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Monday, 10 May 2010

The Day That Gas Tong Kaput-ed

Two weeks ago Mamarazzi had an "Uh-Oh" situation. Halfway cooking, the gas finished. She changed the tong of Gas by herself as usual.

After changing, Mamarazzi turn on the Regulator. Uh-Oh! she can heard loud hissing sound plus bad gas smell escaping from the Regulator. Tried several times with the same result.

Alamak! Papa not around. How ah? Then Mamarazzi thought of my Uncle Ah Chai. She texted him asking him to help to buy a new Regulator. Must be the Regulator rosak, right?

Uncle came. He changed the Regulator and yet the hissing sound and bad smell continued when the Regulator was turn on. Then discovered that there is something wrong with the Valve of the Tong of Gas.

The next day, the man from the Grocery Shop came and checked. Found out that the tiny rubber inside the valve have worn out. He said he had encountered this problem before. Said will occurred for 1 in every 100 or 200 Tong of Gas.

How come like that one? The tong of Gas was new with the security cap intact before Mamarazzi open it. The Gas company never check properly before they send out the Tong for sell meh? Dangerous leh.

The helpful man dug out the rubber from tong and replaced it with the rubber from the empty tong of gas.

This is the offending object which had caused Mamarazzi's much stress and wasted Uncle Chai's RM15 for the new Regulator. Mamarazzi tried to give money to Uncle but he refused to accept. Thank you very much Uncle.

Mamarazzi's first dish with a dash of cooking wine, after the stove is back in operation!


  1. hahahahha...the face expression is so cute.

  2. Wah sounds dangerouns? Luckily no explosion.

  3. Jenny

    He got a lotsa funny face one kakaka

  4. These days VERY common... Same case here a few times already!!! If cannot pasang, call the supplier, ask them to come and change new tong!!! Made in Malaysia bah! Malaysia boleh!!!

  5. Chee Yee

    Kinda scary lo coz kept trying to plug in the Regulator and the hissing sound and gas kept coming :(

  6. STP

    This one I buy from nearby kedai runcit. Supplier dont send to this area. The kedai runcit man came and he just korek the rubber from the finished tong and sumbat into the new tong. Scary. Was scared the whole thing would explode. Lucky the man know how to fix

  7. Dangerous leh. Smallkucing facial expression so cute.....mummy ajar wan leh?

  8. Pete

    That time he busy "kao lui". Got girl girl at next table. So mamarazzi fast fast snap pic lo :P

    Yup dangerous. Thats why so worried

  9. Chris

    Yup...was real worried then

  10. wow the baby so cute. And the satay too haha.... *drool*

  11. wooo. bad wor. but these things happen. have to look out ourselves too. lucky you alert.

    in my old days, i always get gas smell at the bottom of the cabinet where i store the cylinder. long accepted it as normal because every new tank the same problem.

    then when i bought the al cheapo cooker when i shifted to stay on my own, i never had this problem anymore.
    still don't understand because last time also got checked by the gas fellas.

  12. I like the word,,Kaput-ed..very ingenious of you.hahah.

    this one no worries one lah, ask the gas supplier to come fix fix can kau tim already,,,

  13. Oh..dangerous!! Luckily u noticed it fast.

  14. Smallkucing looks like is shouting 'old newspaper' or 'gas habis, beli sekarang'. Cute boy. :P

  15. hahaha...gas tong also got expiry date one... first...better dun cook if got gas leaked

  16. Christopher

    Thanks :)

    I bet Malacca also gave duck satay

  17. Eugene

    Yup kau tim already after 1 day can't cook kakaka

  18. Tuti.

    Could be the hose that was leaking at your old place.

    The shop fella adviced to change every 6months.

  19. Mommy Ling

    The hissing sound was very loud when I pasang. Thus easy to notice la and plus with the smell leh. Really relieved when the fella come and kau tim the thing for me :D

  20. Vialentino

    Am rather surprised that the Gas Company didnt check the Tong of Gas properly before sending out to consumer lor. :(

  21. So scary!!! Luckily nothing major...

  22. At least you have a spare tong. I don't. Everytime my gas habis, have to call this kedai runcit and they'll send a new tong to me in 5 mins. Senang lor, they fix everything for me and check before leaving... (but sometimes, halfway cooking, very kacau also)

  23. Oh...this is unexpected. Dangerous ler. I thought hissing sound means regulator rosak tim.

  24. wow...i will be kelam kabut if this happen to me.

  25. I would say it's negligence on their part loh. Luckily nothing happened. Btw, the vege looks atttractive and yummy!

  26. last time got change hose also.
    changed everything.
    maybe last time quality different.

  27. Chloe Mummy

    Here the Kedai Runcit will only send when have time. Otherwise have to wait long time :(

  28. Mummy Gwen

    I thought Regulator rosak also. Tim Chi when cousin check said it's not the Regulator

  29. Alice

    Haiz...made me panic only..very bad of them :(

  30. Tuti

    last time quality should be better. Now quality like very lauyar one :(

  31. Thanks for blogging about it.


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