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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Pain In The S Again Due To H1N1

Tell you hor...on 13 May, my bum bum pain pain again. Went for my H1N1 jab.

Weight..tambah lagi..nearly 15kg now.

Height = 99cm. Pretty soon nor more free buffet meal for me from most restaurant where kids below a certain height eats for free.

Sure a lot of toys to play here.

*Garu-ing head* Got Fridge here? I wonder Dr Soh have any Nutrigen in the fridge or not.

That fridge not for Nutrigen one ah? keep this Vaxigrip ah...

Vaxigrip contains the inactivated influenza virus for A/California/7/2009 H1N1 like Strain, A/Perth/16/2009 H3N2 like strain and B/Brisbane/60/2008 like strain.

Guess that pretty much covers it all...that is till next year, maybe have to take again if and when the virus mutate.

Yay! Now am "Protected". Are you and your family "protected"?

Shhh...tell you a hilarious thing..Mamarazzi had the same jab a few days later from a nearby clinic. Very fast and convenient.

The Doctor was a very pretty Jie Jie leh. She said am cute boy wor. Explain from A-Z about this jab to Mamarazzi. You know la, Mamarazzi old already mah. Brain cannot function that fast.

Ooo..back to the story ah..Mamarazzi so tak malu. See the Lenglui Doctor she straight tell the Doctor that she is afraid of needle wor. Don't let her see the needle when inject wor.

Some more really tak malu is that Mamarazzi ask jab jab on the bum bum like me. Said more meat less pain.


  1. Hahaha, dun wear shoes when going buffet next time, can cut some cm off XD

  2. mamarazzi you no use lah, smallkucing also never scared of the jab, you see the needle already feel dizzy~~ haiz!! @_@" hahaha..

  3. Bravo Small Kucing. Aunty like to see your expression. You are very cute. Did lenglui doctor give you any candy after jab?

  4. good boy!!!! u are a very tall boy ya. Yes Jayden also protected :)

  5. SK

    Ya lor...Mamarazzi really uselss one..see jarum can pengsan one..haiz...

  6. Kelvin

    Dun wear shoes also kenot wor...later kena kick out also..most restaurants have dress code leh :p

  7. Shenny's Mommy

    aiyak...the lenglui doctor didnt give me and candy wor :( *Sulk*

  8. Kristie

    Yup tall boy like the father. :D

  9. babyrazzi, did paparazzi have to carry mamarazzi and hold her tight so that she didnt move when Doc gave her a jab jab?? (like what paparazzi did to babyrazzi???).....hmmm....I wonder what happen when paparazzi need a jab jab?? dam di dum di dum....

  10. Ask mamma cary, then they cannot see how tall you are... LOL!!! Yalor hor! Your mamma so malu one hor, scared of needle. Maybe see doctor so hensem pretend only...manja-manja! Hahahahahaha!

  11. wah! smallkucing was so brave... kudos on getting the H1N1 jab.. hehe.. I hate injections too.. I don't mind giving them .. I just don't like getting them ..hehe

  12. HAAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......canu sit now or u have to lie down on ur stomach like kena pukul by someone in those old chinese emperor kind of drama hahahahaaa...

  13. The weight very cute ler..i want want!!!

  14. What does," Land and survey" mean?

    Here when I had my flu jabs, the nurse gives ma a lollipop, which i don't eat. I keep in my fridge, then I throw away.

    Does your nurse give you one too?

  15. hmmmmm think think think. thinking should we go jab, waiting for co to provide. haha! sei mou...

  16. Hmm.... Dont know if we need to get the jab or not...

  17. Hi SK, you sure take great candid pics of your his poses.
    Hope he's okay now.
    Have a great weekend, Lee.

  18. good to get yourself protected. save you from lots of pain in the future :)

  19. Pain in the butt but relief in the heart lor :)

    I thot C is tall but J is even taller! Very soon, cannot call him smallkucing anymore. Change name to tallkucing haha.

  20. STP

    Lady doctor la..

    As for Mamarazzi carry ah...pengsan lo..heavy ..15kg

  21. Hidayah

    For the peace of mind lor :D

  22. Manglish

    jahat ah laugh ah...later u kena dun cry wor kakakaka..

  23. Ann

    Tarak loli wor :(

    Land Surveying means unemployed :p

  24. Mommy Ling

    O..that one have to ask Dr Soh see where she got it from

  25. Irene

    Go to clinic and get the jab. Then ask the doctor to put it under as medication. kakakaka

  26. Uncle Lee

    Yup, touch wood. A-okay

  27. Mummy Moon

    it's better to get the jab. For the peace of mind.

    Now might be healthy. But one day "soey" when weak and ngum ngum kena H1N1 susah.

    Sendiri susah nevermind. If ter-infect old parents or newborn bBY whose immune system not so strong and they ahem ahem..then regret whole life.

  28. Chloe Mummy

    True..peace of mind.

    J taller than Chloe ah? Coz follow the Papa. Mamarazzi very ketot punya

  29. Aww.. you took the jab eh? My friends kept saying that the jab is not completely tested yet and it might have side effects, bla bla bla.. making me think twice! Maybe I really should just take it and get it over with! :)

  30. Lenglui Witch

    You are healthy, right? Okay la. Go and have the jab. Side effect is a sore bum only.

    After jab, that night Mamarazzi's bum felt sore. If jab in the arm maybe will feel pain when moving the arm la. Other than that nothing lor.

  31. LOL about Mamarazzi wanting jab at the bum bum! :-D Joshua is really tall and heavy for his age hor! Juan Or's weight seems stagnant at 10kg or at most 10+ kg although he seems taller since Dec 09. *Haiz, faint* Btw, love that cutie smile that Joshua made!

  32. Me thinking of taking the kids for the jab too. How much does it cost?

    Wah 99cm... very tall ler... almost as heavy as my 4yo gal. :) So far going for buffet, I only encounter 1 restaurant charge for the children including under 3 years old.

  33. Alice

    Jab in the bum better coz if kena the arm and it cannot move then susah. How to do house work?

    Ya he follow the Papa's height

  34. Chee Yee

    J jab at the hospital RM60(b4 discount) but got staff discount coz the Pead is a relative.

    Mamarazzi jab at clinic nearby RM80. Another clinic is charging rm70 but didnt go there coz have to wait very long to see the doctor.

    Good to jab

    We kena 1 time also. He was charge for buffet. I think it was in March.

  35. Sounds affordable.

    Oh that restaurant do charge for children... before we went there we already knew about it. Almost half price for age 3 above and below 3 I think is RM10. But the boy can eat quite a lot.. so it's ok. Balance back the gal who does not eat much as she is picky on the food. Hahaha!

  36. Chee Yee

    We always eat out and jalan2, so got the jab for the whole family. At least now we "fong Sum" a bit. But the jab if the virus mutate then have to jab again.

    Hmm...i wonder whether we are talking about the same restaurant kakaka..we knew the restaurant charge half price for toddler. So no complaint la :p


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