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Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Good Mystery

This have been occurring quite often especially when it rains. Each time, the phone line and Internet line will be down for 5-6 hours.

And each time it rains, Mamarazzi would shoo shoo me to dreamland.

So that she could explore her world of delicious books.

Recently she discovered this lovely book. "Consigned To Death" By Jane K Cleland.

It's about an antiques dealer called Josie Prescott who moves to the New Hampshire from New York, for a fresh start.

The reason for her move was due to her being the Whistle-blower on her boss price fixing scheme. Though she was in the right, despite her ethical stance and refused the 15 minutes limelight of giving interviews to nosey reporters, her colleagues treated her like a pariah.

Her boss was in the wrong but she was the one who was shunned.

Thus she came to New Hampshire for a fresh start. Haiz......mana tau once again she was thrown into the limelight. This time much worse. One of her potential client was murdered and there seems to be a conspiracy to frame her.

She was new to the area but lucky for her she made some reliable and trustworthy friends. Her lawyer, Max and Wes, surprisingly a reporter who believe in her innocent. Wes, also promise that he won't make use of her and publish her story without her go ahead.

Another promising thing is that there is a hint of romance or was it entrapment going on between her and Chief Alverez of the Police Force. Though her finger prints were on the murder weapon and someone had planted evidence pointing to her being the murderer, Chief Alverez did not arrest her. He goes on to investigate or seems to be doing that. Is he interested in her or just trying to give her rope to hang herself?

And the result..........................sendiri baca la...Mamarazzi don't wanna spoilt the ending for you all ler.

Overall, it was a very good mystery novel. No four letter words.

P/S : Yesterday Mamarazzi won RM10 Voucher from BookXcess from their Blog Bonanza 35...Guess we will be heading there too to borong more books.


  1. u are sure one bookworm huh! And u read pretty fast... I can take forever to finish one book unless it's as captivating as Sidney Sheldon's where I can't let go of it ;)

    U using streamyx wireless? always got problems ah?

  2. so jeles........hahahahaahaah ohhh yeah the internet service in msia follows the weather one very unpredictable hahahaaha

  3. ~Wow! Your mamarazzi really loves reading!

  4. u really love to read hor? guess u have a mini library at home by now??

  5. Sounds like an interesting read :)Rainiy days are always the best for curling up with a good book.

  6. I love a good mystery book.

  7. wow...more shopping on books with that voucher you won! Raining time, good to sleep.

  8. LOLOL! Congratulations to your mamarazzi for winning the BX Bonanza. Auntie's name very jinxed wan, participate liao, they dowan give wan. They see auntie's name, cabut-ed far far. Chamm loh. LOL...

    So, what book your mamarazzi wanna buy from BX this time? =D After buy liao, let auntie kaypoh ah, smallkucing? Hehehehe!

    And on streamyx ah? Streamx really Screamyx wan. They're very unpredictable. Auntie's house, the line oso always kapoot-ed. Lucky auntie got Celcom broadband. When screamyx down, auntie plug celcom jelah. :( But Celcom so slow. :(

  9. Wahseh... from food reviewer to book reviewer. Mamarazzi boleh! :p Seriously, the synopsis that you wrote for this book is good.

  10. Why the phone line will be down as when raining? So u mean u can't even call out?

  11. really a mystery.. why will your internet down for 5-6 hours because of rain?? that's not Astro, and even Astro is up again after the rain~~ :p

  12. lately streamyx ada cable rosak somewhere... hehe... so far my house connection ok wor. hmmmm.. nvrmind lo, can read more books :)

  13. COngrats on your winnning! Wah, you sure have won lots of things from Book Xcess already! Congrats again!

  14. MODERN ROBINSON CRUSOE13 May 2010 at 17:37

    Laughing away when u said no 4 letter word..Indeed a mystery :-)

    If not the mistake, Astro had this problem as well when raining??

  15. Wah you really love reading a lot! Surprised that you have so much time to read too, with having to take care of your kid and do housework. Salute! :)

  16. Manglish

    sob sob sob....cham lo...the internet really got "headwind" everytime rained

  17. Kristie

    A mystery book always kan cheong thus easy to finish

    Streamxy problem whenever it rained :(

  18. 2ma

    have a large library now..unfortunately no space to display every book :(

  19. Price and Princess Mum

    Yup...delicious book yummy

  20. Rose

    I guess many would love a good mystery :D

  21. Hidayah

    Ya ya very thrilling sort of book. RM3 only from BX

  22. Chloe Mummy

    All L-licence one...kakaka cantonese say "sik siew siew, pan toi piew" :p

  23. Auntie Cleff

    Maybe they misread your name as "fiery". Thats why they cabut. They didnt know behind the name there is one sexy vampire :p

    Mamarazzi is laughing like mad on the streamxy new nic "Screamyx"

  24. SK

    That is a real mystery lor...even Astro is up sooner than the internet...sien

  25. Kelvin dial tone at all. But when use handset to call back house number , can hear it ringing in the handset but not ringing at all on the house phone:(

  26. Alice

    Lucky win lor ..Thank you leh :D

  27. Irene

    It been going on a few months liao :(..Prev not so cham coz not raining season. Lately been raining a lot

  28. Lenglui

    Thats why the kid end up eating fried rice the other day :p

  29. MRC

    Astro down time was not that long. When the rain stop, it will be back on. But this streamxy even after rain stopped have to wait.

  30. The Bx ppl must be sked of Auntie la... sux blood ma. They sked sked den cabut-ed lorr...

    LOLOL! Screamyx memang make ppl scream wan ma... can really sotplug wan sometimes. The line really sewel at times. :(

  31. Love reading about all the books !!! Hehe . Congrats on the win !!! Enjoy your prize(s). Can't wait to see what you all get in the end :)

  32. Small kucing so guai. When Mummy shoo him to bed, he cooperates huh. Good boy, Mummy can read in peace..haha.

  33. Mummy Gwen

    + a bottle of milk sure he will be very guai de :p

  34. Eh? You have this problem too? Same with me here. The last time phone line was down, all of us went to bed at 9pm on a Saturday night! LOL!

  35. Chee Yee

    You too ah? I think maybe the cables are old already and need to be replace. :(

    But now since you discover BX, I guess yoyu dont have to go to sleep at 9pm on a saturday gua kakakaka


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