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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Gift From Australia

There was a "Knock! Knock!" and a "Hello! Hello!" just now. Wow! Mr Postman came and brighten this painful and cloudy Wednesday.

He brought 3 things.

I cut open ah?

Wah lau eh! a gift from Wenn? Last round she came back from Taiwan, she send me a lovely fridge magnet wor. I wonder what is in the envelope.

Wow! Keychain! got Kangaroos boing boing boing one leh. Mamarazzi said Kangaroo keep their babies in the pocket wor. Hmm...these Kangaroo tarak wear baju ones. I wonder where is the baby.

Thank you very much, Wenn. Very thoughtful of you.

As for the 2nd and 3rd's from another person. To be revealed in next post as Mamarazzi wanna rest first.


  1. Aduh, make me suspense only....need to wait to see small kucing's 2nd and 3rd presents lah

  2. Yes, I have one too!! so thoughtful of her, this Wenn... paiseh me..

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u receive oredi hhahahahaha

  4. so nice and thoughtful of Wenn.

  5. Wah...more presents!!! How many key holders does your mama have now? LOL!!!

  6. LOL! Boing boing! Smallkucing dare to sit inside the kangaroo pocket or not? :P

  7. Rose

    LOL wait coming up soon

  8. Claire

    Ya lor..paiseh..I also didnt get her anything

  9. STP

    Never too much :D

    School time Mamarazzi used to collect keychain as hobby

  10. Mery

    Yes, very thoughtful of Wenn :D

  11. Wenn

    Thank you very much again leh. I support your blog coz I love the lovely photos. It's like travelling from home :p

  12. so sweet of wenn to send you the keychain.. and i actually like wenn's handwriting leh, so nice..

  13. SK

    Very neat hand writing. Must be never ate chicken feet before. Mamarazzi ate chicken feets thus hand writing like cakar ayam :p


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