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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Glamour-Louise Bagshawe

Yay! One down..and many more to go.

Mamarazzi finished reading this book and said it's an easy reading. Actually hor...she wanted to buy Tilly Bagshawe book punya. But don't know why blur sotong that day and she ter-grab this Louise Bagshawe book.

But as Cantonese says " Sor Yan Yau Sor Fook" (Dumb people have dumb luck). This book was rather good.

About 3 best friends. Sally the all American tycoon daughter who is a drop dead gorgeous beauty but also a kind soul. Jane, the English diplomat daughter who is nerdy. Helen a shy Jordanian girl who is newly transferred to the school. Somehow these 3 girls formed a bond of strong friendship.

Sally's money protected them bring being bullied by the so call popular girls in the school.

But one day, tragedy strike all 3 girls and they found that they lost contact with each other. Tragedy forced them had to grow up pretty fast.

Sally's family fortune suddenly disappeared and she had to claw her way back. Jane was suddenly orphaned. Lost and alone but she had the guts and brain. Helen, discovered that she had been tricked and married off to a cousin in Middle East.

Amidst all these, the three of them did pretty well. They found each other again and together they build an empire, GLAMOUR, a chain of store which is successful all over the world.

Sad to say, sharing success is harder than they thought. Feuding started. Each fought for control of the company.

Ending...hmmm...not bad la...only that the ending for Sally is rather "tapau-ed". If only the author would have elaborated more on Sally then this book would have been very good.


  1. I think I should post some book reviews too... I always post on! But most people like to see food... If I post on other things, so very few comments! SIGH!!!

  2. drooling... * no need to say anything else ler hor *

  3. Claire

    Understood, Madam! Will kumpul 10 books and post over kakaka

  4. STP

    It's hard to please everyone. I cannot always do food post ler else you be saying we always eat out leh kakaka. Kesian also TZ who is now in Iran. Saw food post he will be drooling .

    Anyway, this book is an interesting book. That's why post the review here to share with people whole might be "Closet Reader" and to make Claire drool also *evil grinz*

  5. Although you bought the wrong book, the story is not bad lah. :P

  6. Mummy Gwen

    The other day Mamarazzi bought one more Louise Bagshawe since this one is nice :D

  7. Irene

    i have a feeling that this book ngum you also...coz like chit lit.


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