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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Online shopping at Irenelim Fashion

The other day Mamarazzi really pening. Had to get a party dress. But....Cham liao! Parking all full up. Sales! Sales! Sales! in shopping complex. Can hardly go in. Every where full of people . The chinese says "Human Mountain, Human Sea".

Then Mamarazzi had a great idea. She remembered that she had shopped at Irenelim Fashion before. It's an online fashion store. They have got all sort of dresses, blouses, pants and what not. A match for everything. Hassle free shopping.

Apa lagi...Mamarazzi immediately got clicking. Saved fuel, saved parking and saved time. Shop at the comfort of own home.

As you know Mamarazzi is a very "leceh" sort of person. Very chicken. Scare online company will "eat" her money and never send her good as promised. Thus she bombard Irenelim Fashion with one thousand and one question loh.

Very happy to report that Irenelim Fashion was very patient with Mamarazzi. And confirmed by their track record that Irenelim Fashion is not one of those fake and nasty online store. The dress which Mamarazzi ordered previously was delivered within 3 days! Fast leh?

Hey, just to share everyone. Irenelim Fashion is now having a insane thingy. They are giving FREE dresses for bloggers and website owner. So don't delay anymore. Visit them by clicking here.


  1. very nice of them to give free dresses huhu

  2. issit???????? waaaaaaaaa.....I'm visiting their site now!!!!

  3. Ravishing Peacock gimmick

  4. uLi

    not really good cusomer la..more like "Mah Farn" customer coz very "Kiasi" mah. Asked them a lot of question but lucky they very patient la

  5. Haihh... ur Mamarazzi same like Auntie Cleff la. Sama je! Ish ish ish!

  6. already placed my order. hehehehe....can't wait~~~~~

  7. Angel Bear

    :D cant wait to see which dress you chosen

  8. Wow, Nice dress! I have received mine just now :P

  9. Mummy Moon

    when you will be posting up the pic? Looking forward to seeing it. Saw Kristie's. She look great. Mine yet to received coz i pay via E-banking. Need to wait for the fund to clear 1st.


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