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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Susuk by Nizam Zakaria

Mamarazzi haven't touched a Malay Novel for donkey years already. That is until we went to BookXcess the other day.

She caught sight of this "Susuk"(Nothing to do with SUSU) and remembered that there was something on the television regarding this "Susuk". Cham liao...horror story ah?

I no eyes see. Sunday night, she read this book. Finished it in 2 hours straight. Betul betul siau


Story about an innocent girl, Soraya, that come to KL to engaged in a career of nursing. She was training to be a nurse and have a loving boyfriend.

She also dream of being a successful Singer one of these days . There seems to be not much hope of her achieving this dream of hers until she was befriends by a famous Singer, Rozana. Rozana told her the secret of stardom is Susuk. Susuk is something that makes a person look more beautiful. It's an ancient magic. Something like botox

This Rozana introduced Soraya to a bomoh named Effendi whom later planted Susuk on her request. Since the day the susuk was planted, Soraya's personality started to change. From an open and jovial person to a quiet person. At the peak, she even broke off with her boyfriend.

Meantime, there was a century old battle going on at the background. There was one undead Master of All Bomoh called, Dewangga. He was the man that manipulated and controlled various great leaders of the ancient Majapahit civilisation thru their wives or mistress whose susuk planted by him

This Dewangga have stored and hidden his "soul" somewhere thus nobody can kill him. And he survived this long is thru his black magic. He needed to be "latch on" to someone who will "suck" the energy from people around them.

Thirty seven years ago, Dewangga was going to perform the greatest susuk of all, Susuk Keramat on his mistress. But his adopted son, Effendi love his adopted mother very much and begged Dewangga to call the thing off coz he know the person whom Dewangga performed Susuk Keramat on will not have a good ending.

Effendi reason with Dewangga that all the planets will be in alignment again for him to perform Susuk Keramat in 37 years. Somehow, Dewangga agreed to defer but extracted a promised from Effendi. Effendi is to be his slave from then on.

Now, it's 37 years later. Dewangga seems to appear in Soraya's life. His intention does not seems to be noble. Effendi though is a good Bomoh, but his is a slave to Dewangga.

The ending...well..let just say Mamarazzi felt disappointed.

Can take off my hood liao. Not a scary story book. No ghost suddenly pop up. Nevertheless, Mamarazzi was rather happy and impressed that the standard of this novel is high. How to say ah...some how realistic without turning into a long winded sob story.


  1. hoi..ur ending also potong stim. Heh.. i imagine small kucing telling the story.. funny hoh?

    btw, did u need kamus dewan bahasa dan puaka...?:P

  2. Ahahahahahahhahaha.... smallkucing... you look so cute with the wizard hood. you want to be inside auntie cleff's new novel? Become a young, cute wizard... =D

  3. Goolypop

    Kenot tell the ending la..coz maybe other people wanna read leh

    As for the kamus need la...Kamus Dewan Bahasa & PUSTAKA mau la...but puaka tak mau lor..scaryyyyy

  4. Auntie Cleff

    Dun wan...later become Hamsup wizard pulak

  5. ohh i saw the movie on youtube hehehe...hmmm...ok lar not a blockbuster but entertaining hahaha

  6. No ending? Lucky I did not bother to read. Muahahahaha!!!! Yikes...don't think I'd ever want to read Malay books - guess it's as bad ad their dramas and their movies (except the late Yasmin Ahmad's, of course)...

  7. kath, i can skip this book, no need to lend to me, ok.. now i m bookless liow.. finished reading all the books already.. must go the mini library in KL... :p

  8. Hi SK, wow! You must be very good in your bahasa to be able to read a book.
    I'm impressed. Good for you SK.
    Love the pics of your cute boy.
    Have fun, Lee.

  9. Hey,your lil one now even more charming lioa,,,, i guess it must be with the TLC the mother is giving ,right?

    ok back to Malay novel, never read one before,,,,,,,,,there is a show carries the same title too,right?

    you have a great June

  10. I've only read one Malay novel (that wasn't for school) my whole life (teruk nyer!) .. it was "Aku Bohsia" and I read it the night before my geography PMR paper..

    I've tried to a few times but have yet to find one that really gets me.. will try again one day

  11. So what happened to Soraya? How did Dewangga played a part in Soraya's charmed life? ?????don't keep the suspense la.....:P case scared other ppl want to read the story, then never mind, can tell me the ending of the story thru email. :-D

  12. hrm....heard there's a malay movie with this same title also..I wonder if it was produced after this book..or issit before?

  13. Hahaha...sekejap ada, sekejap tak da...

  14. Manglish

    Was attracted to this book coz the advertisement on the TV previously.

    Surprisingly the standard of the book is good.

  15. claire

    wokay wokay will try and finish fast the Dear John book for you

  16. STP

    No ending as in open ended ending. A lot of English novel and movies also have these type of ending. Maybe the author want to write a sequel gua

  17. Uncle Lee

    Mamarazzi come from Kebangsaan School where Malay is the main medium. So Malay books are "sap sap sui" to read.

    After many years didnt read Malay books, was real surprise to see the standard had rise tremendously

  18. Eugene

    Little ones are like that la...always changing. Love your new hair style :)

    Mamarazzi used to read Malay novels a lot during school time. Can say nearly finished the whole school lib malay novel.

    Forced to move on to English.

  19. Hidayah

    *Pengsan* the day before examination still have time to read novel ah?

    Coz you are not like Mamarazzi. Normal school days never do revision. The day before exam baru panic kakaka

  20. Alice

    The ending ah....i think you will say chehhhhh...coz it was kinda open ended.

  21. Angel Bear

    The movie is based on this novel. Thats why I was curious and bought this novel. Too chicken to watch horror movie. Can close the novel if it's too scary and there wont be ghost suddenly popping out..kakaka

  22. Sounds interesting this story but i guess i need Kamus pustaka..hahah

  23. Mommy Ling

    Download the movie and watch la..easier for you :P

  24. It has been ages since I last read a Malay novel. Read my son's Meniti Kaca school book last year.....ha ha ha!

  25. Cutenya smallkucing with that wizard hat :) Wah, can finish reading within 2 hours, it must be quite a page-turner lah. I think most of us kinda underestimate Malay novels. Some are actually very good.

  26. Pete

    hahaha....the last Malay novel i read was suatu subuh yang hening...that one was school book too

  27. Chloe Mummy

    Ya very easy read...:D

  28. If I'm not mistaken, there is a movie too. I don't like hantu stories.

  29. Mummy Gwen

    Yes, the movie based on this book. Thought would be a scary book. Was 15,16, whether to read or not after pyurchase. End up reading. Not scary

  30. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE3 June 2010 at 17:45

    Salute to you that you can even read malay novel - I thought u wanna try mystical susuk ..LOL.. Ok lar now once a blue moon only making nonsense comment here :O

  31. MRC

    Malay Novel sap sap sui la...

    eee...scared of needle la..kenot use susuk kakaka


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