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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Wan Li Xiang Salted Herbal Duck, Ipoh

Haven't have time to blog about this yet. Remember Mamarazzi's post last week on how kiasu she was. After buying Aun Kheng Lim Salted Herbal Chicken, she went and bought Salted Herbal Duck from Restaurant Wan Li Xiang?

Well, we makan-ed the duck two days after coming back from Ipoh.

Quite a large duck at RM25/bird. Very strong herbal smell waffling from the Wok as Mamarazzi steam to reheat it again. Strong enough to make Vampire pening or vomit.

You might be wondering what's all these Vampire business. Mamarazzi is addicted to Darren Shan books. In the book, Vampire is not afraid of Garlic nor Crucifix.

Mamarazzi thinking is this. Vampire is Ang Moh Ghost mah. Ang Moh food taste and smell aren't as strong as Asian cooking. Give them Belacan sure they pengsan.

Chinese herbs got pretty strong smell. Betul tak? Or maybe Durian kot? Most Ang Moh beh tahan Durian. Thus new way to ward off Vampire should be using chinese herbs or durian la. Not by using Garlic nor Crucifix

Auntie Cleff, wanna write a story on this or not? Guarantee laris.

Very sorry on the hideous photo. Photography is not one of Mamarazzi's strong point. Truly this duck taste very delicious.

Auntie Claire, next time you come K.L. can buy for us ah?


  1. hahahha. love the way you write this post. laugh until last line!

  2. aiyo... stop posting food post. I'm drooling in Iran now. I wanna to go back to Malaysia... :(

  3. I've never tried herbal duck before. From the way you described it, sounds yummy..hehe.

  4. ehh u sendiri ka liu ar? hahahah where the choi come from?

  5. my goodness, actually i didnt know about this duck business till u told me...ok, sure will buy when i go.. remind me please.. i sure forget one if u dont.. :)

  6. Oooh the duck really taste that good ar? Then next time I go Ipoh must buy one to try! :)

  7. No, thank you. I thought salted chicken was bad enough - did not like...and now, thank you! Eeee.....does not even look attractive. My missus does not eat duck, no duck for me too! LOL!!!

  8. Wah! This one mummy also can cook.. geng!

  9. wow..first time heard about salted duck..i bet its good with teow chew pouridge!

  10. Tuti

    Glad you laughed :D . You been having terrifying time past two days ya? Hope today will be better :D

  11. Mummy Gwen

    just too bad the photos are rather ugly..hahaha..

  12. TZ

    Oppsss...tomorrow not safe to come to this blog also :p

  13. Claire

    hahaha...pasal makan will definitely remind you punya :p

  14. Manglish

    The Yok Choi were inside the duck Tarak kar liu one

  15. Lenglui Witch

    For those whose eats duck and like chinese herb then taste nice lor. For Vampire then sure it's poison hahahaha

  16. Prince and Princess Mum

    This one Mamarazzi doesnt know how to cook. Just reheat aje kakaka

  17. STP

    You are same like that Vampire la. She sees this post sure she will cekik me hahaha

  18. ohmywtf

    ya wor...should have kept some and eat with Teochew porridge

  19. First salted chicken, then salted duck. Sure the vampire pengsan edy. I think the dong guai smell even stronger than the salted chicken..ekekekekke

  20. Lol, RM25/bird...sounds a bit crude >.<

  21. hahahaha! sampat siot! wakakakkakakaka!

  22. Hi Little meow meow! have been missing lots of goodies. Was down with eye infection and grounded gotta stay away from staring at the rectangle D**L box. Oh you using same brand lappie as Bananaz yeh. Oh not a keen lover of quack quack old folks said very 'poisonous'[sorry direct translation from Chinese] so hardly have quack for meals only curi makan outside. Older folks said stay away from "hump choi up" [salted veg with duck] soup when reaching middle/old age coz lots of 'wind' bad for knees and can qualify as weather forecaster woh predicting rain when the knees start to ache. Don't play play haha tQ.

  23. LOLOLOL! Vampire wun cekik you wan la... pontianak will cekik you punya. Vampire just suck blood only. And see... got one more vampire over here...hahhahaha... STP oso dun like!

  24. Mommy Ling

    wakakakaka..purposely wanna "kill" that vampire :P

  25. Kelvin is kira as bird right ? :p

    RM25 is cheap la considering Herbal Chicken in Ijok cost around rm40 per bird

  26. Irene

    What? your Meyer series also like that mah..Vampire not scared of Garlic one

  27. Bananaz very "Tuk" one ah? Didnt know about that. Must cut down on ducks then. kakaka

    The DELL Papa punya...The kucing curi and play kakaka

  28. Cleff

    Suck blood ah *horrified* ...

  29. how duck taste? should try one to find out!

  30. yeah, i like the salted chicken!! and you know what, instead of eating it hot, i like it put overnight in the fridge.. it's even more flavorful this way!! like the gwai lo eating cold chicken, haha..

  31. SK

    This one we put in the fridge not one day..but two days..kakaka..coz was too busy to eat that kakaka

  32. YB Diana

    To us it taste very good :D

    But for some who doesnt like ducks nor the herbal taste's yucky :p

  33. I think I'm going to like this dish too! I love food stuff that is seasoned or marinated with Chinese herbs.

  34. Alice,

    if you like duck and herbs you sure like this. Cheaper than those sold in KL also

  35. Actually I pergi Ipoh so many times also I don't know about this duck!

    You really makan queen lah

    Next time I go back I will buy and try. Can buy for you too....:)

  36. Ann

    Actually we didn't know also. That is till Joshua grand-aunt mentioned that she tried to get Salted Duck from Ipoh but they couldn't find the shop.

    Kebetulan that day we ate at Lou Wong and saw the opposite shop have Salted Duck.

    Came home googled about this Wan Li Xiang shop but saw a lot of negative review.

    But we ate the duck tasted okay ah..thats why Mamarazzi say all these depend on individual taste.


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