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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tagged-The Versatile Blogger

I was tagged by Auntie Claire and Uncle Manglish. At first Mamarazzi was thinking lazy to do the tag as she is not good with words. But then she read on and saw Uncle Manglish mention something about bad manners wor if don't do after being tagged twice. goes..7 randoms things about me

1) I love to go Dan Neh Noh...not for the food but rather for the Playland and Happy Meals Toys.

2) Though am only two years old, I know how to bully people into buying things for me. . . especially Dan Neh Noh's Happy Meal and Ribena.

3) I follow Papa and Mamarrazzi go out gai-gai and I love to eat.

4) I have no motion sickness be it going up hill, down hills, left and right.

5) I am a "bungalow contractor" and have constructed quite a number of "bungalows" while I was climbing here and there.

6) Though our place have a swimming pool but I usually play water in my tub...coz Mamarazzi too lazy to bring me to the pool.

7) Last but not least, I have to have my bottle of milk and my lamb lamb before I can doze of at night.

Well, like Auntie Claire, Mamarazzi won't be tagging anyone on this but rather this tag is up for grabs for anyone who wanted to have a bit of fun. Happy tagging !


  1. ishhh... got "small porn" here some more.. that makes it very interesting!! hahhaha... next time must give u more tags, yeah!

  2. Auntie Claire

    You wanna see the porn or the tag one? kakakaka

    more tags *horrified*. Mamarazzi "brain juice" dried up liao lor

  3. wei qu like tat kena tag, i oso bo bian i oso kena tag AHAHAAHAAHA...

  4. aiseh....since ur boy love to play water...u shud bring him swimming...really good for him ler...

  5. Manglish

    Mamarazzi very "cham" punya. Not much brain left after giving birth to me. Thus all posts here are mostly photos. Asked to write tag..aiyoyoyoyo....

  6. Vialentino

    ya have to bring him..kept delaying :p

  7. Wahhhh... pandai bully... kesian Uncle Hock and the rest of your victim. LOLOLOL....

    Come, go Dan Neh Noh again... can share share eat with Auntie. You take the toy!

  8. Hey! Take away that shampoo bottle!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  9. Wenn

    Dont know can last how much longer

  10. STP

    Isk isk...kenot kenot...later become kiddy porn pulak

  11. Auntie Cleff

    Got Ribena or not? I dont want Milo

  12. aiyoh, i think this is dunno the 5th or the 6th post i've seen on the Versatile Blogger.. guess this is the most successful tag so far huh, everyone so supportive.. i was tagged also, but lazy to do blog about that lah~~ :D

  13. SK

    Those two Tai Kar Jie and Taikor tagged. Have to give them face lor. Hahaha,,

    Ya..everywhere I hop also saw this tag.

  14. Hahaha..NO. 6 is very funnylah. Mamarazzi you very jahat lah. :P

  15. haha i did this too.. i mean the tag but yours is totally different!

    love the creativity :)

  16. all 7 points point to one important point.smallkucing is a happy happy boy thanks to his lovely parents!:D

  17. Mummy Gwen

    More like lazy kekeke

  18. Faisal

    Very hard to perah the whatever left of the small brain to come out with this post :p

  19. Beii

    wa....wokaywokay belanja u makan..mau makan apa...roti canai, roti telur, roti bawang, roti tempayan, roti......

  20. Pete

    how you wish edited by the shampoo bottle ler

  21. Oi, little kucing got lamb lamb when drink milk har? My girl still hold her baby bear when drink milk and sleeping! hahaha!

  22. Rose

    Ya's one of his "must have" accessories kakaka


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