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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I Went "Dating" at Home Town Steamboat, Jalan Genting Klang

Is it a date? highly chaperoned wor. One of the "aunties" suggested we have steamboat at Home Town Steamboat.

Wanna know who I got my eyes on?

This little beauty lor. The whole evening, I kept kacau her.

I curi her tissue paper just like the trick in Chinese Soap Opera where the man curi the lady handkerchief and made her angry. Then I gave her my tissue paper pulak.

Here comes a big plate of "liu".

Delicious mushroom

Aiks...apa pasal arranged like "Kimi" Mouse shape geh?

So long to cook geh...


*Yawn* perut kenyang..sleepy liao.

Haiz...but arrived home still wanna drink 1 bottle of milk...milk habis liao..tidur liao with the bottle stuck in the mouth.


  1. wow there are so many food pix! making me hungry lah u :p

  2. Ish ish ish! Kecik kecik oredi got gf ah? Ur gf very cute lah. Why you made her angry ah? Issit ur papa tell you "Nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai'? Ish ish ish! Ur papa nottie ah... teach u dis. LMAO!

    Ur MIL tarak marah ka, you bully her dotter like this? Ish ish ish!

  3. Oooo...I love steamboat. Aiyor...that girl too small for you lah! You lau-hiao!!! the end, fell asleep suck milk bottle...where got people want like that? Shy, old still suck milk bottle! LOL!!!

  4. De last pix so cute :) Nway, I tried this steamboat before :)

  5. muahaha... more evidence for me to ask for 'dowry'..

  6. Steamboat date, Joshua?? A very memorable date i can say and your little girlfren looks so grown up now..

  7. Cis..i missed the dating with the leng chais and leng luis...

  8. Kristie

    oppsss...hahaha..ya lor..tend to have a lot of food pic.

  9. uLi

    Can't do without his bedtime milk

  10. STP

    Not too small leh...1 year younger only mah :p

  11. Auntie Cleff

    isk isk lagi nottie ler...It's called "courtship" mah :p

  12. Claire

    Steamboat date wihich was highly chaperoned ..kakaka

  13. What a cute date :) The last pic is so cute, with the bottle pressing on his nose hahaha!

  14. Chloe Mummy

    He was too tired liao to care kakaka

  15. Wah!! All the way to Jalan Genting Klang, you very geng la. Really "jalan jalan cari makan".

    Is the steamboat good?

    hahahhah, the last picture look so cute!

  16. Annie

    that Restaurant seems to have been featured in one of the Makan Show. Food..okay okay la. Soup was not bad

  17. Drink milk until sleep...CUTE!! LOL! :D

  18. Ha..smallkucing kecil kecil sudah tao 'gao suo' leng lui.
    I've just had the steamboat at the same shop last Sunday. Is that special? I personally don't feel that, but their business has expanded from 1 shop to 2 shops liao. Full house always.

  19. Shenny's Mommy

    Didn;t know about this shop till intro by a friend. The soup okay okay la. Thank goodness the meats were fresh

  20. hahahaha! last picture! sooooooo cute!


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