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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Poor Woman In The Temple

Money is getting "smaller" each day. Last time RM3 can get a large bowl of noodle. Nowadays, RM3 sometimes won't even be enough for a bowl of noodle.

But we are quite lucky as not far from our place there is this Economy Rice Stall which price is reasonable. Mamarazzi had blog about this here, They have plenty dishes.

Can save a lot if eat here. This plate of rice, with Taugeh, Vegetable, Taufu and chicken cost RM2-70 only.

Speaking of is another story from Enid Blyton book

There was once a poor widow in Jerusalem. She had to work very hard for her money.

She went to the House of God often to pray. She love the peace that she found there.

It was Festival Week and as usual she went to the Temple to pray.

There was a Collection Box at the Temple where people are supposed to put money inside. And people are not supposed to put less than a penny.

The poor woman saw that people are putting more money that that.

Now, the poor woman only have two mites, which together made a half penny. She was ashamed to put so little into the Collection Box but that was all the money that she had. She went to a corner and put it in hoping that nobody would see. But somebody did see.

Jesus saw. He observed her since she stepped into the church and had thought that she won't be able to afford even a half penny. Then , he saw she put in two mites.

He thus told his disciples that he saw rich men putting a lot of money into the Collection box but the old woman put in two mites. And yet, she had put in much more that everyone else. They put in what they can spare, but the old woman had put in everything that she has. And in the eyes of the God, her two mites are more than all that the rich men had put in together.

What a lovely story. Even Mamarazzi aren't as generous as that. If only I could be as generous. But in these modern days, if I did that, most people would call it stupidity. Sad aren't it?


  1. Wah RM2.70 is Ipoh price wor... Sometimes cannot get also leh.

  2. Rm2.70 for the economy rice good price leh!

  3. Ja..not that easy to earn it but it´s to easy to waste or spend it of something really not neccessary in everyday living. specially her in the western buying material stuff every time when there is new one arrive while still the old one still working...

    Thank you so much for visiting my blogg...
    Hope to know you better...
    If I can only send you cherries back there I would love to do it.
    Only the bird can really enjoy it back in here.

    Have a good week ahead...

    Khimm in Göthenburg...

  4. cheap the economy rice!if everywhere that price untung lo!haha! the story so gam dong,if i'm the old lady, i won't give also..nanti I eat what orh..haha

  5. the poor widow's story is touching.
    i have seen some foreign workers here who attended church and they unwrap a plastic bag, within a plastic bag and within again, to dig out two dollars to drop into the poor box.

  6. Smallkucing money is not getting smaller but your tummy is getting bigggggerrrr you eat quite a lot nowadays hahaha..

  7. Samllkucing please tell Mamarazzi Bananaz also want to hear bedtime stories too can nice one..haha.

    We have to be generous with wisdom and give to those needy.

  8. RM2.70...SO cheap! What? Your mama not generous kah? You generous or not?...Give some money to poor old man here! Hehehehehe!!!

  9. Wah, so cheap. The price for the one u order will be at least RM 8.00 in SG...

  10. Yeah nowadays money is getting "smaller". :(

  11. Pete

    Ya lo. Very weird one this stall. If makan during lunch time, price will be slightly higher. But if makan during dinner will be cheaper.

    There was 1 day, Mamarazzi just took white rice and taufu with gravy for me. The boss kira RM1 only. Mamarazzi's eyes nearly dropped to the floor. Tak pernah ate so cheap

  12. Khim

    Sound like what Mamarazzi is doing now. Old books yet to read and she kept buying new ones :P

  13. Beii

    Eat what ah..God will provide lo kakaka...this stall sells mixed rice very cheap especially evening time. Coz a lot of poor factory workers here :P

  14. Tuti

    *sob* looks like there are still very generous kind of people.

    Maybe Mamarazzi is bias but feel that the poor are more generous in nature. They have so little but more willing to share. Could be due to they themselves have received help and thus by giving help they feel better.

  15. Bananaz...

    He is like DBKL nowadays. :p

  16. Bananaz

    it's easier said than done when come to generosity. Some will be calculative on how much to put into the poor box.

    As for bedtime story ah...ahem...Mamarazzi said shy la...later you get nightmares pulak :p

  17. STP

    Mamarazzi very kedekut one. Ask her to but toys for me she dont buy punya...*sob*sob* will you buy toy car car for me?

  18. Kelvin

    But Msian salary is lower than SG. The stall caters mostly for factory workers. Think their salary around RM500-RM600 only. How to survive if the meal is RM8 x 3meals? Pity them

  19. Mummy Gwen

    Economy tarak bagus lor...

  20. Chee Yee

    Haiz...what to do...salary also not getting bigger

  21. Shenny's Mommy

    yes very lucky indeed :D

  22. what do you think about gcb? hehe. haven't tried it.

  23. Faisal

    GCB nothing much to shout about. Don't think I'll be having craving for GCB.

    Moreover that day the staff just simply sumbat the lettuce into the burger. I wish they follow A&W style and wrap the burger nicely.


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