he saw his Sherpa die because of his ambition.

In the end he was persuaded to go and he had said that he would put/bury his wife's photo at the Peak of the World.

He never came back. But many years later they found his body not far from the Peak. Some say he didn't reach the top, some say he is the 1st man that conquer Mount Everest. But what is missing from his body is his wife's photo and his camera.

Average read. Some detail can be rather boring.

The Missing Case of The Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall bought from BookXcess at RM19-90

WOW! This is the first time Mamarazzi read mystery story based in India. The "hero" is Vish Puri, a plumb and cute "Most Private Investigator".

His cases are mostly screening of prospective marriage partners but then one day he was presented with a difficult case.

A honest public litigator, Ajay Kasliwal, was accused of murdering his servant girl. The girl is known as Mary and she disappear from the house without anyone knowing where she went. Ajay was charge of murdering the girl as a unrecognisable body was found.

Meantime, someone tried to kill Vish Puri by shooting him while he was watering his chili plant on the balcony of his home. That is when his Mummyji stepped and "help" to investigate who is trying to kill her darling boy.

Overall this is a very fun book to read. A lot of laughs and thrill. Guess Mamarazzi would be looking for more books from this author.

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See bought from Bookalicious

Set in circa 1937, about these two modern Shanghai girls, Pearl and May Chin. They came from a well to do family. But due to their father's gambling habit, he lost everything.

He had to sell his daughters for marriage to two brothers from "Gold Mountain".

The girls married the brothers though they already have their own boyfriends. They were supposed to follow their husband to "Gold Mountain" but they rebelled at the very last moment.

The the Japanese came. It was very hard time for them. They lost their parents in the process. Not only that. They also lost themselves.

They had to go and join their husband in Gold Mountain. But too bad life is not a bed of roses.

A sad tale. They lost so much in the process. Good read.

You know why I love Mamarazzi's books?

I can't read but they are big enough to be obstacles course for my toy cars. Up and down they went!


  1. Great reads!! Love the first book!!

  2. I'd think the Shanghai Girls would be a good read. I went to Popular Book Fair and the prices were not 'slashed' like Book Excess. Did you get any books frm Popular Book Fairs ?

  3. wow, i wish I could get hold of those books too!

  4. wah, really discount a lot ler...

  5. Wah! Really admire Mamarazzi for being able to make time for reading books while jaga anak. I still have many books waiting for me to spend time with them. ^_^

  6. Agnes

    The 20s Girls was a very light hearted reads. :D

  7. Wenn

    For BookXcess you can order online but am not sure about Bookalicious.

  8. coffeesncookies

    Yes Shanghai Girls good read but can be depressing also. Very cham the girls

    Nah...didnt get any books from Popular Fair. Found that these Fair normally offer discount like 10%-30% only.

    Thus I rather chase warehouse sale and when no warehouse sale, then I go to BX. Even without discount, price still cheaper than at the Fair

  9. Mimi

    oz these are excess stock or rejected books which are sold to the stores. They got it cheap thus they sell it to us cheap lo.

    No worries as the condition of the books are excellent.

  10. Ur mamarazzi is as mad as Auntie Cleff. ish ish ish!

  11. wow wow...banyak buku...make me pengsan liow...hahaha....

  12. So you eat nasi goreng again, kuching?

  13. hahah i got so many books on the shelves that i haven't read. too many books including my study!

    sophie is the one who wrote confession of shopaholic right?

  14. Wah, smallkucing have to eat fried rice again leh....LOL!

  15. Pete

    Ya...waiting for Uncle Pete to feed him with those nice pastries

  16. Faisal

    Yes, she is the one that wrote Shopaholic books

  17. I envy you have time for books.

  18. Jessica

    Love reading. That's the reason


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