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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tagged-The Versatile Blogger

I was tagged by Auntie Claire and Uncle Manglish. At first Mamarazzi was thinking lazy to do the tag as she is not good with words. But then she read on and saw Uncle Manglish mention something about bad manners wor if don't do after being tagged twice. goes..7 randoms things about me

1) I love to go Dan Neh Noh...not for the food but rather for the Playland and Happy Meals Toys.

2) Though am only two years old, I know how to bully people into buying things for me. . . especially Dan Neh Noh's Happy Meal and Ribena.

3) I follow Papa and Mamarrazzi go out gai-gai and I love to eat.

4) I have no motion sickness be it going up hill, down hills, left and right.

5) I am a "bungalow contractor" and have constructed quite a number of "bungalows" while I was climbing here and there.

6) Though our place have a swimming pool but I usually play water in my tub...coz Mamarazzi too lazy to bring me to the pool.

7) Last but not least, I have to have my bottle of milk and my lamb lamb before I can doze of at night.

Well, like Auntie Claire, Mamarazzi won't be tagging anyone on this but rather this tag is up for grabs for anyone who wanted to have a bit of fun. Happy tagging !


Shopping makes me hungry. Didn't have breakfast just now. Munch munch this one 1st la before Papa and Mamarazzi discover.

There! one lubang already!

Mine...don't take my Roti. *hug tight tight*

Wake up can continue munching.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Restaurant Woh Fung , Paramount Garden

The other day Papa got back home from work and he was very hungry. Wanna have some nice food. Cari punya cari, found this cozy restaurant at Paramount Garden, P.J.

There were some baby chairs outside of the restaurant. Come out of the car aje, I terus went and grab one and push it into the restaurant with Papa and Mamarazzi laughing at the back. The boss saw me. He was greatly surprised. Must have thought this boy is extremely hungry.

"May I take your order please?" . Acah aje...eksyen only. Pretending to be the Boss writing down the order.

Service was fast. Better put away my pen and makan.

This restaurant said to be famous for its river fresh fish dish. We didn't know that so we ordered Steam Garapu. Taste okay. Size of the fish was just nice for two adults and a kid. Some restaurant would have "slaughter" the customers by giving them bigger size fish so that they can earn more.

The friendly Boss recommended their "Chiu Pai Taufu". Said it's fried taufu which they have made themselves with a bit of meat on top. When this came, Mamarazzi was shocked. Looks like a large Putu Piring.

But true enough. Taste very good despite the unconventional look. Don't just a Taufu by its shape?

"Kung Poh Sotong". Mmm..yum yum...even I also ate a piece. Very bouncy and fresh.

Sweet Potatoes Leaves . Fresh.

Wah..this one I like very much. Soup. Taste very good and boiled long enough. Enough "For Hau".


Total bill plus drink RM55. Not bad. The Boss even gave a candy. The address of this place is No.17, Jalan 13, Section 20, Paramount garden, 46400 Petaling Jaya.

Monday, 28 June 2010

"My Water Moments" With Sony TX5

Note : This is not a Paid Post

Mamarazzi love snapping photos of me, even when I take bath. But too bad most of the photos did not turn out right.

Most turn out blur like these coz Mamarazzi is scared of the camera getting wet. She'll jump each time I splash water at her.

Her camera did not have Anti-motion Blur nor Water-proof feature like the all-new Sony TX5 also known as "The World’s Slimmest Water-proof Camera".

If only she have Sony TX5 then she won't have to worry about all these things.

Gosh! I just love the look of Sony TX5. It's so slim and small and comes in five wonderful colour. I love the silver color. It's just so cool.

See how sharp is the photos taken using Sony TX5!

Mamarazzi is really eyeing Sony TX5 for its Water Proof feature. If only Mamarazzi have Sony TX5, then she won't have to worry about camera getting spoilt should the camera fell into water.

