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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Book Supplier Again

Books again. Mamarazzi met up with her book supplier again can came home with whole load of books.

At first Mamarazzi wanted to borrow from her supplier "The Time Traveller Wife" since she was brainwashed by Auntie Cleffairy. Said this book very good wor.

Coincidentally Mamarazzi knew that her book supplier have bought this not long ago.

Mana "The Time Traveller's Wife"? Alamak! Mamarazzi "slow one step". Other people borrowed from him already.

Nevertheless, Mamarazzi didn't come back empty handed. She came home with EIGHT thick books. *pengsan*


  1. wow.. i m not drooling over these now.. still have a few more to cover... heehee.. thanks to mamarazzi...

  2. waaaaaa who is your partner in crime har?

  3. Manglish

    You also wish to know leh :p

  4. wah, so good, got supplier one ah?? i thot you only have BookXcess, hahaha!! 8 books!! i also want to pensan lor~~

  5. Mama, can consider to open library dy!!!

  6. Hi SK, The last time I read a book...can't even remember when, Lee.

  7. So kucing going to eat fried rice again lah! Kesian...

  8. The other day I saw the time traveller book. Was thinking wanna get it or not. Now confirm must go buy liao :D

  9. you really should read the time travellers wife .. I loved it .. seriously a great concept ..great story.. mine is a signed copy..

    not signed by the author though.. the UKM wondergirls took it with them when they went for a recording of an RTM show when they met the local celebrity who hosted it .. they called me to ask permission for him to sign the back page ..hehe

    MY LATEST ENTRY: Breakfast at Hassan Shah

  10. SK

    I also used to frequent PaylessBooks but now the store tutup gerai laio.

  11. Uncle Lee

    With your talent for writing, no need read books. In fact can publish book on your Ninjalogy :D

  12. Hidayah

    WOW! lucky you! I m so jealous

  13. Agnes

    hahaha...pinjam can ah after you have read :p

  14. Middlesex !!!! I spy Middlesex !! hahaha. Have fun Mamarazzi.

  15. Joanna

    Good ah the book? yet to read


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