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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Replica Tag Heuer Watches

Tag Heuer was introduced mostly for the motor sports fan. The history of Tag Heuer is related with Formula 1 racing. In the 1969, the first model of this brand was shown in New York and Geneva in an honor to the Monaco Grand Prix. In the later versions, the brand continues their tradition of building watch collections that is related to sports events.

The Tag Heuer was the first brand that started a water proof square case. They also started to use micro winding chronograph for the first time. Both these two features are very surprising, considering the starting time of the brand. There were several popular, luxury and advance featured watch brands in the world in the 1960s. But none of them was successful to use the micro winding chronograph technology in their watches. So in a sense, Tag Heuer made a history from its beginning.

But the main credit goes to Tag Heuer was in making watch models especially for the sports fan. This idea was innovative and very successful in the market. The targeted customers received the brand with interest. To keep the interest in the market, the watches from this brand come only in limited pieces. And it is expected, all of them are sold very fast.

Even if this brand was started for sporting purpose, not as a luxury accessory, it was very costly from the very first model. So within few years, the makers of the replica watches started to make fake copies of the brand. The replica Tag Heuer watches got fast popularity among the customers who cannot afford the costly and limited original timepieces. The major concern of the replica makers is on the designing of the original version, which is exactly followed so that the user can feel no difference.


  1. paid post meh? suddenly no pic keh? hahaahha

  2. I used to buy those - any branded brand at around RM10-15 each. Bought a few, could change watches every other day. Used for a year or so, stopped...threw away. So cheap mah, never mind. Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Prince & Princess Mum

    This one is not as expensive as the original

  4. STP

    Times are bad. Better get replica instead of the real one coz scare the hand kena chop off by robbers.

  5. Just this a paid post?

  6. Alice

    Ya..interested? email me la


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