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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Lost Sheep

Mamarazzi read me the story of The Lost Sheep from Enid Blyton book.

These was once a Shepherd who have a hundred sheep in his fold. He knew every sheep and they knew him.

Every morning he will let the sheep out to graze. They were not afraid of the wolves coz they knew the Shepherd will take care of them.

At night they come home and the Shepherd will count them.

One night he discovered one sheep was missing. The shepherd, tired and hungry he was, but nothing deter him from going to the hills looking for the lost sheep. He said "It's true that I have ninety nine sheep that are safely in the fold, but I cannot let the little lost one stayed on the hills, lonely and afraid.

Thru harsh weather and darkness of the night he went on looking.

Finally he found the little sheep hidden, afraid under a bush. He scoop up the lamb and carried it back to all its little brothers and sisters.

I have 3 little lambs too. Actually the 3rd one is a Bear but the Lamb family adopted her.

Among the three, I love the Little Lamb the most. I love biting it's nose and tail. Mamarazzi always complain that Lamb Lamb have smelly nose and tail.

One morning I woke up and my Lamb Lamb was missing. I search high and low.

Finally found him hanging by his neck by the window.

Oh no...who did this to you?

Don't you worry Little Lamb. I'll come and rescue a few hours time la..okay? Mamarazzi said have to wait for your fleece to dry first wor..

Rejoice with me! I have got back my Little Lamb at last!


  1. how come o Baa Baa Black Sheep keh? hahahahaha

  2. Aiyor...not natural wool, I hope. Real sheepskin when wet, will smell rotting meat! Ewek! Ewek! My floor rug was floating in the water when the flood entered my house many years ago...and it became so smelly even after washing that I had to throw it away....

  3. P.S. If lost sheep in China, sure become lamb stew already! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. Ur lamb stinks becoz u chew on them?

  5. Manglish

    Coz this one is not black lor...used to be white. Now more like gray liao

  6. STP

    Yup..stink like mad punya. Not only real sheepskin but others also

  7. Kelvin

    For him is "wangi" ..for Papa and Mamarazzi, its "stink"

  8. STP

    Lamb Msia tak kurang jugak...can become rendang

  9. Hahaha! Remind me of my princess. *sob* I miss her.

    She has her favourite bear, and the bear father is Barney while bear's mother is a doll.....sometimes she will play with her toys, pretending they having meals etc.

    Kids! They can have funny imagination, but it is part of their growing stage.

  10. LOL... joshua is so so so cute! want to pinch him liow...

    yes, the precious one out of 100.. any lost sheep is precious to Jesus.. He will go find and bring it back.. like us.. we were lost and now am found..:P

  11. Rose

    True ..the fun part is watching them grow up

  12. Claire

    Cubit 1x kena bayar 1 vitagen ya..kekeke

  13. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE14 June 2010 at 13:20


  14. so sweet to see joshua hugging tight to his lamb!

  15. 2ma

    He memang love that lamb lamb

  16. surely your boy likes littlelamb ;p

  17. Hahaha so cute! Unlike my boy hor, he will hug for a while.... and then.. throw it to the floor! Grrr....

  18. Chee Yee

    Oh he loves this lamb. Coz have his "smell" kakaka

  19. Little Lamb

    He loves Little Lamb :D


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