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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Do Not Disturb by Tilly Bagshawe

Aiya..Mamarazzi manyak bising la after reading this book by Tilly Bagshawe. Isk...isk...isk..she was the one who was sibuk wanna get this book after reading Tilly Bagshawe's previous book "Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of The Game". Now bising say rugi pulak.

According to Mamarazzi, she had high hopes for this book. Unfortunately the higher the hope is......
At the beginning of the story already enough to make Mamarazzi pening. Too many character made their debut. Just imagine suddenly thrown into mid episode of Dynasty or Dallas.

Memang at the first page they have list down the Major Players and the relationship..but how to remember la. Very sien to keep flipping to the first page to check who is who.

The hero, Lucas Ruiz, a poor Spanish boy with huge ambition and a sex machine. Climb the ladder of success thru various sexual encounters with rich women.

The heroine, Honor Palmer, the eldest daughter of a rich hotel owner. Portray in the story as an ambitious lady who is trying to hold the family business together with a holier than thou attitude. She was aghast by her younger sister, Tina's, attitude who is acting like a spoilt child and sex kitten.

However,there seems to a double standard here. For Honor herself is having an affair with her father's friend. The man, Devon, is old enough to be her father and have two kids who is as old as she is.

The same sob story since the beginning of time. Story on how Devon supported in her time of need and on how Devon completed her. Just too bad she didn't know earlier that Devon is just another two timing husband who will never leave his wife for her. He just wanted to have his cake in both hands and eat it.

At the same time, Honor and Lucas are fight against each other as they are competitors in the hotel business. That is till Lucas's boss set him up as the fall guy in an incident that not only destroy Honor's credibility but also sent Lucas back to the dump where he came from.

Slowly Lucas claws his way back up. Honor lost the hotel which she loved in a fire.

Somehow, after Lucas having sex with nearly every female in the book, he finally hitch up with Honor. Jointly with several friends they toppled, Lucas's ex-boss and had their revenge. The End.

Summary of the story is sex sex and more sex. And the "scenes" not even hot enough pun, according to Mamarazzi.


  1. Wah, xxx book? Better don't let smallkucing read leh! LOL!

  2. hahhaah agree...very sienz to duno who we are reading abt but nvm lar not very mahal rite the book hahaha

  3. hehehe... confusing or not, i hope i can read that.. i put my chance on it! now getting excited!! hahhahaa...

  4. Sex??? Ooooo...what's the title again? *rushes to the nearest bookstore! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. See your synopsis also I pengsan d... so many characters ler...

  6. i've read one roughly the same..all sex and sex..hahaha..but dun really like it...

  7. Manglish

    RM17-90..kira okay la...not than expensive

  8. STP

    Isk isk isk...u also wanna follow what-his-name ah? read then have sex daily kakaka

  9. Oooppss..Don't let small kuching see it.

  10. I'm also not a big fan of books with all these rich families, poor social climber .. and SEX SEX SEX with no substance books...

  11. Oooppss..Don't let small kuching see it.

  12. Hidayah

    I read all sorts. Depending on the mood.

  13. Lol, sex and more sex, is it simpler to write a book tat way?

  14. hmm.. *runs to nearest book shop* hehehe shhh..

  15. Ish... liddat tarak syiok la... the sex part not hot enuff. Smallkucing, you go tell your mamarazzi, go read those Mills Boon... those oni hot punya... LOL...

  16. lol.. I don't think there's any good romance book.. or at least I haven't found any yet..

  17. Kelvin

    and to sell books too for sex sells

  18. Auntie Cleff

    Mamarazzi ask bila wanna lend her the book you wrote kekeke

  19. Shirleen

    There are some good romance. I like Amanda Quick and Judith McNaught. Judith Michael also not bad but its more to suspense

  20. *cabut fast fast* Kenot let friends read ah.. later Auntie Cleff kena label 'very humsup fairy'. No face ah to meet liao later. Boohoo~

    ps: Mebbe should uh... abridge abit den let your Mamarazzi read. Sencor, sencor...

  21. Auntie Cleff

    memang hamsup fairy pun

  22. mcm paris hilton heir je... haha!


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