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Saturday, 5 June 2010






This is the 1001 post in the blog..Meowwwww....


  1. Hi SK, ha ha, love these should play that song, 'Jailhouse rock' by Elvis.
    Psssst, when you going to give him a baby sister or a brother. Not difficult, you know. Just wait when there's a full moon. About time to have no. 2, *wink*.

    By the way, re your mention at my pondok, no...I did not forget 'that'.
    You a fast reader, you missed it. I did mention it. That is one ahemmm, important thing must not forget as it has many uses as you already know, arhaaaa ha ha.
    Have a pleasant weekend and stay beautiful, Lee.

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaa so many oredi ar? i am running out of stuffs to write liao how how? hahahhahaa

  3. Congrats!!! old already still sleeping in a baby's crib? Shame! Shame!!! LOL!!! Gosh...hyperactive - I'm sure he has fallen out many times before...and has never learnt the lesson.

  4. Congratulation^^
    So wat he is gonna do for the 2001 post?

  5. Manglish

    coz Mamarazzi very cheong hei la

  6. Uncle Lee

    hahaha...must have been speed reading when visitng your pondok

  7. Kelvin

    wonder whether there will be 2001 post or not

  8. STP

    jatuh so many times already lor

  9. praticing gymnast in his crib?? hehe

  10. Wow! Keng la. Mine baru going to reach 700.

    Eh, smallkucing doing kungfu and workout before bedtime ar? Last time C used to do the same too haha.

  11. Happy 1001th post! Btw, I caught Juan Or doing that kind of stunt before, but so far managed to stop him in time from progressing to balancing himself on the head. :P

  12. Chloe Mummy

    Haiz..hyper lor ...

  13. 2ma

    Trying to destroy the cot so that he can get a bigger bed kakaka

  14. Alice

    This boy dont listen one..since he know how to walk he already turning somersaults..learn from inside the tummy gua..kakaka


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