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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Klinik Pergigian Chong, Seri Petaling

Note: This is not a Paid Post nor Sponsor Post. It's just that Mamarazzi would like to show her appreciation to a good Dental Surgeon

Not so long ago, Mamarazzi had some dental problem. Thus, off we went to her regular Dentist, Dr Chong Aun Khong, whose Dental Clinic is locate at 50-2, Jalan Radin Tengah, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, 57000 Wilayah Persekutuan. Tel : 03-90584825.

The Clinic itself is nothing to shout about. Just a simple Clinic with wide floor area. A space for worn out Playland for kids and some simple furniture.

For those who is accustomed to those "high-class" clinic, they might doubt the service here.

Don't be deceive by the look of the clinic. Though it's nothing fancy but the quality of the service is very good. And most of all the charges is very reasonable.

Dr Chong is a very friendly and honest Dental Surgeon. He won't simply frighten you to take up extra unnecessary dental works so that he can earn more $$.

Auntie Florence have been here before and had told Mamarazzi of her experience. Her wisdom tooth was giving her problem. She went to other Dental Surgoens who qouted her RM400+ for the extraction of the tooth coz they said need major surgery for that.

At the recommendation of Mamarazzi and Auntie Siew, she came to Dr Chong. The offending tooth was extracted at the cost of RM100+ only with no major surgery needed.

I really had fun at the clinic and didn't mind waiting. Mind you, there is always many patient coming to this Clinic. Be sure to call up for an appointment before you go.

Mamarazzi also felt happier as Dr Chong managed to fixed her dental problem and lay her mind to rest.

Thank you very much, Dr Chong for the advices and reassurance.


  1. i had my wisdom tooth extracted too.

  2. Hard to find a good dentist that doesn't cut throat! Am already searching for the best dentist in Ipoh for Maine :D

  3. Wah..I wanna go see this dentist. The one near my house quoted me RM80 for scaling ler. I need to extract my wisdom teeth too.

    Mamarazzi, what dental prob you had wor?

  4. Agnes

    ya lor that's why once dapat will stick to the same dentist lo

  5. Wenn

    Mamarazzi yet to have wisdom tooth extracted.

  6. Mummy Gwen

    Got some gums problems which leads to health problem lo.

    The other day went charge me rm85. Got scaling and also some medication for the gums problem

  7. ohhh u r ok d ar? tak kena slaughter by the ENT in ahem ahem? hahahahaahaha

  8. Your mama did not ask the dentist to check your teeth...any rotten ones from eating too much sweets and stuff, pull them ALL out...then you cannot eat anymore. LOL!!!

  9. kind doctor.
    i have been blessed with a very very kind one too. when my general dentist couldn't finish the job because i had complications, she referred me to the specialist and put in a word for me.
    he charged me super cheap to continue the process. it was so cheap until my regular dentist wrote him a cheque to settle it. and till this day, he never banked it. i have two dental angels tat i am very very grateful to.
    (because i am very tight with my finances, they do this out of kindness. almost wanted to cry then when i saw the distance they went. paiseh, write so emo here.)

    and YES, there are nice people out there, and your dentist is definitely one of them. bless his kind heart.

  10. A very child friendly dental clinic. Normally, only klinik kanak-kanak got playland.

  11. wah..but I still takut to go see dentist T.T so scary to see them do stuff to my teeth!

  12. hahah I don't like visitng the dentist, every time makes me feel very "takut"!

  13. Thank you Dr. Chong for making mamarazzi at ease and peace with her "tooth" :0

  14. Manglish

    agak agak 7788 okay already. Changed ENT. Tarak go to the Cartoon fella anymore kakaka

  15. STP

    No rotten teeth. Coz brush twice a day. Dentist said I very guai and gave me "Tiki Mouse" bookmark and poster

  16. Tuti

    Wow...yours really good la. Memang there are many cut=throat Doctors and dentist but there are some real kind ones also. Thank God for that

  17. Beii

    It's okay one. Just close your eyes lo :P

  18. mNhL

    Ya...vast area for him to run around. :D

  19. BBO

    You same with Papa. He also doesn't like to go to Dentist unless desperate

  20. Good to know there are quality and reasonable dentists around in KL! Will take note of this dentist if I have any dental problems in the future. (I HOPE NOT!)

  21. Lenglui Witch

    Dont wait till gigi have probem baru visit dentist lo. Like Mamarazzi, padan muka liao

  22. next time i know who to look for for dental liow...

    hope i wont get my wisdom too extracted....painful siul

  23. The last time I went to dental was 2 years back for scaling only ....hehe!

  24. Haha..reading your post, remind me to bring my gal to the dental clinic for tooth filling. It had been delayed for a week liao.

  25. I had my wisdom tooth extracted 3-4years ago even before it give me any problems cos I was then planning for pregnancy. Can't really remember how much I was charged but definitely not cheap.

    Nowadays is not easy to find a dentist who not only good but also charging reasonably.

    Remember last year when I went for scalling at one of the nearby clinic, I ended up got stitched due to non stop bleeding :(

  26. am scared of denstists :( But I found areally nice one near my house too ..

    MY LATEST ENTRY: Where am I?

  27. Thanks for sharing. Haha I may visit him sometime soon. Not easy to get a good dentist some more will not overcharge you.

  28. Prince and Princess mom

    Very good especially when parents have toothache. Can just let the kids play at the playland

  29. Vialentino

    If extra wisdom teeth sure one month unable to eat good food

  30. Shenny's Mom

    Oh no...for baby teeth or adult teeth?

  31. uLi

    Time to go for another scalling lor. Big day coming soon. Must have sparkling teeth :D

  32. Hidayah

    Good for you. Good dentist are hard to find

  33. Jenny

    *horrified* scaling kena stitch up...?

  34. Chee Yee

    The charges have written on the board by the receptionist. He wont pressure you to do the unnecessary things.

  35. i tell you a secret.. actually hor, i have not been to a dentist before one lor.. i guess i should go check up already..

  36. SK

    Salute yoy for able to keep the teeth in tip top condition!

  37. *shivers* Dunno why, I still have phobia of seeing a dentist, which reminds me... I haven't seen one in years!

  38. Chloe's Mommy

    Good For you! Means your "pearls" all in tip top condition :D

  39. No tankiuuuu... Auntie Cleff takut dentist oso. Scary man...

  40. Auntie Cleff

    Dont you need to sharpen your vampire teeth :p

  41. thanks for the address mamarazzi .. :D now i am waiting for myhun to make an appointment for me.. really problem la, kalau gigi ada lubang T.T

  42. Mell-o

    ya memang hard if tooth got hole :(


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