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Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Mystery Card

I wonder who sent this to Mamarazzi. She said the sender wish to remain anonymous wor.

Hmm..maybe I should befriend Josie Prescott. Then I can ask her to investigate who this anonymous person is.

The card is to wish Mamarazzi a Happy Mother's Day

A card cum bookmark. Wow...Thank you very much for the lovely thoughts, Messrs Anonymous.

Will I get a Children Day card?


  1. That's such a nice surprise :-) Could it be the paparazzi? ;-)

  2. LOLOL! I found one in my mailbox oso... who the hell issit???

  3. Nice card. You have so many "fan see". :)

  4. ehhhh but how this person get ur address leh?

  5. It wasn't me either.. makes me guilty though.. :(

  6. got fans!!! haha...but I will be uneasy if I don't know whom it is from. I will be glad if that person will tell me who he/she is.

  7. STP

    Aisey...Mamarazzi thought it was from you ...muahahaha

  8. Cleff

    Gosh...who can it be...could it be from STP? LOL

  9. Verone

    Nope it was not from Paparazzi. Paparazzi not the kind who make card :p

  10. Manglish

    *Garu-ing head* must be someone whe knowns me ....who who who..(Alamak...sound like burung hantu liao)

  11. mNhL

    you got it too? hmmm...nevermind la...

  12. Claire

    A mystery a mystery...


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