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Saturday, 31 July 2010

eoe Online - The New Generation of Photo Printing

Mamarazzi have been scratching her head for a long time. That's why she is nearly "botak" like me.

Why? Coz she had stored many of my photos and yet to be developed.

The other day, Ah Kong and Ah Mah requested my photographs. Oh no! how ah?

Those you know Mamarazzi will know that she is very L.A.Z.Y. to go comparing which one is the best photo shop/studio and which one will give her best price.

Then the other day she chance upon eoe Online photo printing.It's an online photo printing company. Just need to upload the photos into online album and then submit for printing. Don't worry if the uploading is interupted as they have a system where the uploading will automatic resume.

Mamarazzi being the typical "kiasu" person, of course immediately placed her order. Found that the system is easy to use. As easy as 1-2-3. There are clear step-by-step guide to upload to get your photos printed. I think even I can do it..that if Mamarazzi let me use her laptop.

WOW! They are having promotion. Print 4R photos at 30 sen and 5R for 50 sen. There is no minimum order nor additional charges. And the BEST of all is FREE(ya you read correctly FREE) delivery to our doorstep for order above RM35. Do you know any other shop that gives such GOOD offer? I don't think so.

Payment? Of course have to pay. But very easy. No need to run to the shop and pay. They have the option of payment either by credit card, pay online or bank-in money. Mamarazzi just love this!

Yup..Mamarazzi have just submitted the photos for printing. Hope that we will received the printed photos soon. Will definitely update everyone on the quality of the service later on.

Another Mad Week of Bookathon

Sleepy....another week of Mamarazzi's crazy Bookathon.

Not long ago, A Little Bird presented Mamarazzi with this book "Sailing To Capri" by Elizabeth Alder.

Story about Daisy(not Daisy Duck) Keane who had divorced, got kick out by her hubby with no where to go and no money.

Somehow, the One Up There must have been looking after her as she meet a Billionaire, Sir Robert Hardwick. He was a hard man to please but he was a good fellow. He felt instead "click" with her and hired her as his Personal Assistant. They become close friend though not lovers.

Sir Robert(Bob), had a feeling that someone is out to kill him and he hired a detective, Harry Montana, to find out.

Unfortunately, someone did managed to murder Bob.

Bob in his Last Will and Testament had left instruction to Daisy and Harry to find his killer. He had 6 suspects.

As per his instruction, Daisy is to invited the "suspects" with a hundred Thousand Dollar as bait, for a cruise on a luxury private yacht from Monte Carlo to Capri. And during the journey, they are to try and find his killer(s).

The suspects? Ex-wife, Ex-Mistress, Ex-Business partner, Ex-friend, Ex-Business Friend and his 1st love. All whom except for his 1st love have valid reason to want Bob dead.

Meantime, romance is brewing between Harry and Daisy.

It's really a lovely book to read and very "Kan Cheong" too.

Next in the Bookathon was "The Dangerous Days of Daniel X' by James Patterson bought from BookXcess at RM3.

Well for those who know James Patterson's works will know that this book is a steal. Great read.

Story similar to Superman. Daniel X was just a 3 year old kid when his Alien Hunters parents were murdered by Alien. His parents have with them a list of dangerous Alien who reside on Earth and who are planning to destroy life on earth.

As Daniel grew up, he had special powers too. And he started to hunt down the evil Aliens on Earth. Hopefully one day he will come upon the Number One Alien in the list who is also the Alien that killed his parents.

He managed to hunt down and destroyed many Alien ..that is till he came upon Alien ranked number 6 in the list. Daniel was taken captive.

He was sent to another planet which he discover was his home planet. Alien number 6 planned to destroy all life on that planet.

Daniel managed to get away and bumped into his Grandmother. There he got to know his history. He saw the devastation that was happening in his home planet. He tried to stop it by engaging Alien Number 6 to a fight to the death.

The ending of course Daniel X won. And he came back to Earth to pursue his parents murderer.

Another good read. Suitable for teens.

Belly Dancing For Beginners by Liz Byrski bought from BookXcess at RM3.

Nooooo....Mamarazzi not trying to learn Belly Dancing. This is actually an emotional novel. It took Mamarazzi a few days to finish this thin book. It is a good book.

Story about 3 women in their 50s.'s a novel for mature women.