But that is not all. Though its small and slim, this little "Cili Padi" Sony TX5 have some really awesome features like :-
  • shock-proof
  • dust-proof
  • temperature-proof
  • water-proof(up to 3 metres)
  • Intelligent Sweep Panorama
  • Handheld Twillight
  • Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
  • BIONZ Image Processor
  • 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens
Check out their website at

Al-Kisah Penumbuk

Huh? Dumpling Festival over liao wor. Why Mamarazzi still making Chang? Some more so weird size geh...S,M,L.

Argh? Mamarazzi received a message in FB? One of Mamarazzi's Chang recipient have left a request? The request goes like this ...

"hehe...boleh..jom2...emm..nk request dumpling besar penumbuk leh ka..3 bijik x puas mkn :("

Wokay wokay..Dear recipient, come and collect your Chang. Got all sizes.

All are larger than my "penumbuk". Come fast fast else you makan my "penumbuk".

And must really thank one Hantu leh for getting the good quality pulut and salted eggs. Some more refuse payment pulak tu. If insist on paying the hantu said will bungkus Mamarazzi wor. Cham..Mamarazzi later become Bak Chang pulak.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Bedtime Stories And Prayers By Enid Blyton-The Beggar Who Shouted and Durian

Last week Auntie Claire posted a very tempting post in her blog, titled "Football Fever Versus Durian Fever". Mamarazzi really beh tahan looking at the creamy durian. Lappie all wet from all the drooling. Thus she dragged me to the Pasar Malam and borong a tub of durian home.

Apa lagi, arrived home I also happily went to the kitchen and took my small bowl. Fast fast cekuk a piece of durian before Mamarazzi wallop all.

This one is mine. Don't curi makan mine ah.

But one sad thing hor...we saw there are beggars at the Pasar Malam. There was this old lady beggar holding a baby. Mamarazzi said maybe the baby doesn't belong to the beggar. Seems that there are syndicate that arrange all these "accessories" for the beggars.

Maybe there are no more honest beggar like Bartimaeus anymore.

It was said in Enid Blyton's "The Beggar Who Shouted", that long ago there was a blind beggar name Bartimaeus. He had to beg for a living as he was blind and can't do work.

One day while he was sitting at the roadside begging, he heard the sound of a lot of people rushing by. He was curious and asked.

One of the beggars told him that Jesus of Nazareth is passing by there and they are waiting for him

Bartimaeus was surprised and delighted as he knew that Jesus is a great healer and he hope that Jesus will be able to see him and help him.

Then Jesus came. The crowd forgot about him. Everyone were rushing to see Jesus.

Bartimaeus lifted up his voice and shouted "Jesus, have pity on me!" "Jesus, have mercy on me".

The crowds were angry at Bartimaeus shouting and tried to make him stop. But he would not and shout even louder.

Jesus heard that anxious and desperate voice and stopped. He instructed Bartimaeus to be brought to him.

Then Jesus asked what Bartimaeus wanted and he told Jesus that if only he can see. Jesus healed him.

Guess this teach us that we must doing something also instead of depending on praying.

If Bartimaeus didn't take the initiative to shout out, Jesus might not have noticed him. Ask, and you'll be given...provided that you must take the initiative steps.

Tak kan la nak tunggu Durian Runtuh. Jom makan durian!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Mamasan by Khoo Kheng-Hor

Not long ago, Mamarazzi reviewed a book by Paulo Coelho and a reader by the handle of Nightwing recommended to Mamarazzi books by Khoo Kheng-Hor.

Mamarazzi thus told him that she would try and search for it. But mana tau before Mamarazzi sempat go and search, Auntie Claire presented Mamarazzi a book by Khoo Kheng-Hor. Mamarazzi is really touched by Auntie Claire's thoughtfulness.

Apa lagi. Burn midnight oil for a few nights ler. Really true what Nightwing had said "Great writings by him. ".

Main characters are May Lee, Annie, Fauzi and Rossetta Bunny. Each leading separate life but at one time or another their path crossed.

May Lee was a good girl but was cheated by her boyfriend. Later she had to work for a horrible boss that is till she was accused of theft. Annie who is a Mamasan in a night club befriended her and helped her when she have no where to turn to. Hence begin her life as a Dance Hostess.

