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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-A Noble Man Goes To Jesus

The other day I was playing with a rubber band. Twisting and turning it around.

Then I showed my "art work" to Mamarazzi and said "Jesus". What a surprise!. The shape looks like a Crucifix.

Just like the one I am wearing. That is really a coincidence, very much unlike to the "coincidence" in the story of The Noble Man in Enid Blyton book

The story goes that there like a noble man in Capernaum by the Lake of Galilee. He had a little son who mean the world to him.

One day his son fell ill. The doctor came and said that the boy will not recover. Of course the noble man was distraught. He summon more doctors and each with the same verdict.

One of his servant spoke to him that there is a wonderful healer name Jesus who can make sick people well. He offer to go to summon Jesus. But the noble man said he will personally go and invite Jesus to come. And off he went riding his

He came upon the place where Jesus was and begged Jesus to come and heal his son. Jesus looked at the man and said " You and others wants to see me do miracles. You will not believe me unless I do these things".

*sob*sob* The man pleaded that he had not come to see the sign and wonders but to beg Jesus to come with him before his son dies.

Jesus had pity on the man and he said "Go home. Your son lives"

The nobleman believe all his heart that Jesus had spoken the truth and that thru the wonder of his love, Jesus had reach out and healed his son.

He rushed home. Nearly fell down when he got off the There he saw his son was alive and well.

He asked his servant when did his son get better. The servant said 7 o'clock. The time which Jesus had said the nobleman's son will live.

Oh..that was really a wonderful story


  1. hmmmm very pandai tell story hor...hahaha

  2. And Jesus also said - little boys must be good and obedient or He would not save them when they fall ill. Got like that or not? LOL!!!

  3. Manglish

    You should see him when it's bedtime. Non-stop telling his "adventure" stories to his lambs and bears.

  4. STP good boy ah..only occassionally bully people mah :p

  5. That "art" work >.<



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