Marissa, the belly dancing teacher who have problem in personal relationship. She is scared to get close to people thus she rather lives alone. That is until the time she met Sonya and Gayle. They are her students and later on become her "teachers".

Marissa was offer the chance to go on a Belly Dancing Tour for women health group. To create awareness on women health. She needs dancing partners. Thus, she invited Gayle and Sonya to join her tour.

Sonya a successful woman on the surface. She is confident and outspoken..that is until she met her own parents. She was incapable to deal with her parents. She felt the pressure of trying to live up to her parents expectation and her relationship with her once very close sister seems to deteriorate. When she join the group to promote Belly Dancing she was very worried as they have to perform at her home state. Her parent had a row with her.

Gayle a model homemaker. Takes care of the home and let her husband walk all over her. She was willing to let her husband walk all over her for a pact that she made with her husband. Her husband promised never to beat her up and keep her secret for her while she promised to stay in the marriage. Though he never beat her up again but he bullied her emotionally. That is the worse part of all, emotional blackmail.

For that dreadful secret pact, she lost her beloved son when her husband threw their son out of the house for being a homosexual. Even her daughter lost respect for her because she never stood up for what she wanted in her whole life

Now her daughter had married. Gayle discovered that she love dancing and that she is doing something that she wants. She is determined to go on the Belly Dancing Tour. But her husband is against it. This round she finally pluck up the courage to stand up against him and to do what she wanted.

This novel is like an emotional roller coaster. Explored many parts of human relationship. Need a very calm and clear mind to take in everything that is highlighted here.

Read at your own risk.

Well, after such an emotional roller coaster of a book, Mamarazzi opt for a light hearted book.

Divorced And Deadly by Josephine Cox. Bought from BookXcess at RM9-90, hardcover with a ribbon for a bookmark. Not bad of a bargain ya?

Story about Ben Buskin a newly divorce man with an obsessive ex-wife whose motto is "if I can't have him, nobody can!". After the divorce, he had to move in with his parents and his mother is suffocating him with "motherly love".

This he had to move out and share an apartment with Dickie Manse "brain-in -the-pant". Well, what can you expect of a man with such name?

Between the two of them the managed to get into all sorts of funny situation. Anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong with the two of them.

From what Mamarazzi gathered, Josephine Cox started to writing Divorce and Deadly as a series in her website, loosely based on true incidents. The series were very popular and is now materialise as this book.

Story is written in a "Dear diary" form by Ben. Very refreshing to read.Just the kind of book to be read when you are having a bad day...when your car broke down, the boss in a bad mood, the kid messy up the house, the cake got burnt in the oven or the lift to your 20 storey condominium not working with you staying on the 19th floor.

A true hilarious book. Must read when you are in a bad mood.

Why did I said it's a hilarious book? Coz I tengah syok-syok tidur and Mamarazzi's laughter woke me up lo!

Next comes "Ready or Not?" by Chris Manby. Got it from BookXcess at RM17-90.

It's about the bride, Heidi Savage getting pre-wedding jitters. Is Ed the man for her? Ed the dentist that forever go crazy with his pals and did some very stupid thing like getting treacle pudding smear all over his body by his pals and worse, his eyebrows shaves off just before they are due to take photographs. He is anxious to start a family while she is apprehensive. Didn't know whether she wants to have babies or not.

Then in come her sexy and sensitive ex-boy friend, Steven, back to the scene. This was her first love and they nearly got married. And you know what they say about first's the deepest of all. Moreover, their story never really had a proper ending as he broke it off without giving her a reason.

Fuiyoh...Mamarazzi really "gila". Went thru this book within a few hours.

The book have a surprising ending.

Next comes a solemn book. The Purple Hibiscus by the award winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Bought from Bookxcess at RM17-90.

The story from the point of view of a 15 year old Kambili(Not kambing biri-biri) who live in fear of her father who is a born again overzealous Catholic patriarch. He was very generous and well respected in his community but a fanatic at home.

He won't even allow his elderly father to step into his house compound just because the father was not a Catholic.

He kept a tight rein on his two kids. Everything in their life were properly scheduled and accounted for. No time for Television or any type of entertainment. Kambili have to be the top student in school. God forbids when Kambili gets second place.

One day the aunt managed to persuade Kambili father to let them stay with her for the holiday. Hence, Kambili eyes were open to the world outside.

