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Friday, 14 May 2010

"Efficient" TM Reply

Remember Mamarazzi's post yesterday? She did wrote to TM, telling the about the phone line and Internet line that "dies" for 5-6 hours each time it rained.

Also to ask them why nobody is answering their helpline at 03-55109191. Discontinued or what? How to expect people to dial "100" using handset?

Their standard reply comes very fast too.

"Escalated to action". Means what? Another fancy wording for they will look into the matter?

And the "killer response" is "please call hotline '100'. " ...Aiyo...Have to pinjam neighbour's phone ka? Not necessary have house phone also in view most people are using handset nowadays and even if have, their phone line would have been down too.

Well, the good news is that their Customer Service had contacted Mamarazzi and they are looking into the matter coz according to the guy, the down time should be a few minutes only. Not a few hours.

And according to the guy, Celcom can be use to call the "100". Thus, now...either Mamarazzi have to get Celcom as backup or go complaining to other telco why their service does not include calling the "100" number.

*pengsan-ed* No eyes see.


  1. escalated to action? tat's a 1st hahahaha

  2. Have to admit that customer service everywhere has improved by leaps and bounds. Some may not be quite satisfactory but I think it's an individual thing - that particular guy./lady's not good and one swallow does not make as summer.

  3. sympathy goes to you

    Ini adalah " Malaysia Boleh " LOL!

  4. real frustrating without internet hor.. i regret giving back the maxis broadband la..

  5. Mamarazzi surfs too long lah, burned all the bandwith....ha ha ha!

  6. no worry, next time dial 103 with any telco service..hehehhe.

    no need to go to neighbour.

  7. hahah TM is like that one lor...

  8. calling 100 is free.. but if you call TM from your mobile, the number is 1-300-888-123
    and of course, this 1300 number is to be paid according to local telco charges la..

  9. Where to go my friend, must complain one,otherwise they might think everything is ok,, complaning does not mean trouble cari--ing,right?

    have a great weekend

  10. change to wireless broadband.

  11. hahaha...luckily is not an auto reply message...

  12. Oh, I hate to call hotline numbers too or even call centre numbers. It's lengthy, full of branches and you never know whether your questions get answered or not.

  13. Good, at least they replied...but be prepared tat replying is the best they can do...

  14. Haha pensan-ed no eye see so cute..tQ.

  15. The internet line died, land line cannot use? Are you sure coz when our Streamyx is down, the phone can still be used.

  16. Betul2 sangat de efficient la :)

  17. Sien...hate dealing with them... Make my blood pressure go up ni... Ended up I cancel my account with them

  18. Manglish

    Yes..that's what it says there...Guess they started to be "creative" gua.

  19. Elin

    haiz....thanks...sob sob sob

  20. STP

    True also...something like the peribahasa "Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga"

  21. Claire

    Maxis real good ah? Fast ka the speed?

  22. Mommy ling

    ooo 103 ka? i thought 103 is to ask for telephone num.


  23. Pete

    ya lor coz kept going to one delicious foodie blog lor :p

  24. Medie007

    One good thing about TM is its unlimited lor...Heard P1 also always kaput :(

  25. Cyn

    oo..thank you thank you..I didnt know that...hmm next time not so susah..

  26. Eugene

    LOL..ya not cari-ing trouble but to let them know that i am having trouble with the lines...hope they can do something about it lo

  27. Vialentino

    pengsan lo...lucky it's not..

  28. mNhL

    I heard Wireless broadband also limit to the download..if after a certain limit then the line become very slow

  29. Bananaz

    *geleng-geleng kepala*

  30. Kelvin

    sob sob sob...hope for the best la

  31. Alice

    aometimes called till the line get cut off :(

  32. Mummy Gwen

    Phone line also down. No dial tone from the house phone

  33. Agnes

    Cancel account but so far they provide the so call "best"..kawan have broadband and said after a certain limit ..


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