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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Baby In The Bulrushes

I am a baby in the basket. Just like the story of the evil Pharaoh who tried to kill all the Hebrews babies boy in Egypt long long time ago.

He instructed all the babies to be thrown into the River Nile to drown.

Row row row your boat...the soldier went and took the poor babies from their mummy and threw them into the river.

One mother, Jochabed, managed to hid her baby for many months but the baby cried very loud. She was afraid that the soldiers would hear the baby cry.

She asked her daughter Miriam to make little ark of bulrushes

They put the baby into the little ark and float it near the place where the Princess bathes daily.

The Princess heard the baby cries and asked her servant to fetch the basket floating at the river. She saw it's a beautiful baby and had pity on him. She adopted him

At that time, Miriam show up offering to find a nanny for the baby. The Princess agreed and Miriam went to fetch her mother.

The Princess told Jochabed to nurse and take care of the baby and when the baby grows up he will stay with her in the palace.

Both mother and daughter were very happy as now their baby have been saved. Some how He lead the baby to the Princess. God Bless.

Mamarazzi's friend posted this video in his FB not so long ago. Hope you will enjoy the song too.


  1. that is Moses, right? he grew up and then led the israelites out of egypt ... that was when the red sea was separated too, to allow them to cross over to the other side ..

  2. Oooo... I just baca-ed this part in the Bible. =D

    ur post so guai, Smallkucing. Not like autie's post today. You dun go Auntie's blog ah. Must close eyes shut nice nice. Your Mamarazzi, on the other hand, can come to Auntie's blog.

  3. Auntie Cleff

    *horrified* too late. Went to your blog already before reading your comment.

    Wei..Sunday la.....guai guai a bit la.

    Now I tengah merajuk coz Mamarazzi just scolded me. Pulas my ear some more! Don't wanna friend Mamarazzi .

  4. Today, you find a baby like that...abandoned, buang bayi. Don't understand how mothers can do that to their own flesh and blood - so cruel!

  5. STP

    Maybe baby out of wedlock and the mother scared of social perception and parents not supportive.

    But Msia adoption law also make it hard for people to adopt baby.Have to see so many things $$, home and everything. Maybe that's why so many people buy baby illegally.

  6. haha so cute!! esp the row row your boat part...


  7. I don't understand why people would just dump their baby at the road sides or something.. talking about being irresponsible.. the least they can do is to make sure someone pick their baby instead of just leaving the baby there..

  8. LOL... if auntie very guai ah, the world will end lah, Smallkucing. Aiyoo... why la you so nottie? Dowan listen Mamarazzi summore. you know she so ganas, you still wanna kik sei her. Ish ish ish... nvm la... Auntie sayang you. You wan Dan Neh Noh? Or Kikisi? Come Auntie belanja you... nonid friend Mamarazzi la. She so scary! Hahahahaha~

  9. Tung,

    Long time didnt see you drp by. Hahaha ya..he got a lot of funny antics

  10. Auntie Cleff

    I want Dan neh noh car car :p

  11. Shirleen

    Dont know la. Maybe they are too scared or what. Most of them are very young.

  12. So cute...he is having fun sitting on the basket. :)

  13. Mummy Gwen

    be it basket or boxes...he will play like mad punya.


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