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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Little Man Who Climb The Tree

Mamarazzi bought a "Tiki Mouse" balloon for me from the Pasar Malam. This balloon very naughty punya. Climb here and there. Kacau me eating.

It love to climb up up up..very high. Just like Zacchaeus in Enid Blyton's story.

It was sad a long time ago in the town of Jerico, there was a tax collector called Zacchaeus. Nobody liked him for they says that he took more money from them than he should have.

One day he here that the great preacher, Jesus, is coming to town and he really wanted to see him.

He joined the crowd to welcome Jesus but when the crowd saw Zacchaeus, they pushed him behind. Blocking him for they didn't want him to see Jesus.

Then Zacchaeus had a great idea of climbing up a tree to look at Jesus. He climbed. He saw Jesus face. Such a noble face.

To his surprise, Jesus looked to him and told him to come down as Jesus wants to visit his home.

The crowd were unhappy. Outside Zacchaeus house they talked loudly of what a bad man Zacchaeus is. Zacchaeus was ashamed to have Jesus hearing bad things about him

Then Jesus looked at Zacchaeus with sad and kindly eyes which seems to say "oh Zacchaeus, Zacchaeus, you have goodness in your heart and yet you have done so much wrong".

Zacchaeus knew that he must made amends and he did. Jesus was very happy for he had seen goodness in Zacchaeus heart and had made it grow.


  1. Tiki Mouse? Another good bedtime story. :)

  2. Hi Small Kuching, gosh, I remember this author Enid Blyton....guess that was wayyyyyy back.
    Good books to have and read too.
    Love your pics.....Lee.

  3. wow, u r a good story teller!

  4. Luckily that Zachaeus not like me, otherwise - sure the branch of the tree patah liao! Hahahahaha!!!

  5. Jesus looks into our hearts.. He knows our every thoughts even before we say it.. and i m sure He can see a kind heart in your Mamarazzi..

  6. Mummy Gwen

    Ya now he call it "tiki mouse" instead of "kimi mouse".

  7. Wenn

    Tell from the story book and added a bit ..ajaran sesat kakaka

  8. Uncle Lee

    That was the book I used to read when young

  9. STP

    if he is like you, maybe he wont get bullied by the crowd. You wont be a nasty tax collector one

  10. Claire

    Haiz....everyone wear mask..only on judgement day the masks come off.

  11. Ha ha, cute balloon....but smallkucing cuter!

  12. Hahaha from Kimi to Tiki... next will be Miti? Timi? Kiti? He's so cute. I like your Saturday Bedtime Stories too :)

  13. haha, thanks for that mamarazzi.. it's really a bedtime story for me at this time, and i'm heading to bed now.. hahaha :D

  14. My bedtime story too for now...:P Goodnight!

  15. oh i was a die hard fan of enid :)
    but that was a long time ago...

  16. SK

    Hope you had a sweet dreams

  17. Chloe's Mommy

    Dont know why he refused to pronounce as Mickey.

  18. Faisal

    Mamarazzi was die hard fan of Enid. Then tapau-ed the books but never throw. Now the kucing inherit lo


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