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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Makan-ed, BX-ed And Dan Neh Noh-ed

Had a nice outing yesterday. Met up with Mamarazzi mad cap chums and their kids.

Had a great lunch at Kanna Curry House which involves a run away Fried Chicken Drumstick. Hey! this confirmed that the Chicken served there is REALLY fresh, right? After goreng, the drumstick can still run punya wor.

After lunch, we proceed to BookXcess. Mamarazzi went mad in the store again la.

Yoh! Mamarazzi! Finish browsing or not. Faster la coz all your chums pengsan liao. I climbed on one Uncle head and nearly broke his collar bone. The Uncle scared of me liao.

Pulled one Auntie pusing-pusing till she pening and wanna vomit. Anyone have Asamboi ?

Then I stolen a hug and a kiss from of the chums' cute daughter. I think I have earned myself a "Mother-in-law" as the girl's mum mentioned something about dowry.

Mamarazzi! I want this Tigger book. I want I want I want. Buy for me. Buy for me.

Kor Kor, you very Lengchai la. Can buy this book for me or not? Mamarazzi don't wanna buy for me wor. What? Your Mommy also tarak give you money ah?

Perseverance is the key to success. Kor Kor no money, I ask another Auntie to buy for me lo. The Lenglui Auntie who was very innocent and kind hearted fell for my "angel face" and bought this book for me. *kissy*kissy *sayang*sayang* Tigger.

My Tigger book *happy*

Mamarazzi's hoard. "James Herriot's Dog Stories" came highly recommended by Winnie of BX.

"Dear John" recommended by Auntie Cleffairy and Auntie Irene .

"Sparkles" by Louise Bagshawe seems to be a good book.

"Call Girl" by Jenny Angell is said to be a true story. Hmmm...don't know got hamsup story or not?

Looks like BookXcess is expanding to Malay books also. Good for them! Promote some of our local authors. Mamarazzi grabbed a few for friend.

While Mamarazzi was busying borong-ing, I also proceed to "psycho" her chums to bring me to Dan Neh Noh(McD) which is located opposite of BX.

After paying for the books, I finally managed to drag everyone to Dan Neh Noh. One Auntie belanja everyone Ice Cream. Yummy...

Then hor...while we syok syok having ice-cream and fries, the Uncle slip away and tapau-ed Happy Meal for us kids. Thank you very much Uncle! Next time tapau some more ah. free dinner and supper liao. Some more got nice Happy Meal toy.

End of the day, everyone went home "balik kampung" style. Each with a few bags full of goodies. Got McD, indian rojaks, cakes, books, toys, food and drinks. I bet Auntie Cynthia would be laughing at the "Balik Kampung" style when she read this post. Oh was a really fun day.


  1. He is so good in the first pic..LOL

  2. wah.. you enjoy hoh.. I got evidence you 'kiss' the girl hoh.. once my connection back in life, I will do the posting.. :p and Ya la, I come back home like I balik kampung like that... indeed, it's a good outing.. we do this again next week, wan mou?

  3. I like kids coz they always cheerfull..StayTune n following your blog too.

  4. LOL!! In the end he also get the Tigger book!! HAHA! :D

  5. jFook

    1st pic was devil in disguise kakaka

  6. Cynthia

    *horrified* got evidence ah...cham liao...kenot "Kao" other girls jor..

    We also come back balik kampung style. Still have food in the fridge yet to eat.

    Next week ah? go where?

  7. wah! smallkucing got girlfriend already? cannot chup for my girl then ..hehe

    can't wait for my next bookXcess visit :)

  8. babyrazzi, do you need contribution with the dowry or lamb lamb for your girlfriend :)

  9. Lindy

    Ya the end he managed to con one of the aunties to buy it for him lor

  10. Nebular

    Thanks for visiting :D

    Kids are fun when they are in a cheerful mood

  11. Hidayah

    One friend said he is a natural born romeo kakaka

  12. LG

    Got Pink Lamb Lamb that have to borong 1 dz..too many gfs kakaka

  13. ~ Wahhhh! Kecian the uncle and auntie... one sked, one kena pening-ed. tsk tsk tsk...but mebbe next time you make them pening more you can get more thn McD leh... mebbe next time KFC or wud... cuz sked ma... so feed you more so you wun make them pening. LOL...

    Kakakkaa... eee... how you bribe the other auntie buy for u the tigger book? Kakakka... tell story to auntie cleff here... so cute wan u!

  14. RM14.90??? *pengsan.... Enough for my meals for two days! LOL!!! Wah!!! Spend! Spend! Spend! Ya...better do that spend all. Our country bankrupt very soon, all our money will become Japanese banana money liao. No value!

  15. Cleff ah.....

    come me to jaga anak. Maybe you can tahan longer then them leh..

  16. STP

    RM14-90 with 10% discount muhahahaha...

    spend spend now else become Banana Money liao...Banana Leaf Rice..yummm

  17. hehehe... so cute cute this little meow.. wish i could join u all but then i pun takut spending money in this bx.. dont know good influence or not .. drooling over your books esp Dear John.. i wanna borrow, boleh??

  18. Auntie Claire

    hahaha...okie ..will ask Mamarazzi to finish this book fast fast. :D

  19. I was wondering what Dan Neh Noh is hahaha! Aiyo he so sayang the Tigger book. Cutenya!

  20. so fun with mamarazzi's chums and kids hor! bet you wanna have another day like that again, whee!!
    smallkucing looks so cute in the lying down pics!

  21. dan neh noh apa le benda? doesn't rhymes le.. izit? hahaha... cool, u got the book, now go read with tissue paper standby kat tepi ok? hehe...

  22. Aiya, buy books again.....smallkucing have to eat maggi mee liao!

  23. again????????????????????? hahahah i was planning of reading some local melayu novel oso maybe borrow from u hor, i very ngiao one hahhha english one beli is ok lar melayu one a bit...hhahahah how har?

  24. Wahahha..all pengsan after sitting in the auntie's car. Blamed her for the lousy skill of driving..wahhahah.

    Glad he loves the Tigger..i love the bouncing sound ler..the tail..toink toink!!

  25. wah, BookXcess again?? this time the damage is even larger woh..

    i was there whole week for training, but still didn't manage to get any books~~ :p

  26. Food and books - definitely a GREAT day! Small kucin is such a cheerful boy!

  27. Oh..Dan Neh Noh means McD lah..cutenya..haha.

    Small Kucing is a charming boy ler..even the nice Auntie couldn't resist your charm..haha..nice Tigger book.

  28. Chloe's Mommy

    Ya lor..he still call McDonald as Dan Neh Noh

    You should hear what he call KFC..sure you pengsan

  29. Tuti

    hahaha...ya lor...busy chasing the anak kucing..mamarazzi pengsan-ed liao

  30. Irene

    The book really that cham ah..sei for lor

  31. Pete

    Nope...smallkucing eat Dan Neh uncle sponsor :p

  32. Manglish

    Long time also never read Malay novel liao. Ngum ngum saw the novel SUSUK. Seems to have a movie made out of gatal went and bought. Lookout for my review tmw.

  33. Mommy Ling

    Must have been the overwhelming "Parfum" muahaha

  34. SK

    wah...salute you wor...really can tahan the temptation :D

  35. Mummy Gwen

    Very "Manipulative" boy :p

  36. Ann

    one hyper boy liao kakaka

  37. So 'Dan Neh Noh' is Joshua's baby word for McDonalds lah? So cute!

  38. Alice

    Tried to teach him say McDonald, but he kept insisting it's Dan Neh Noh...haiz..same for Mickey Mouse...become Kimi Mouse


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