Annie, a Mamasan, who is a single mother. Fell in love with a writer who is anti-government. She worry constantly about him.

Fauzi, an honest police. He tried very hard to get rid of the corruption in the Police Force and met with resistance each time. So much that he had contemplate of giving up.

Rossetta a selfish girl who grew up to be a selfish woman which later on lead to the death of one of her pals.

A passionate tale that give vivid portray of the things that happen behind the masks that each person wore.

Mamarazzi felt sad after reading this book. Haiz...very hard to find such great writing as this.

Now, if only Mamarazzi can get her hand on the book titled "Taikor" which is also by Khoo Kheng-Hor. *hint*hint*

Friday, 25 June 2010

Restaurant Tai Kee, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara

Haven't been to this restaurant before. Located same row as Hakka Rang Restaurant.

Used to pass by here but always looked so "up thap". Must have changed management or new renovation. So many hawkers stall here.

Hmm...what shall I drink ah *Eksyen aje, hold the Menu also terbalik*

Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun for me. Uiks? Got a piece of lost prawn? Price RM5. Taste not that good. The oil on top was old but the chicken meat was tender.

Mamarazzi had the Assam Laksa. RM4. VERY disappointing. NO fish at all. Isk isk isk...Papa said should have return back the bowl of Assam Laksa to the stall.

Papa's Duck Egg Fried Kuey Teow. Gosh! they have pork lard! Taste okay except that it was pretty oily.

Lobak tasted quite good but unfortunately the cili for dipping was not good.

Will come again to makan or not? Most probably not. Even if go also would be for the Char Kuey Teow only.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Restaurant Ban Huat, Kg. Sg. Buloh(Updated 6/2010)

Yay! At Ban Huat again. Really "kempunan" for duno how many days coz the evil auntie went and post her Sotong Goreng Kunyit recipe.

See this, evil one! Sotong Goreng Tepung. Nice nice fresh Sotong with crunchy "keropok"(that's what I call the crunchy flour)

Then we also order Sizzling Taufu.

"Sik Taufu" anyone? kekekeke

Talapia Fish Steam in Teowchew Style

Deer Meat Stir Fry with Spring Onion And Ginger

Once more dish was Sweet Potatoes Leave. Mamarazzi didn't snap photo as she will sure to be laughed at by the "evil one".

Food tasted delicious as usual and the total bill comes up to RM57 only (for 3 adults, 3 children and 1 baby.)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My 2nd Home - BookXcess

NOTE : This is not a Paid Post nor Sponsored Post. Saja wanna share the excitement only.

Yay! Am home. Gimme 5!

Take a stool first

Then a book..

or two..or three..or four...

Oh how I love BookXcess Kids Section. Really syok la. Hmm...if only for the adult section they would put an arm chair or two, then Mamarazzi sure can lepak here the whole day.

Well, as usual after BookXcess the next stop would be Dan Neh Noh. I managed to con someone into buying me Happy Meal and even made that someone returned the milo and exchange it with Ribena.

Ngum ngum that day, Dan Neh Noh was having sale of the old toys. RM5 for 3 toys. many people went and grab.

Mamarazzi managed to grabbed 3 for me. At the same time she overheard another customer said that the toys used to be sold at RM3 for 2 toys. Guess it's inflation gua.

As for Mamarazzi's inflation ..yet. Hardcover of Jeffrey Archer and Thomas Harris at RM24-90 and RM9-90 each.

Also bought Alexander McCall Smith and Sophie Kinsella after seeing them in the BookXcess blog

As for this one, it was an impulse buy. Kebetulan Mamarazzi was tired and plong her big fat...ahem ...on the floor. Looking around, she saw this book hidden in a corner. Read the synopsis. Seems good. Mystery + Indian culture. That's Mamarazzi's favourite. Thus, tembak and bought.

On top of everything, the cashier gave Mamarazzi one bookmark. Pretty hor? Being typical kiasu, Mamarazzi asked for more. She was given one more. Well, better than none.
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