Her grandfather fell ill and her aunt invited him to stay with her. Her grandfather died and her cousin gave her a drawing of her grandfather.

When Kambili's father got to know that his pagan father was staying in the same house as Kambili and her brother, he immediately went to fetch them home.

When they arrived home, the sadist father punished them. Kambili father poured boiling hot water on her feet for staying in the same house as her pagan grandfather.

Later on beat her up till half dead when he discover the drawing of the grandfather in her possession.

In the end, her father died. He was poisoned by Kambili's mother for she couldn't take the abuse anymore.

A very moving tale.

Nobody Came by Robbie Garner with Toni Maguire. Bought from Bookxcess at RM9-90.

This is an appalling true story. If Auntie Claire read this, Mamarazzi is sure she who be horrified and cry from beginning to the end.

The true story of what Robbie Garner had gone thru when he and his brothers and baby sister was taken from their drunken mother and suicidal father.

Robbie(5 years old), Davie (3 years old) and Denise (Newborn) were taken to Sacre Coeur while his elder brother, John (8 years old) was taken to the notorious Haut de la Garenne.

At Sacre Coeur, Robbie and Davie were separated from Denise. The boys had to endure harsh treatment by the sadist nuns. Whipped and stuffed into reban ayam when they were deems to have misbehaved. They were even being molested by a staff there.

Davie nearly die when the Head Nun whipped him causing his to fall a level down. This caused some irreparable damage to his brain.

Later Robbie was transferred to Haut de la Garenne too. But by that time John have been released. Robbie were subjected to inhuman treatment where he was beaten up, molested and subjected to terrible sexual acts. Many who caused trouble were "silenced". Some who can't stand the maltreatment had chosen death.

Somehow, Robbie managed to survived and he was reunited with John and later with Davie.

Very sad story. Those warden are really inhuman and the so call nuns are Satan in disguise.

Haiz...what a week..Macam la Mamarazzi having book book and more books daily...but then hor...if buy liao must read lor. Else wasted, right?

Friday, 30 July 2010

Spice & Chill Noodle House @ Kota Damansara

Cut hair again...

"Yau Yeng" or not? Handsome or not? Cool leh..So makan what to celebrate?

Wahhhhh...brand new kiddy bowl and cutlery.

This one I like! Very "seng muk". Without needing to request, they already gave me bowl and cutlery. Where are we? We were at Spice & Chill Noodle House at Kota Damansara (The Strand).

As for drinks, Papa had Red Bean while Mamarazzi had Barley. Taste not bad. Just a tad too much sugar. But it's actually up to individual taste. Some like it sweeter.

Mamarazzi ordered Pan Mee Soup. Smells very good and the "Su Chai Choy"(Cakur Manis) very young.

Papa's bowl of Kon Low Pan Mee.

Ngap! The fish ball very bouncy. I like.

As for the Pan Mee? Slurppppeee delicious. Yummy. I can just keep on slurping it all in.

Have heard of Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken, Roasted Berangan but Roasted Bread???...

Here is the address and opening hours just in case you would like to have a go at the delicious Pan Mee and check out what is Roasted Bread .

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sexy Nam Heong Chicken Rice at Endah Parade

Wanna know why SEXY Chicken Rice? Just look at the chicken "pai-pai chor" behind me. Don't you think they are sexy? Roast Chicken or Steamed Chicken. Take your pick.

Hot day. Better order Chinese Tea. Can quench the thirst more than carbonated drinks. Moreover, it's free refill.

Long time have been been to this Restaurant already. Used to be very good. Wonder whether the quality of the food had changed?

Papa had Peanut Soup with Chicken Feet while Mamarazzi shared her Old Cucumber Soup with me. Both soup were too salty. Not much of peanut soup taste nor old cucumber soup taste.

Single portion of vegetable at RM5. Rather expensive considering the portion was very small.

The redeeming grace...Pork With Yam. Papa said taste very good but Mamarazzi not that fond of Yam thus didn't taste.

Single portion of Kampung Chicken. Counted..5 slices of chicken + Rice RM9. Expensive? Taste good.

