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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Mamarazzi Gila Babi

Shocked at the title? Not meant to scold but Mamarazzi really gila babi...literally. She been searching high and low for pork to eat. Pregnant? Don't think so. Maybe the worms in the tummy are tired of chicken daily.

Yawn..Ban Huat again. Been here nearly every month. Hope not the same dishes again. Am getting bored having the same dishes even if the readers aren't bored reading about it.

Thank goodness this round since Mamarazzi craving for pork, Papa ordered Pork Trotter. Alamak! they only have one size. That's how we end up with such a big platter.

Sei loh...can finish or not? So much. Nevertheless, we managed to finished the whole thing. Papa didn't like the gravy but Mamarazzi love it. Maybe coz long time didn't have this dish gua. The meat was juicy and not tough at all.

Kangkung fried with garlic. The Kangkung was very young. Underage. Taste very sweet.

Claypot Taufu. As usual. Taste good. We didn't finish this coz too full already.

Mamarazzi crave for pork and Papa crave for crab pulak. Thus we order steamed crabs. The size of the crabs were rather small but the portion was big. The crabs were fresh and sweet.

Guess how much the bills comes up to? Mamarazzi thought it would be around RM85 since the crabs alone and the pork would have cost around rm30 each. Portion were very big. Surprisingly the bills comes up to RM65 only plus a pot of Chinese tea and rice.

Here is the address. No 39 Jalan Kati U19E, Taman Medan Mas, Kg. Baru Sungai Buloh 0126707873.(Ah Zhan Jie).


  1. Sure not pregnant?hehe. :P The price is reasonable.

  2. Yum yum...You reminded me about crabs. Such a long time I did not have it.

    Kathy, I have an award for you

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa enjoying life ya Mamarazzi turn soon hahhha

  4. Babi..yummm!!! I tried their tofu.i like it with the gravy.

  5. wah...sooo yummylicious and the price also very cheap loh.

  6. Wenn

    LOL ya lo..kampung place mah

  7. Manglish

    I know starting the countdown already

  8. Joanne

    Thanks for the award. Ya I did that already :D. Very popular tag

  9. Medie007

    At Kg Baru Sg Buloh. Near the chinese school and market place

  10. Mommy Ling

    Ya the tafu also nice

  11. RM65 for all the above is CHEAP. Ok must go check out this place adi...

  12. Oooo...pork trotters!!! I like! Yum! Yum! LOL!!! Got craving kah? Pregnant lah tu....

  13. Wah, tats a cannot-resist pork trotters. My saliva dripping liao.

    Better ask ur mama go check up clearly. Maybe really got leh?

  14. Crab! Don't know why recently I'm thinking of eating crab. :D

  15. Mana ada gila babi la....lolx~

  16. wah... worth eating leh... i love crabs more than pork knuckle :-p

  17. with crabs only RM65?? Really cheap.

  18. Sure already pregnant lah....LOL!

  19. Jenny

    Kampung place. Price cheap lor. They tarak kira much

  20. Boey Joey

    Both also Mamarazzi loves

  21. Pete

    Pregnant anak cacing got la :P

  22. joshua's 2nd pic is so funny *haha*

  23. much food again. Got pork and got crabs somemore. tsk tsk tsk. So many dishes only RM65? Very cheap lei.

  24. Annie

    That's why lor..rm65 and the portion big wor. But then hor...funny thing is ..if you go many people ah..the portion also lebih kurang this big. Pengsan

  25. Price looks reasonable! Wah, hubby and I love steam crab too! After eating many different styles of cooking crab, hubby and I find the steam style is the best. It gives you the natural taste and sweetness of crab. Yum YUm!

  26. Alice

    yes steam crab is the best if the crabs are fresh.


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