Very small bowl of rice. Not enough to fill my tum tum. Guess inflation is affecting everything gua. *sigh*

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Klinik Pergigian Chong, Seri Petaling

Note: This is not a Paid Post nor Sponsor Post. It's just that Mamarazzi would like to show her appreciation to a good Dental Surgeon

Not so long ago, Mamarazzi had some dental problem. Thus, off we went to her regular Dentist, Dr Chong Aun Khong, whose Dental Clinic is locate at 50-2, Jalan Radin Tengah, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, 57000 Wilayah Persekutuan. Tel : 03-90584825.

The Clinic itself is nothing to shout about. Just a simple Clinic with wide floor area. A space for worn out Playland for kids and some simple furniture.

For those who is accustomed to those "high-class" clinic, they might doubt the service here.

Don't be deceive by the look of the clinic. Though it's nothing fancy but the quality of the service is very good. And most of all the charges is very reasonable.

Dr Chong is a very friendly and honest Dental Surgeon. He won't simply frighten you to take up extra unnecessary dental works so that he can earn more $$.

Auntie Florence have been here before and had told Mamarazzi of her experience. Her wisdom tooth was giving her problem. She went to other Dental Surgoens who qouted her RM400+ for the extraction of the tooth coz they said need major surgery for that.

At the recommendation of Mamarazzi and Auntie Siew, she came to Dr Chong. The offending tooth was extracted at the cost of RM100+ only with no major surgery needed.

I really had fun at the clinic and didn't mind waiting. Mind you, there is always many patient coming to this Clinic. Be sure to call up for an appointment before you go.

Mamarazzi also felt happier as Dr Chong managed to fixed her dental problem and lay her mind to rest.

Thank you very much, Dr Chong for the advices and reassurance.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My CCF Mocktail

The other day I had CCF . Not Chee Cheong Fun but rather Cough, Cold and Fever. Mamarazzi brought me to the Doctor and he gave me so many types of "Zen"(Medicine). Colorful "Zen". Can make into Mocktail liao.

The nurse must have thought am a crying baby or what. Gave Mamarazzi syringe to force feed me. How insulting.

She really don't know me leh. Really "see me no up". Am the "Taikor". Malu lah if I still take "zen" using syringe.

"wet wet water" la. I can open the "zen" bottle by myself. I wanted to pour into the tiny cup but Mamarazzi didn't let me. Said I don't know how much to pour wor. So she pour for me instead.

Come! Bottoms up! *Gulp* No problem mo!

One down..some more to go. Cheers! Small matter like this cannot hinder me one.

Oh the time you are reading this post, I am all better liao. Thanks for the concerns :D

Monday, 26 July 2010

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo @ Kota Damansara

Finally...she willing to come out and have supper with me.

Aren't she cute? This round must not make her angry.

I had Taufu...I mean Yong Tau Foo at Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo Restaurant.

Some Fried Dumplings and rolls

Vegetable taste fresh. I know if Auntie Cleff saw this post she will say Mamarazzi mad again. Been "makan-ing" a lot of Salad Leaves lately.

Mamarazzi also ordered their Paper Wrapped Chicken. No nice. The meat though have been thoroughly cooked but still "red".

Fishball. Papa's and my favourite. One bowl not enough.

Auntie Cynthia poke fishball with a chop-stick for me to hold and eat. Yum yum.

Address : Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo No 5-1 & 7-1, Jalan PJU 5/18, PJU 5, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Selangor

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Baby In The Bulrushes

I am a baby in the basket. Just like the story of the evil Pharaoh who tried to kill all the Hebrews babies boy in Egypt long long time ago.

He instructed all the babies to be thrown into the River Nile to drown.

Row row row your boat...the soldier went and took the poor babies from their mummy and threw them into the river.

One mother, Jochabed, managed to hid her baby for many months but the baby cried very loud. She was afraid that the soldiers would hear the baby cry.

She asked her daughter Miriam to make little ark of bulrushes

They put the baby into the little ark and float it near the place where the Princess bathes daily.

The Princess heard the baby cries and asked her servant to fetch the basket floating at the river. She saw it's a beautiful baby and had pity on him. She adopted him

At that time, Miriam show up offering to find a nanny for the baby. The Princess agreed and Miriam went to fetch her mother.

The Princess told Jochabed to nurse and take care of the baby and when the baby grows up he will stay with her in the palace.

Both mother and daughter were very happy as now their baby have been saved. Some how He lead the baby to the Princess. God Bless.

Mamarazzi's friend posted this video in his FB not so long ago. Hope you will enjoy the song too.
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